20 Reasons To Stock Sunglasses

You are either in the Sunglass Business or Your Not. When I say that I mean, eyecare offices shouldn’t just put Sunglasses in for ‘The Season’, they should carry sunglasses all year. Sunglasses have no season, they can be worn everyday, all day, all year. You should also carry a big selection which may change for the season: fashion, function, performance, safety and health are a few reason why.

“North America eyewear market share accounted for over 30% of the volume and revenue share. The spur can be attributed to rising demand for plan sunglasses along with increasing consciousness regarding eye examination across the region.

19 Reasons to Stock Sunglasses 

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1.) Health: Much attention has been brought to vision impairment from cataracts, macular degeneration to blue light. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that wearing sunglasses is the healthful thing to do.

2.) Aging Population: People are living longer and the aging population needs perscription sunglasses to be able to drive without the glare (after cataract surgery) and to be able to see.

3.) Contact Lenses: the growth of contacts means that those who wear contacts will need sunglasses

4.) Dry Eye: As Dry Eye problems increase, wearing sunglasses is a preventive measure.

5.) Safety: When working outdoors and glare is a problem, wearing sunglasses will enhance vision and help prevent accidents. Sunglasses protect against the elements such as wind, dust, sand, rain, snow. In fact safety eyewear-sunwear is now becoming a ‘rule’ when playing some sports.

WileyX Safety Eyewear In A Box Program

6.) Safer Driving: Whether it is glare or rain, a good pair of ‘performance lenses will increase visibility

7.) Performance: Different lenses will enhance sports performance. Polarized lenses are increasing as the consumer increased the demand. In fact sunwear companies are starting to segment out various performance sunglasses:  Fishing, Motorcycle, Biking, Surfing, LaCrosse, Golf and more require different frames with different lens.

8.) Lifestyle: This ‘new’ category of sunwear encompasses sunwear for various lifestyle. A lifestyle brand is a company that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or a culture. Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life. (Wikipedia) 

9.) Fashion: Hiding from paparazzi or red eyes, sunglasses can be statement pieces and a wardrobe accessory.

10.) Appearance: Hide those late nights? Plastic Surgery? Got bags? Need to look like a celebrity? Large sunglasses might be the ticket.

11.) Disposable Income: People have more money to spend.

12.) Technology (Smart Glasses) Smart sports technology will send music, track sports performance, take pictures and more.


13) Prevent Jet Lag: Some research states that wearing sunglasses will help with Jet Lag.

14.) Prevent Headaches: Whether you have a glare headache or a migraine, wearing.

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15.) Prevent Skin Cancer: Skin  Cancer on Eye lids and around the eyes can help be prevented with a wrap sunglass and hats.

16.) Prevent Sun Burned Eyes: Eyes do get sunburned, which is not pleasant. 
17.) Fun: Whether it is SnapChat Shades, Novelty or Crazy Club Sunglasses, their is a growth of funky frames in the market. Mecura, A-Morir, Coco and Breezy have all started companies that appeal to various sectors in the marketplace.

18.) Great add on or second pair sale: Who are we to judge whether someone want sunglasses for health’s sake or a fashion statement?

19.) People want to Try Sunglasses On: Trends are saying while people do price shop online, brick and mortar are the way to do when showcasing something as important as sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great impulse buy and people do not want to wait while you order them in.

20.) Beat the competition: Most of the online eyeglasses are sunglasses companies. Just by a quick perusal in the last 2 years over 400 e-tail companies have opened up. That is just Eyewear companies and does not count major department stores, designers, sporting good stores and other miscellaneous retail outlets.

Can you think of any more reasons?

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