What To Do If Your Email Gets Hacked

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In the last 3 weeks, I have 3 friends that have had their email hacked. Not only that the story ‘I have been stranded, send money’ has been placed on our Facebook.

So what do you do, if your email gets hacked?

1.Respond fast- This is not going to go away, and the longer you let it go, the more friends you will lose and the hacker will keep trying to deny you access to your accounts.

2. Immediately your password(s). In Gmail, choose Mail Settings, Accounts and Imports, and then Change Password. If you’re on Hotmail, go to More Options, Account Details.

  • Visit your other accounts- I woud change password here too. Do not use the same password for all acccounts, including banking, Facebook ,Twitter…
  • Delete old accounts: Not using, get rid of them, started and blog, dump it, MySpace, dump it. These websites can  help you find old profiles and accounts you may have forgotten about to keep your hacker liability low.www.geeksugar.com/How-Do-I-Find-My-Unused-Accounts-Online-1578931

3. Verify the recovery address. When you go to reset your password, you have to log in your hacked email. The hacker now has your email@ This is where your e-mail provider sends your password reset information, and if the hacker has changed this setting, then he can request a password reset and immediately reclaim your account. The recovery address is set to an e-mail address you know and check. In Gmail, it’s Mail Settings, Accounts and Imports, Change Password Recovery Options. In Hotmail, click More Options, Account Details.

4.  Change your password Clues- You are probably using the same clues, which is an open invitation. In Gmail, you can find this at Mail Settings, Accounts and Imports, Change Password Recovery Options. In Hotmail, go to More Options, Account Details.

5. Don’t forget to Change other passwords. Once they are in, they are in, Make it a clean slate, use strong passwords, change clues, mix and match.

If your gmail is hacked (source) www.labnol.org/internet/email/google-account-hacked-gmail-password-change/1947

Reset Your Google Account Password:

  • Type the email address associated with your Google Account or Gmail user name at google.com/accounts/ForgotPasswd – you will receive an email at your secondary email address with a link to reset your Google Account Password.
  • This will not work if the other person has changed your secondary email address or if you no longer have access to that address.

2. For Google Accounts Associated with Gmail

  • If you have problems while logging into your Gmail account, you can consider contacting Google by filling this form. It however requires you to remember the exact date when you created that Gmail account.

3. For Hijacked Google Accounts Not Linked to Gmail

  • If your Google Account doesn’t use a Gmail address, contact Google by filling this form. This approach may help bring back your Google Account if you religiously preserve all your old emails. You will be required to know the exact creation date of your Google Account plus a copy of that original “Google Email Verification” message.
  • It may be slightly tough to get your Google Account back but definitely not impossible if you have the relevant information in your secondary email mailbox.

This is the reality, my 3 contacts have not fixed their email, I refuse to open any email from them. I don’t want some hacker in my computer. We have been hacked several times, our server was hacked and we were panic striken. So first, have strong passwords, take some of the above steps and if your email gets hacked, take care of it immediately.

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