Words Matter

This morning I was in line to get coffee when the gentleman in front of me took particular umbrage to the sign posted next to the register. He did not have a credit card on him and stormed out of the shop complaining about their incompetence. As if he expected a coffee shop to be staffed with MBA’s instead of aspiring philosophy and art … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For William Tell Day

William Tell Day is November 18. This is the day in 1307 that William Tell shot the apple off his sons head. Why? For those of us who forgot the story, he was commanded to by the tyrant of a governor in Austria who ruled William Tell's province in Switzerland.  Is the story truth or fiction? No one really seems to know but according to legend this … [Read more...]

2017 Report: The Fattest States In The USA

Everybody complains about the cost of healthcare, while much of the healthcare cost is administrative, the reality of it is, if we didn't have to go the doctor because we chose a healthier lifestyle, the admin cost would go down as well as the cost of healthcare. Much if not most of health issues are preventable. Poor food choices, sedentary life, … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For Gingerbread Man Day

And yet another Who Knew? November 21 is National Gingerbread Cookie Day. As far as I am concern since Gingerbread cookies use ginger, which is really good for you, that means Gingerbread cookies are good for you and thus OK to eat. Eye Bogglers Ginger has been used for centuries in ceremonial, medical and culinary capacities. It is … [Read more...]

Eighteen Eyewear Entrepreneurs

The problem with doing only one eyecare list for 'Entrepreneur Day' is many get missed out. The eyecare offices that are doing 'lenses only', mobile opticians, the optical shops that integrated vintage , into their dispensary. We haven't even touched equipment and consultants But we did pull together 18 Eyewear Eyecare Entrepreneurs, who are … [Read more...]

Fantastic Phoropter Art For America Recycles Day

Phoropters, you can't live without them and when they are old, what do you do with them? Try to sell? Donate them? Scrap metal? It is very hard to give up an expensive piece of equipment but some have successfully integrated them into art (see Phoropter Art) For America's Recycle Day our latest bit of Upcycling is this visionary piece of … [Read more...]

Signet Armorlite Opens 2nd Kodak Lens Eyecare Center

CARLSBAD, CA (November, 2017) -- Signet Armorlite, Inc. announces the next strategic phase of its US professional services initiative with the launch of the second KODAK Lens| Heitmeier Eyecare location in New Orleans, LA. This KODAK Lens initiative continues to provide independent eyecare professionals (iECPs) that are committed to dispensing … [Read more...]

America Matters Day Is November 19: Made In USA Optical Goods

November is the time we list our bi-annual Made in USA Optical-Eyewear Listing. We are happy to announce that we have added a many new listings to include more eyewear and accessories plus we added a few contact lens companies. Just as an FYI, the Monday after Thanksgiving is MakersMonday.com, in which the consumer pledges to buy local. When … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day Award Goes To Leff Optical

For Earth Day we did Leff Optical and we are going give him another award for America Recycles Day November 15  because his flying helicopter is made entirely from stainless steel eyeglass temples and a Walkera Lama 2 helicopter. Tiny bearings are welded in place. There are no screws or clips every thing snaps into place.  Heat shrink tubing is … [Read more...]

History of Elsa Schiaparelli Eyewear RIP

Elsa Schiaparelli (10 September 1890 — 13 November 1973) was a noted fashion and eyewear designer. On Nov. 13 she departed this earth but her memory lives on today and is known as one of the most influential fashion designers. Today we honor one the the most reknown designers of all time. Elsa Schiaparelli, or "Schiap" as her friends would … [Read more...]

Four Holiday Windows For Eyecare Professionals

Are we all amazed that the Holiday Season starts in October? You go to pick up Halloween candy and already Holiday Stuff are on display. For retailers the world over the top shopping months start in September with Back To School. So the question arises, when do you start with Holiday Windows? Before Thanksgiving to take advantage of Black … [Read more...]

IDOC Fall Conference 2017

There are a number of terrific member groups in the eyecare industry where members can save money and learn from consultants and peers alike. IDOC is one of the larger optometric alliance groups with over 2,000 member locations and over 3,000 doctor members. IDOC held their Fall 2017 Conference in Denver October 25-28 this year, and since the Grand … [Read more...]

WileyX Reminds Us Of The Meaning of Veterans Day

Veteran Founded Company Has Protected The Vision of Soldiers and Law Enforcement For Three Decades Eyewear innovator Wiley X®, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of protecting the vision of America’s soldiers around the world.  So, it should come as little surprise that Veterans Day has always been a special holiday to the Livermore, California-based … [Read more...]

Recycled Art: Optical Lenses Made Into Insect Art

For America Recycles Day we found at the Festival Recycl'art in Ottawa this recycled optical lens art. One has to love the creative process, the lenses give off the shimmering effect, like insects. The lenses are made with cast off eyeglasses lenses Recycled Art Fest 2010 in Ottawa http://autourdubloc.blogspot.com … [Read more...]

Avoiding The “War on Christmas” in Your Eyecare Practice

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start prepping for family gatherings, good food, and white elephant gift exchanges. Tis’ a time for cheer and happiness, but recently the holiday season has brought about a topic of controversy that all businesses must address. We’ve noticed a few conversations pop up online regarding the … [Read more...]