Are We OverBranded?

It’s interesting about designer eyewear brands, people can really go overboard!  What it means is that some designer, celebrity, retail store has decided to place their name on a product and sell it for 30-40% more than it is really worth. The good news is because they do that, eyecare retailers benefit with brand recognition.



The good news it makes it easier for eye care professionals to sell the product because it’s in, it’s trendy and consumers think they are cool if they buy it. The bad news, can it make you a tad lazy? You don’t have to explain the features and benefits of a non-brand, you don’t have to educate the patient about quality..


 The good news is designer eyewear can be profitable. The bad news it is easily shopped online.

Source: via Optical on Pinterest

The good news is that designer brands can build a cult following and you can easily target your customers. Designer eyewear brands offer great POP to help you sell through product and build your brand. Non- branded products also offer the same types of POP in order to differentiate their products.

Bottom line- designer branded eyewear can do much to help your practice, but don’t forget the  other brands which can set you apart from your competition both online and brick and mortar.


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  1. Cathy,

    Thank you; you’re right on! Luxottica realized that that they were wasting lots of good styling by giving it to Chanel who insisted that they just close down accounts because too many of the “wrong kind of people” were wearing the brand. Luxottica gave best styling to Tiffany and Bulgari, who are not vexed by the “wrong kind of people” wearing their respective brands.

    It’s interesting to see that many of the small manufacturing and design houses are producing exciting new concepts in eyewear. The next time a rep for one of these companies comes through your door, invite them in and see if anything that they have floats your boat.