Opportunities with Make Up Glasses

                    One of the reasons I hardly wear make up anymore, is because I can't see to put it on. Even though it's a great excuse not to buy makeup (saving money and the environment) there are times that it is really needed! (in a survey, 64 per cent of directors said that women who wore make-up look more … [Read more...]

Green and Save- Eco Printing

          Paper, Paper everywhere and not a ..... In an ideal world, the patient would come in fill out all the forms in a device like UPS has, you hook it up to your computer, it downloads instantly all the contact info, HIPPA forms, insurance programs. No typing, no data input, no paper! We are getting there - but every time … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Optical Trade Show

How many times have you been to a Trade Show and not been prepared? No business cards? Hotel room 20 miles away? It happens, but below is some Helpful Hints on preparing for a Trade Show. Pre-Plan Pre-register- Registering in advance saves you money. It will also insure you get the classes you want. Many trade shows offer bungled … [Read more...]

Telecommuting- Is it Right for You?

Gas Prices are rising again, the potential for your staff to look for work closer to home is greater, staff and you come into the office frazzled (or late) due to traffic and perhaps traffic accidents, staff want to leave early to miss the traffic. Is Telecommuting an option for you? With the Internet and electronic data it is easier to connect … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Maximize Optical Co-op Advertising

Beginning of the year- you have a marketing plan and a budget, hopefully you did not forget to consider Co-op Advertising as a way to stretch your advertising dollars. Co-op is one of the most under utilized methods of advertising and marketing. Co-op Advertising is a cost-sharing arrangement between you, manufacturers or your suppliers. Whether … [Read more...]

14 Merchandising Lessons From Apple

Sunday I went to my One on One class at the Apple Store. If you haven't been to an Apple Store, I highly recommend going. You can spend hours looking and learning for free, and it's fun, even for a non- techie like me. What's Good about Apple Stores- 1.) There's not alot of products out- it's very simple 2.) It's clean 3.) It's … [Read more...]

Eye Rewards and Optical Patient Loyalty

We received this email from a Doctor, (who shall not be named). He brought up a very interesting idea on patient loyalty. We are impressed because 1.) He is trying 2.) He is creative 3.) He is thinking out of the box 4.) He recognizes opportunity and wants to capitalize on it. 5.) He's reaching out for ideas and suggestions. Knowing it costs 5x … [Read more...]


The answer is "Of course not!" But look at this, what does it say to you? Those of us in the industry have many pairs of eyeglasses and usually wear our favorites over and over again but isn’t it great to have a pair handy in every room, car, next to the computer etc., etc.? I even have a favorite pair just for cooking and they stay in … [Read more...]

Top 13 Reasons to Attend Optical State Trade Shows

Opto- West is coming up, I am very excited to be attending this show. It will be held at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells, CA, April 2-5th.  (www.optowest.com). It is always nice that an State trade show is located in a wonderful location. I've been to the Resort- it's great, the rooms are large, the staff nice and their is a ton of … [Read more...]

Doggie Sunglasses and The Optical Professional

Shirley did this great post on Taking Care of your Health and Doggie Sunglasses. - Started thinking about my friend Stephanie, in a visit to her OD would have bought a pair for her dog. In fact most of the dog owners I know would buy a pair, I would have bought a pair for my neighbors dog. Started thinking- could this be a fun little impulse buy … [Read more...]

Do We Take More Care Of Pets’ Eye Health Than Our Own – e.g. Cataract Prevention

I was out and about the day after New Year's and stopped for a bite to eat. While I was waiting for my sandwich to arrive on that bright and sunny winter afternoon I did one of my favorite things - "people watching". Along came Freddie and his dog Leo. Leo the dog was sporting a pair of sunglasses but his owner Freddie was not. I had to ask why the … [Read more...]

Alternative Medicine and Eye Health

As I have been getting more and more into non-toxic and organic products- I started to wonder, what does that mean for the future of optical. The first Natural Optometrist I ever met, was Dr. Jeff Anshel of the Optometric Nutrition Society The Purpose of the Society is: To sponsor professional symposia as well as a website, and to generate … [Read more...]

Visionease Sustainability Statement

This is very impressive! Visionease Sustainability Statement As of March 1, 2008, all VEL products manufactured in its Ramsey, Minn.-facility are being made with 100 percent renewable energy. Beyond setting a new standard in the lens industry, VEL commitment to sustainability marks one of the largest industrial companies with 100 … [Read more...]

Flexible Spending Accounts and Eyewear

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) are a good way for consumers to save on taxes but unlike Health Saving Accounts (HSA's) they cannot be rolled over in the next tax year. The most common type of FSA is used to pay for medical expenses not paid for by insurance; this usually means deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance for the employee's health … [Read more...]

What’s in Your Swag Bag?

My dentist has the best Swag Bag. I leave with a personalized bag filled with goodies, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and coupons! It makes me feel good and appreciated as a customer. Granted he doesn't provide the same type of Swag Bag that celebrities get just for showing up at some event. When I read about what these multi- millionaires get for … [Read more...]