New Specs Savers Optical Ad- The Jury Is Out

This ad must of cost a fortune with all those women, but I like the glasses the guy was wearing. Why should he wear the same old boring eyewear that everybody else is wearing! Red is sexy on men.

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  1. Disgusted in Portland says:

    Seriously? This is what we have come to? I have often had an issue with the way in which our industry has jumped on the fashion/brand bandwagon with our products but this takes the cake. Being in what is essential a medial/health industry to serve the health needs of people this commercial does a disservice not only to our white male patriarchal society but to our industry and commitment to servicing the needs of patients. Even if I could ignore the obvious misogyny of this commercial which I can not, I won’t state the obvious ridiculousness of that portion of it. Instead I will look at the hilarity of the fact that these women are still on a beach in the sun and there are no sunglasses. Apparently this company only cares about how well the man can see the T&A on the beach and not with the healthy sight of the women on the beach. So disgusting.

  2. I agree with you, but unfortunately sex sells.

  3. Disgusted in Portland says:

    Sells what? Low self esteem and delusions about what is right/wrong, beautiful and not? While I understand that sex is used by companies and advertisers to sell their products I believe this is where we lose integrity as a community of people. We care more about making a dollar than anything else. What good has this done us? We have built a community around the ideal that sex and violence are the only way to get ahead in life, the only way to judge our success. Somebody has to stand up and say enough is enough.

  4. sushikcat says:

    It is a parody of the whole “sex sells” theme and I found this ad amusing because it does parody the subject. However,I do agree that our society has become overly sexualized especially our media.