Contacts for Dogs and Cats

More of the story from the Daily Mail (UK) So are there contact lenses for dogs? Eye Bogglers:  Yes there are contact lens for dogs. Dr Mary B Glaze Veterinary Ophthalmologist and professor at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge fits dogs with corrective lens from The Cutting Edge Division. Sushi, … [Read more...]

Setting Smart Goals for Optical Professionals

  … [Read more...]

Optical Trade Shows

Trade Shows  AOA - Optometry's Meeting  California Optical Laboratories Associations International Vision Expo East International Vision Expo West Monterey Symposium Midwest Vision Congress & Expo Optical Laboratories Association (OLA)  Optometry's Meeting Optowest SECO International, LLC International Trade … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Night Vision

This video had 110, 824 Views and and apparantly these techniques have been tested by the military. Improve Your Night Vision - Amazing videos are here … [Read more...]

Ebay -Friend or Foe for the Optical Professional?

Recently I was speaking with an optometrist, who for the first time mentioned the Internet was becoming competition. Lucky for him, it just started to hit him, wherein 10 years ago, I remember losing our first customer (optical retailer) because our products were on Ebay. Eye Bogglers 14,079 Eyeglass items were listed on Ebay- 68,247 … [Read more...]

Discounting Private Pay Optical Patients

We received this email from an office about Private Pay and Discounts. It's a good question, and thought I would post some published and on the internet responses to the same questions. From the sound of it, it is perfectly OK to discount private pay patients, and many large healthcare organizations are doing so. See the below comments and … [Read more...]

Solar Paneled Sunwear- Music to Our Eyes

Solar Powered Sun Glasses                             These remind me of old Silhouette Sunglasses from the 80's. Udated version-uou can then plug in your mp3 and phone devices into the glasses to charge them up.    The glasses themselves don’t need power to block the sun’s rays from your eyes. … [Read more...]

No Eye Exam Needed- Liquid Lenses

From Engadget- We've seen small scale liquid lenses progress from concepts tocommerical applications, and now Joshua Silver, a retired physics professor at Oxford University, has perfected what he calls "adaptive glasses," applying similar tech in a singular and ingenious way. Aimed at helping developing nations where glasses are expensive and … [Read more...]

Blue Tooth Sunglasses- High Tech and High Fashion

                        Tri-Specs Inc. Unveils High-Tech, High-Performance, High-Fidelity Sunglasses at CES   Blending fashionable designer sunglasses, wireless stereo headphones, and Bluetooth headset functionality TriSpecs Eyewear is the hottest way to connect to mobile phones and music players  Las … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping for the Eyecare Professional

From Wikipedia Mystery shopping or Mystery Consumer is a tool used by market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a … [Read more...]

“I’m Only Buying What’s on My Plan”

                    How many times do you hear that a day? After awhile you may start believe that everybody wants only 'what's on their plan.' The first thing to do- is not believe it. The second thing is to ignore it.  How many times have you personally said-"I'm not buying anything" and bought anyway. Why did … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Use Co-op Advertising for the Optical Professional

I did a post on Co-op Advertising. You might think it is not for you, but there are many creative ways to use Co-op. You definitely have to get vendor approval for some of the below listed marketing ideas. Check them out, it might work for you. 1.) Print Advertising Yellow Pages Direct Mail Val-Pak Magazines Newspapers Freebie … [Read more...]

Retail Owner’s Institute Resources For Eyecare Providers

I was researching facts and found this great retail website, Retail Owners Institute. The Retail Owners Institute® is a web-based resource at  They consider themselves as the "foremost self-help resource" on retail finance, The ROI® serves independent retailers worldwide.  With its emphasis on the basics of retail finance, … [Read more...]

International Schools of Optometry

There are many schools of optometry in the world. Listed are some of the International Schools of Optometry Australia Queensland University of Technology, School of Optometry - Brisbane | 61 7 3864 2000 |  University of Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne | 03 9349 7400 University of New South Wales, School of Optometry - Sydney | … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Recycling – Greening Your Optical Business

I just took 20 pair of old glasses to a Lions Club drop off center- It was sad to see them go. I loved many of them, but as much of an eyewear fashionista that I am- 20 pair could go to people much more needier than I. I did keep some old vintage styles, which someday I will publish, as they are fun and unusual. Many of you and your patients … [Read more...]