Opti-fun Swirling Optical Illusion

Stare at this swirling optical illusion from Yahoo brain teasers - to me the red ones look like a bit like Christmas tree baubles after a little too much eggnog! Thank you to Cocoons Eyewear for sponsoring opti-fun today. … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Skull Art By Michael Leon

Looking for some  unusual colorful artwork that screams 'I Sell Eyeglasses'. Check out Michael Leon eyewear art on skulls. Michael Leon background was in the design of skateboards.  He was a co-creator of Commonwealth Stacks, Rasa Libre and Nike's Tech Pack. He now works out of Los Angeles and has exhibited his artwork all over the world. You … [Read more...]

Eye How To Make Lady Gaga Crystal Eyeglasses

Why buy when you can make your own Lady Gaga Crystal Eyeglasses. The crystals can be bought at a crafts store or in the video he is using the salt crystal that come from road. … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun – Optical Illusion Horse or Frog

Have some Opti-Fun: This is an interesting optical illusion of frog that turns into a horse when you tip your head to the right! Now if we only turn some of those frogs into princes with optical makeovers! Source: Joe-ks.com … [Read more...]

Eye Can’t Believe It – Animal Hand Art

This "hand art" is amazing! Eye Can't Believe It is possible to create something so realistic! These are just a few of them. I wish I could tell you where this animal hand art came from but someone forwarded an email to me and there was no information on who did them. … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun Two More Optical Illusions

Here are two more optical illusions, can't resist them! … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun Two Optical Illusions

You may have seen these before but they are so opti-fun we have to show them to you as well: … [Read more...]

Incredible Art Made With Use of Microscopes

Willard Wigan, a genius who creates detailed micro-sculptures that fit on the head of a pin or inside the eye of a needle. An ABC news profile (6/20/2007.) It has to be seen to be believed. More Information from the Wall Street Journal … [Read more...]

Funny Eyeglass Commercial-With Animals

[Read more...]

Optical Illusion Art

Sculpture Art at National Gallery Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. Created by Roy Lichtenstein American, 1923-1997 House I, 1996/1998 Fabricated and painted aluminum Gift of The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation 1998.147.1 … [Read more...]