Why Optical Consumers Buy Online

After hearing from optical retailers and optical suppliers how much the Internet has effected their business, I thought I would do an article on what motivates the consumer to purchase on line. Should you be offering this services as well?  After reviewing many optical websites- very few offer this service. You can set an appointment, find out … [Read more...]


I find trade shows lots of work but also lots of fun. There are always parties and mixers to go to which are great for net working and seeing friends. Vision Expo East is coming up next month and here are two fun, good networking events, that I highly recommend so save the dates: The 10th Annual PLEIADES AWARD, Cocktail and Hors D'Oeuvres … [Read more...]

Vegan Contact Lens Products

  One of the goals of the Optical Vision Site is to not only provide you with ways to increase your business- but to give you some insight into eyecare business trends. Many Eyecare Professionals are losing the contact lens market 'add on's' such as Contact Lens cleaners and other supplies. Those products are readily available in every Big … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training -How Contact Lenses are Made

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Optical Industry Trends- Sustainability Wins-

  The Tree Hugger in me- is so happy to hear this reports. A.T. Kearney in his latest report announced that Sustainable companies are up by 15% , even in a financial crisis. To read more, please go to Environmental Leader … [Read more...]

Business Strategies for the Optical Retailer

I don't read many consumer magazines and only subscribe to one, Real Simple Magazine. I like it because it always has good simple ideas and usually the focus is on making life easier. This relates very well to business as well. In February's issue there is a great article talking about 10 business strategies from author Patrick Lencioni. The … [Read more...]

Non- Profit- VisionSpring- Eyewear in A Bag Program

      We met a very interesting person Dr. Jordan Kassalow, Co-founder of VisionSpring. Dr. Jordan Kassalow, a practicing optometrist who has dedicated his life to improving vision and economic opportunity in the developing world. Jordan's work as an eye doctor and public health expert has taken him on scores of medical missions to … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- The Future

We have been publishing all these really cool sunglasses. I have shown this trendy and techno eyewear friends and family and they love them! Why because they are gadget freaks. It used to be that people talked about just fashion and eyewear. Today, you have more market segments available- 'Techie Wear', 'Green Wear' and of course 'Boring Wear' … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- Swiss Army Eyewear

  These Techno Eyewear are Swiss Army Sunglasses. You can choose from over 240 different tools to put in it, including paintbrushes, a backscratcher, and a variety of knives. Available from Not-So-Bright- Sunwear in Germany. Can't find them on the internet although- (This is from 2007) I wonder if you can take these through security? How heavy … [Read more...]

Promotion to Optical Office Manager – Are You Ready?

One of the great dilemmas in many optical offices is the lack of good optical managers. This is due to fact that most optical managers have little training for the job. In many cases, they start their manager's role with no management training whatsoever. The usual scenario is that the original manager resigned, and the person with the greatest … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

We subscribe to many newsletters, but one of my favorites is Envirogadget.com and I am not even a gadget person! I like them because the site deals with gadgets to help you save money in the home and the office. Personally speaking, I love to save money!                        UPS (ininterruptible power … [Read more...]

Vision West Sponsors Dr. Aaron Lech Seminar

          We just received this press release from Vision West about a new seminar program they will be sponsoring. The topic is intriguing, as a way of competing in today's marketplace.  Vision West has a long tradition of supporting independent eye care providers with continuing education and staff training programs. In 2009 … [Read more...]

Non Verbal Communication and Optical Patient Care

You know the expression, Actions speak Louder than Words- Well it's true, because those actions are non- verbal communication with your optical patients. Our recommendation- Review the List below, take a week and monitor yourself and all other optical staff to get you all in the habit of Excellent non verbal communication with your optical … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Patient is Lying

I found this Body Language video very interesting. In the frantic rush of day to day living, sometimes we forget to read the clues our friends, customers and patients are sending out. Just by reading the body language clues, we can become more customer friendly and customer focused. To make this a part of your everyday patient focus, practice in … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient Office and Vehicle Tax Credits

The following are some helpful hints- which not only can save you money in the home but in the office as well  For more information- go to Alliance to Save Energy- which has tons of great information  "President Bush has signed into law new consumer tax credits for energy efficiency home improvements, as well as purchases of plug-in hybrid … [Read more...]