31 Reasons To Stock Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Several weeks ago, we did a post on Take 5. One of the easiest ways to increase to make a $5.00 sale is a good and fun selection of Micro- Fiber Cleaning cloths. As a person who has cleaning cloths stashed in every purse, every corner of my house, my luggage and car, I am definitely a fan.

Why Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloths Are Great To Sell

1.) They save money. No more buying of Kleenex and paper towels.

2.) They are eco-friendly- just by reducing the amount of of trash that goes into the landfill.

3.) They take up less space on shelves and in purses and pockets.

4.) Non- Toxic, no need for other costly and unhealthy cleaning solutions.

5.) They clean Eyeglasses

6.) They safely clean Computer Screen

7.) They safely clean Windows

8.) They safely clean Cell Phones

9.) They safely clean Television Screens

10.) Clean Mirrors- I don’t use Windex any more, just cleaning cloths

11.) You can Polish Shoes

12.) You can Dust with cleaning cloths (which is why you should have large ones available)

13.) You can safely dust and clean your keyboard, just wrap around a Q-Tip. (make sure the computer is off)

14.) Use as a hankerchief- just wash and reuse.

15.) Use as a hair decoration. Tie a bow, wrap around a hair clip

16.) Tie a bow on your shoes


17.) Put as a decoration on a hat, makes the hat multi- functional. Sunglasses smeared, just whip the cleaning cloth right out.

18.) Personalize so your patients don’t forget you.

Rons Personalized Cleaning Cloths

19.) Great gift to those who have stratched lenses.

Gift Packaging by Hilco

20.)Use as an ascot for suit pockets.

21.) Can use as a strainer.

22.) Harem dancer- try sewing a piece of elastic and use as a veil.

23.) An event coming up, string them together to make banners.

Micro Fiber Cloths From LBI

24.) Sop up spills (I have done this on my white sofa)

25.) Clean the dashboard of your car.

26.) Clean up watermarks on your dishes and crystal.

27.) Play Peek a Boo with kids

28.) Make Party decorations or use as display materials

29.) Make a sarong for a Barbie Doll


30.) Can reuse and make bow for presents.

31.) Lint Free, means less yukky stuff in purses and left on glass.

So what do you do with this list?

1.) Memorize it and promote to your patients.

2.) Buy a lot of cleaning cloths, accessorize them around the office.

3.) Put a big basket of fun and colorful cleaning cloths with a sign (see above list) by the cash registrar. Great impulse buy.

4.) When you talk about the care and cleaning of the eyewear, speak of all the uses, with emphasis on the importance of cleaning cloths.

Do you have any other uses? Let us know

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