Eye-Popping Eyeball Art

How would you like these in your office! The first thing you see in Theo Mercier's artwork are the eyes! One seems to be saying 'Come closer my dear' while the other is rolling the eyes! … [Read more...]

Recycled Junk Eyewear by Cyrus Kabiru

One of the things I admire is the ability to take junk and make it into something. Cyrus Nabiru, a Nairobi based artist and sculptor created amazing eyewear art from Nairobi cast-offs. From his Website. Cyrus Kabiru currently practices in Nairobi. He is a self taught painter and sculptor. His paintings are often humorous portrayals of … [Read more...]

Eyeball Avatars On Twitter

This a pretty fun Twitter site, this guy follows only Eyeball Avatars on Twitter. 'I Follow Eyes, USA I noticed a lot of eyeball avatars on Twitter & wondered what they would look like in the “following” grid below. Let’s find out! The below is only a partial picture.  www.friendorfollow.com/ifolloweyes/following/ … [Read more...]

Eco Eyeglass Sculpture By Sorin Oncu

A couple of months ago we did a post on 10 Eyewear Sculptures, as I was updating our Facebook photo Album The Art of Eyewear- I came across these eyeglass sculptures from the ECO project by Serbian born Sorin Oncu Those who enter the Emerald City must wear green glasses" Guardian of the Gates - Wizard of OZ From the Artist: 'Emerald City … [Read more...]

Miniature Monday- Microscopic Art

Things you need super telescopic vision to do. Russian scientist, microscopic artist, Vladimir Aniskin spends his time creating incredible miniature works of art.  Valdimir Aniskin first started working on micro-miniature art way back in 1988. Each piece of Vladimir Aniskin’s works can take up to several months to complete, with scenes being carved … [Read more...]

Re-Use Eyewear- Make Animal Art

From Margherita Marchioni an artist who salvages materials and upcycles them into art called Materiamorfosi. Love the reused eyeglasses made into animal sculptures … [Read more...]

Sunglass Sculptures By Barbara J Lloyd

I ran across these fun 'sunglass sculptures presented by LOGO Projects is a non-profit program dedicated to matching artists and curators with professional business spaces. The program was founded by Kharis Kennedy, a New York-based artist, and Dr. Kevin Stewart. Dr. Stewart, a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist from New York, relocated to … [Read more...]

Miniature Monday- 100,000 Toothpicks + 35 Years

Scott Weaver kinetic sculpture of San Francisio, over 100,000 toothpicks and 35 years later. I have used dif­fer­ent brands of tooth­picks depend­ing on what I am build­ing. I also have many friends and fam­ily mem­bers that col­lect tooth­picks in their trav­els for me. For exam­ple, some of the trees in Golden Gate Park are made from … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Inspired Decor

Linda Chalem who reps for Classique Eyewear sent us the cutest eyeglass decor or pillows. This comes via Shelter Pop … [Read more...]

Freaky Animal Eye Optician Ads

Hong Kong Washin optical hired the Grey Agency in Tokyo for these eagle-eyed advertisements. When you think of good eyesight animals come to mind, owls, cats and of course eagles. The people hired look like the animals or a remarkable job in photoshop … [Read more...]

Turn Your Doodles In Cash: Creativeness Google Style

If you saw our post on the  Google Guitar and wondered a little more about it.  Here is the story: If you are using gmail or google search, at the top there is a 'google' logo or look. It is called Doodles. Everyday since 1998,  google has put up a Doodle,  celebrating holidays, anniversaries and lives from famous people or events. The doodle team … [Read more...]

Miniature Monday- Meals You Need Eyeglasses To Eat

For those of us us on perpetual diets this would be the perfect answer to portion control. Eat small portions and wear microscopic lenses to eat with with. Would definitely lose weight in no time. Kim Burke creates wonderful miniatures for doll houses. My favorite is messy doughnuts By Fair child art on deviant art   … [Read more...]

Costa Del Mar On How To Reuse Lenses And Make Fish Art

Call it a case of art imitating life. Costa recently unveiled fish sculptures of a tarpon, blue marlin and bass -- built entirely out of its own sunglass parts -- in its new advertising campaign. A mix of lenses, hinges, frame arms, nose pads, side shields and retainer cord segments from hundreds of Costa sunglasses went into building the … [Read more...]

Miniature Monday: Mini Disney Eye Make Up

I don't know about you, I can barely get any makeup on straight anymore, thinking it's better to forego the whole thing rather than look like a Rocky Horror Picture Show. On the other hand artistic, talented creators such as Katie Alves make works of art on peoples eyelids. These particular shots I am sure most people would recognize, as they are … [Read more...]

I Can’t Believe It-Eye-Mazing Lips

I know this isn't about eyewear, except these are pretty fantastic artistic lips by Paige Thompson Viridis Somnio on Deviant Art. She has Crabs, Caterpillers, Pikachu, Foxes, Black Cats, Bumblebees and alot more.   … [Read more...]