1. Who are we?
    We are Cathy Ives, Shirley Platzer-Stocks of SPS Associates, founders of www.theopticalvisionsite.com, LLC and opticalvisionresources.com We combined our 45 years of optical experience to bring eyecare professionals a unique Eyeblog. Please visit our “About” page for more personal information.
  2. Who is our audience?
    All retail optical including opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, retail management, retail employees and vendors, sales reps and business consultants.
  3. What is a Blog?
    A blog is an evolutionary and dynamic evolution of a website that encourages people to visit and gives them incentive to return again and again.

Why is it good to Blog?

  • Blogging is ‘the’ communication tool, 58% of blog readers use them to find news and information they can’t find elsewhere.
  • 51% of blog readers visit a corporate of product website as a result of reading a blog.
  • A blog gains regular, loyal readers and exhibits leadership and builds relationships.
  • Allows quick and easy updates.
  • It is easier to find on the Internet than a website as it is search engine friendly and allows immediate feedback.
  1. Why is it good for the audience/readers?
    www.theopticalvisionsite.com provides a readily available one stop source of sales, marketing, social media information, training, business resources  for Eye Care providers at no cost.
  2. How often is the blog updated?
    At least 15 posts per week, usual three or four per business day.
  3. What is the content on the blog?
    Articles focused on sales, marketing, retail strategies, social media and always some fun.
    Fun, thought provoking news and marketing examples from around the world.
  4. Who can blog on this site?
    Anyone can submit articles and ideas for posting on the blog but they are all approved by the founders so that www.theopticalvisionsite.com, LLC stays focused on its goals of being a business and educational resource for the Eye care provider. Additional information about new products, press releases and optical news can be found on our sister site, a comprehensive optical wholesale directory, www.opticalvisionresources.com.
  5. What is a Sponsor?
    Sponsors are listed and linked on the first page of the blog.
    Our sponsors help us bring information to our readers by submitting informative articles and answering audience questions.
  6. Who should be a Sponsor?
    Optical companies and organizations that  want to maximize their reach to the optical retail community with useful, business building and educational information in a more informal and innovative forum.
  7. What is the cost of being a Sponsor?
    $1,500 per year for first listing, $500 for each additional listing. Subscription is free.
  8. How do you become a Sponsor?
    Contact us, theopticalvisionsite@gmail.com and we will provide a simple form for company information and payment.
  9. Can I advertise my products or services?
    Yes, advertising is available at very reasonable rates. You can include your logo, animation, etc. Links are also available. Please contact us at theopticalvisionsite@gmail.com so we can discuss your needs.
  10. How much is a subscription?
    Subscription is free. You can sign up on the home page.
  11. Comment?
    If you would like to leave a comment about a posting, scroll down to the end of the article and you will see a “comment” box, just click on this and you can leave a comment about that particular article or anything else. We do review comments before publishing them but only to prevent misuse of the site. Some comments may be forwarded to our sponsors for a direct response.

The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources advertising space is limited and in demand and a lot of it has already sold but we still have excellent opportunities available for the calendar year 2013:

Please contact theopticalvision.site@gmail.com for current pricing and further information. We are always open to suggestions to help improve our advertising opportunities. You can also advertise on our sister site and directory www.opticalvisionresources.com. Links are also available.