Materialise x Hoya Vision Care x Hoet Launch 3D Tailored Eyewear

Materialise, HOYA Vision Care Company and Hoet Design Studio launch the world’s first vision-centric 3D-tailored eyewear. Yuniku by HOYA enables individualized lens and frame design, with a sophisticated end-to-end digital supply chain that is set to transform the eyewear industry. For the first time ever, both lenses and frames can be designed and … [Read more...]

New 3D Eyewear Collection From Prolet

A cheeky label from Hamburg wants to stir up the eyewear market with glasses off the 3D printer.  It starts with the brand name: PROLET – German for peasant – is a true statement. A little loud, a little rude, a little different. Uniqueness is important for PROLET Eyewear, their collection does not t the mainstream style on purpose. The glasses … [Read more...]

ic!Berlin ‘I See exoskeleton is 3D Eyewear

Fresh from the ic! innovation lab comes ‘I see exoskeleton’, a design study in the remarkable potential of 3D printed eyewear. Featuring an intricate, scaffold-like construction, prominent oversized brow and innovative new 3D printed screwless hinge, ‘I see exoskeleton’ proves that nothing is impossible at ic! berlin. Inspiration can come … [Read more...]

Biz Eyes Makes Interchangeable 3D Eyewear

Last April we wrote about a new Chinese 3D Eyewear Company called Biz Eyes. Biz Eye's concept was to have a basic frame and use the lens part as an attachment that you can mix and match to your mood. The basic frame is a clear round shape and the shaped fashion accessories are just screwed in. We know 3D Eyewear is the … [Read more...]

Google’s 3D Contact Lens Patent

There has been a lot of hype about Google's New Smart 'Contact Lens to help people with diabetes. Also the contact lens with a camera (See here)   We found Google's Patent for 3D Contact Lenses US 20120314184 A1 (Source)  ABSTRACT A three-dimensional contact lens for viewing three-dimensional imagery comprising: a central portion, wherein said … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends: 3D Printed Eyewear

I don't know if you were able to see the 3D printing done at the ClearVision Booth at Vision Expo West. Here is an interview panel discussion with ClearVision's David Friedfeld and the guys at MakerBot. ClearVision Uses the 3D printer to help them design and improve the efficiency of bringing eyewear to market. It was an interesting presentation … [Read more...]

Opti-fun 3D Eyewear

Thank you to Sfirex 3D  , a new dimension in 3D technology for sponsoring today's Opti-fun - One Big Happy by Rick Detorie.   … [Read more...]

The Vision Councils 3D Eyewear Survey Results

The Vision Council does very important work, for all of us involved in the optical industry.  This survey to consumers was about 3D Eyewear Trends. You can use it to make a determination on whether or not you should carry 3D eyewear, based upon your patient demographics. … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun 3D Doraemon

I know this is in Chinese, but you can get the gist of it and 3D Glasses. The animation is fantastic. A little Chinese Optical Fun Optical Fun Sponsored by Corning SunSensors … [Read more...]

3D Opti-fun from iCoat

Today's 3D Opti-fun is sponsored by iCoat's Sfirex 3D system which can help you create customized 3D eyewear solutions to fit your business needs at optical outlets, cinema theaters, retail and mass merchandisers, special 3D events and promotions giving you the ability to market your own branded 3D eyewear. … [Read more...]

Optical Toys – Peepshows, 3-D but not Topographers

Optical toys have been educating and entertaining people for hundreds of years. During the 1800s many toys were invented that used moving pictures. Some, such as the zoetrope, had a series of still images and rely on persistence of vision - the eye will remember an image for a brief moment and changing the image at speed gives the illusion of … [Read more...]

Designer 3D Eyewear The Latest Optical Trends

Thanks LensChic at for sending us the latest in Eyewear Trends! 'The guestlists will be drawn up from an as-yet unrevealed roster of their respective cities’ hippest citizens. In just under a fortnight’s time this priviliged and doubtless really quite skinny group will step beyond the velvet ropes outside these cities’ most … [Read more...]