Clip-ons – So Much More Than Sunglasses

Is it better to sell a second pair of eyewear or a clip-on? Why not both as there are so many multiple uses, clip-ons give optical consumers more options and can enhance their eyewear experience and vision. Sunglass Clip-ons for prescription eyewear have been available for a long time now but the technology has improved a lot over the last few … [Read more...]

Opti-fun Pickles’ Earl Uncleaning His Eyeglasses

Someone needs to get Pickles' Earl some Nanofilm Clarity Clean It™ lens care spray eyeglass cleaner: Thank you to Brian Crane for the opti-fun! … [Read more...]

Eye for an Eye – Grab a Guy for Mother’s Day

Most of the men you see this week will not have bought the mothers in their lives a Mother’s Day gift yet because in general guys leave holiday gift shopping until the last minute. Attention Eye Care providers you can help out these guys with wonderful gift ideas for their mothers and/or mothers of their children. Some of these men will be in an … [Read more...]

Smiling With Stormin Norman Optical Supplies

There was a time, when I was a rep in the field, I would walk in an office and the staff were laughing.. What did I miss? The infamous Stormin Norman. Now I have never met him but I have met his son, Jared, with his 2 brothers who has taken over the reins of the Stormin Norman Empire, just in time for their 25th year celebration. We love family … [Read more...]

12 Upcycled Eyeglass Holders

We have done other Eco-Friendly and Unique Eyewear Holders before, but came across a few new ideas, that you can either use in your office or share with your patients. 1.) Postcard Holder Display Rack. This could be for home or office. For the office, (and even as a window display) spray paint and put up some coordinating eyewear and you have a … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Food Processing Eye Injuries

The forgotten 25%? A report we got from inside a confection company in the Southeast U.S. got us thinking about the nature of the fogging problem in the food processing industry, that there may be a “hidden” problem. “I don’t think our management knows how many of us have a problem,” says this maintenance mechanic. “It’s bigger than they … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Fishing Lure: The Myoptic Minnow

I am now coming to the conclusion they have either put eyeballs or eyeglasses on just about anything you can imagine. Kono Manufacturing (S.C) made these eyeglasses lures in the early 1950's.  The novelty baits were given away to opticians and others who did business with the company, which made eyeglass frames, goggles and other eye products. This … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Reuse a Lens Cleaner Bottle

Everyone loves a 1oz lens cleaner spray bottle. It’s convenient to use…whether at home or away. But when it’s empty, what else can you use the bottle for other than recycling it? Read on. Fill with water and clean your decorative artificial plants. Use as a mister for cooling yourself down in the summer.  Amusement park lines can get very … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make An Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Eyeglass Holder

This is a great eco-friendly way to reuse picture frames and remake into a Eyeglass display. This might be a great way to add a 'Green' Touch to your eyecare office to demonstrate what your craftier patients can do to store all their (and their families) eyeglasses and accessories. A display like this can be put into an exam room, a hallway, the … [Read more...]

Thank Your Patients With KleerSpex Eco Friendly Lens Cleaner

With consumers asking for more sustainable products and looking for local resources, Eco Friendly Kleerspex has taken up the challenge and has expanded their Made In USA, biodegradable lens cleaner to incorporate an even more sustainable design. Listen to this: NEW! Packaging is made from recycled material - FSC certified Paper and using wind … [Read more...]

Reuse Bottle Caps For Contact Lens Cases

Some of you probably don't know this, but I pick up Beach Trash 5-6 days a week. In the last 6 months I have picked up over 15,000 bottle caps. That is an average of 50 bottle caps a day in a 1/2 mile stretch of beach. While there are many ways to reuse bottle caps. (Check out here on Pinterest) this one is for not only eyecare professionals and … [Read more...]

33+ Ways To Reuse Eyeglass Cases – Opportunities For Eyecare Professsionals

Always in the green and save mode and thinking of ways to reuse everyday optical-eyecare objects it occurred to me while we did a post on reusing eyeglasses cases to make a Train Set -we haven't done how many other ways can you reuse Eyeglass Cases? When I started listing all the ways you can reuse or  use eyeglass cases..WOW- what a great … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Earth Day

For more and more consumers, every day is a day to live green. According to a recent article in Advertising Age magazine, sales of environmentally friendly merchandise reached more than $40 billion last year. And for many products — from clothing to paper goods, cars to packaging — about half of Americans polled would be willing to pay extra for a … [Read more...]

Mini Monday: Sabine Timm Miniature World

Are these not the cutest things? Sabine Timm a Dussel based artist created a tiny little world. Some of this looks like found objects (great reuse), You definitely need some special glasses to put these together. For that we recommend Craftoptics  distributed by Modern Optical.     … [Read more...]

Does Passion Fog Up Optical Lenses?

Valentine Day is almost here and if memory serves me correct (HaHa) there will be a lot of fogged up lenses over the next couple of weeks. We are not....NOT..  talking winter snows although lenses have been known to fog up with a touch of cabin fever. Fogged up lenses can occur at work and sports.. it also happens in the heat of passion.. your … [Read more...]