Verilux ReadyLight Solar Rechargeable Flashlight For Safety

Coming into winter- it is always good to be prepared as the days get shorter and of course winter storms. This solar rechargeable flashlight might be a handy little device to keep around the home, office and car. (It also makes a great gift)- at least it's on my Christmas list- you can never have enough flashlights! Using an oversized solar … [Read more...]

Important Fashion Accessory-Colored Contact Lens

Amber Rose, the girlfriend of Kanye West was seen wearing this blue contact lenses at The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. (August 29) The point of this-Amber Rose is wearing colored contact lens as an important FASHION ACCESSORY. People, especially women, consider purses, shoes and jewelry as important fashion accessories- but the most … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses Not Allowed in Seatback Pockets

“Seatbacks in Position and Empty, Please” (From the New York Times ...“The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that airlines whose flight attendants had been telling passengers that no personal items of any kind could be placed in seatback pockets were “following our guidance, if they are enforcing this with travelers.”... The agency’s … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Readers For the Fashion-eyesta!

These are fun readers for the fashion-eyesta! Why should you have those same old boring readers like everybody else, when you can have these multi-tasking readers that also can be used for a necklace! Filao Paris and are being distributed in North America by French Malady. … [Read more...]

Oh M__DE! We Have To Go To Paris!

C an you imagine anyone uttering those words? Well, we’ve been working our tails off in New York City in this frustrating economy and haven’t been able to go on one of our amazing vacations/jewelry component buying trips in a while. To Ethiopia. To Yemen. To Burma. Or Algeria. Or, as one friend claims, anywhere where we have to go to the … [Read more...]

Vintage Eyewear Accessories

From Trash or Treasure … [Read more...]

Red Wine and Eyewear Jewelry

The best news I’ve heard in a long time. Because I’m really much more than just a fashion conscious jewelry designer, I read about other important things as well. I recently came across the following article that caught my attention.  Troy Bedinghaus, O.D., in his, Guide to Vision blog, reports that “Red Wine May Ward Off … [Read more...]

Has Anyone Seen My Glasses?

Thank you Denise Solay for submitting this great piece and reminder to the optical professional- Don't forget the eyeglass holders, lanyards, chains, cords and all the accessories that go with the eyeglass and contact lens sale.  A plea uttered about as frequently as “Where are my keys?” You know you just had them. You know they can’t be … [Read more...]

Reycled Eyeglass Holders From Old Pots

Denise Solay Recycles Old, Aluminum Pots into Beautiful Eyewear Jewelry We asked Denise Solay if she had any of her Eyeglass Jewelry made with recycled materials. Not only was that a resounding yes, she also provided us with a delicious recipe- for Chicken the Portuguese Way (from Mozambique. Here is her story: 'When I bought these beads … [Read more...]