Optical Fun: Eyeglass Cartoon Design Project

I don't know much about this.. as it came from a Cartoon Design Contest. The theme was Eyeglasses. I thought was interesting as the cartoonist were from Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Romania and other places in Europe. Also interesting if you look at where the artist is from and the 'subject' matter, it is really a political … [Read more...]

World Of Senses Art Project

When I first saw these mirrored lenses, my first thought was great.. this will make a good post about mirrored lenses. The more I looked at them, I realized these would make a better post on the importance of an annual Eye Exam. These wonder works of nature could never been seen if you don't take care of your eyes. Chinese Photographer Huainan … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Lens Sculptures By Rhona Gedge

How many sunglass lenses do you thrown away? Inside of throwing them away you can send them to Rhona Gedge an artist who is reusing optical lenses and creating optical lens sculptures. These were made with recycled lenses. some with prescriptions in there which will change the perception of the view.  She says: 'I am intrigued by how the eye works, … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week: Movie Poster Glasses

As many of your know, many movies have made many eyeglasses famous. Risky Business (wayfarer) Top Gun (Rayban) Terminator (Gargoyles) We constantly get asked and I am sure you do what, what eyewear is that! I want that! We love this Eyewear in the Movies Poster interpretation on Deviant … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week- Signature Shades Posters We Like

Over the years, we have seen many eyewear art. Some the most popular are showcasing iconic eyewear with famous people. These are a few of our favorite Signature Specs posters.     … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week- Spectacular Shade Descriptions

We all know that there is many different descriptions for eyewear, there is only a few basic eyewear shapes. Oval, Round, Square, Octagon, Cat-Eye, Retro, Flat Tip, Oblong, Pilot or Aviator. Our eye- art eyewear feature today, showcases the artistic re-creations of Eyewear shapes. What we love about this art, all of the posters went viral on the … [Read more...]

Reuse Wine Corks – Make An Eyeglass Sculpture

With Earth Day coming up, we found this on Pinterest a way to reuse wine corks to make eyeglass sculptures. Whoever did this did a great job, and I am sorry, I cannot find the original author- creator. … [Read more...]

An Optical Illusion We Love

My favorite optical illusions are not the op-arty type but the ones who have picture images. How clever are these artists! … [Read more...]

Eyeing The World

Houses With Eyes and Faces from around the world. Amazing our global village. Weeping Eyes in Belgium Banksy Project in Kenya (These are roofs)       … [Read more...]

Hand To Eye Coordination Art

The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands. Benjamin Franklin  Hand to Eye Coordination is exactly what it says, The hands guide the eyes or vice versa. If we didn't have hand to eye coordination, you would not be able to carry out many tasks, athletes wouldn't be able to perform, gamers couldn't game, how would we use a … [Read more...]

Six Street Scene Shades

One of our Pinterest Boards is dedicated to Eyes On The Street, which is an assortment of street graffiti. Many are  done by renown artists. Is this art or graffiti?         … [Read more...]

Eye Pods We Like

ipads, ipods, eye books...- just a little optical eye pod and eye pad jokes for the day. Lets not forget the iPad   … [Read more...]

Submerged Spectacle Art

Interesting piece of art.  Could you see this in your office? Submerged Spectacles" 6 x 12 inches Oil on Wood Panel by Robin Hextrum … [Read more...]

541 Gotti Sunglasses Made Into A Chandelier

Wow, this Chandelier was made with 541 Gotti Sunglasses to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I don't know if these were old, but what a great way to reuse sunglasses and eyeglasses. … [Read more...]

Lenticular Lens Art- I Can See Clearly Now

All this talk about Justin Timberlake's 2020 Vision. Most people can't have 20/20 vision without lenses. While it's nice to talk about phoropters, what about optical lens art?  These images demonstrate the power of optical lenses and good vision. When I look at this and maybe I am a bit too literal, but I see Vision and Vision is your message. What … [Read more...]