People Who Wear Sunglasses Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

NATIONWIDE (WGME) — We’ve heard about seasonal affective disorder, in the winter where people get depressed because of less sunlight, but now that it’s sunny, one research group says all the extra sun can make you mad if you’re not careful. That’s because people who squint and frown more, are unhappier. That’s according to Smithsonian Magazine where researchers surveyed people walking on a boardwalk with and without sunglasses.

They found that people who weren’t protecting their eyes, had greater feelings of anger and aggression. Those researchers think it’s because if you’re squinting in the sun, you also are probably frowning which can make you feel angry, even if you’re not. (Source)

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  1. I wear my prescription polarized sunglasses from dawn to dusk, rain or shine, snow or fog. And I am so Happy that I don’t have glare, distraction and the need to squint. Think of money on Botox I will save!!! 🙂