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WileyX AirRage-Top Seller With Climate Control

I had the good fortunate to meet Rob Maser at the Wiley X office in Livermore, CA, a couple of years ago. I was impressed with both Rob and Wiley X products. Over the years, I have been even more impressed with their dry eye products, climate control sunglasses,  safety performance eyewear and increasing their brand presence on the internet (good for eyecare professionals) and their commitment to Susan G Komen For The Cure. (They donate up to $3.50 for each Lacey frame sold). When Rob let me know they were moving into a LEEDS certified energy efficient building (Silver) – I was thrilled at their commitment to not only the environment but employee health.

But for the optical professional and the consumer, the most amazing part about Wiley X is their commitment to the eyeglass wearer safety. Every single one of their sports performance products is meets the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards  for safety. They have gone the extra mile, effort and expense to test and certify every one of their products. This means the optical professional can be confident about recommending and selling Wiley X sunglasses and eyeglasses. (Almost every one of their sunglasses is Rx Ready)

Just to let you know the ANSI Z87.1-2003 is a voluntary standard that Wiley X did not have to do unless they wanted to comply with OSHA. If you want to see a demo of their ballistic test click here

The Climate Control Collection is definitely a winner. This patented series features a Facial Cavity seal that keeps out wind, dust and debris. The wearer can remove the soft foam seal as well. Perfect for dry eye sufferers, Lasik patients, allergy and asthma patients and for those who really are involved in sports such as motorcycling, off roading, biking and other sports where eye damage can occur due the nature of the activity. The top down ventilation another feature is important to keep the sweat from running into the eyes. I think this could be great for one of my nephews who is a huge ‘sweater’, I mean he drips, we all know people like that, and wearing sunglass just makes them drip more. The Climate Controlled AirRage is their most popular style

WileyX- Easy Information on Website

Unlike most sport performance eyewear websites- I like the fact that #1 the facts are all listed, it’s new, ANSI standards listed, it shows the removable face cavity and if it is Rxable. Most Sunglass sites don’t give you that information, so you click, click, click and get the product in, to find out you can’t Rx it. Good Feature. Makes it easy to order online. What is great for the eyecare professional as well, they have a dealer locator on the site, your name gets listed so the consumer can find you.

Lest you think it’s all eyewear for men, there are plenty of women styles on available, including the Lacey in which proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer.

With all of that we are very excited about adding Wiley X to our family of sponsors. Quality people, Quality products, Quality Service, we recommend you give them a call or  visit their website to find out more.

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