The Mystery Box Syndrome

I want to tell you a little eyewear story. Many years ago in the days of yore, I was working for Marchon and we launched Flexon. You may not believe this but it was either an easy sale or very, very hard. Many offices thought it was gimmick or a fad, they didn't want to adjust it and couldn't see the value. (I bet they are all selling it now!) One … [Read more...]

People Who Wear Sunglasses Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

NATIONWIDE (WGME) -- We've heard about seasonal affective disorder, in the winter where people get depressed because of less sunlight, but now that it's sunny, one research group says all the extra sun can make you mad if you're not careful. That's because people who squint and frown more, are unhappier. That's according to Smithsonian Magazine … [Read more...]

Sorry You Missed Us

I both laugh and shudder every time I walk past a local high end real estate office near my office and I see the following sign. Yes, my office is located in one of the more upscale business districts in Colorado, but the haughtiness and superiority displayed in this sign surpass most everything else in this district of over 400 businesses … [Read more...]

Transitions Optical Launches Revamped Vision Education Kit

Kit Serves as Resource for Eyecare Professional Outreach to Employers and Their Employees, Featuring Presentations, Brochures, Calculators, Newsletters, Flyers and More  PINELLAS PARK, Fla. May, 2013 – Transitions Optical, Inc. has launched a revamped version of the Vision Education Kit, produced through the Transitions Healthy Sight Working for … [Read more...]

Handling Bad YELP Reviews

Did you ever see the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore? It was the story of a very unsuccessful hockey player who makes it on the pro golf tour. He does so well playing golf that a competitor feels compelled to hire a heckler to rattle Happy Gilmore, which works very well. After all, it’s difficult to do your job well, when someone is telling you … [Read more...]

What is the Internet Telling Your Patients About Contacts?

Recently, I was doing some online research related to a project for a client, and stumbled across a website from the UK. The information this website posted was absolutely terrifying, and made me wonder what else is out there, for public viewing, and how little most of us know about this ‘mis’ information. The site I found is … [Read more...]

Vision Care Trends – Good News Bad News – Consumer Motivation is Key

The Vision Council's third quarter 2012 Vision Care Products & Services Trend market research reports have just been released. The good news is that the Vision Watch report shows a continued growth trend for retail optical, especially independents. Total retail sales were up 6%  year over year for the 12 months ended December 2012. The biggest … [Read more...]

Customer Service And Setting Expectations

Many of us just finished Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. I am always reminded about customer service and the Based on the great deal I received online, I once again stayed at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Despite my very disappointing  stay there last year … [Read more...]

Eyehow – Facts and Myths

These are some "Facts and Myths"  that you could use to engage with your optical patients via social media or marketing communications. Some of the subjects also raise the opportunity to talk about specific needs e.g. computer lenses, quality reading glasses, therapeutic supplements for example, Test yourself with the following true or false … [Read more...]

Optical Crime – Whoopi Goldberg

We caught Whoopi Goldberg in the act of an optical crime this week on Good Morning America as she was being interviewed about her latest book - The Sugar Plum Ballerinas. Whoopi's specific optical crime is the way she wears her eyeglasses balanced on the end of her nose! Watching her on TV do this prompted me to do a photo search and there she is … [Read more...]

New Survey Reinforces Need to Educate Consumers on Lens Material Options

Eyeglass wearers value advanced technology, but often defer to eyecare professional as shown by a  new national research study sponsored by PPG Industries which reaffirms that, while consumers are interested in a lens that provides a combination of desirable attributes, they are unfamiliar with their choices. Results suggest that patients would … [Read more...]

Optical Stories from our “Hood” – Optylux goes Hybrid

Optylux is one of our original sponsors and the owner, Helmut Igel is a long time friend. Cathy and he worked together in another lifetime when they were both at Neostyle. We have long admired Helmut’s tenacity, his ability to juggle a beach lifestyle, family and business and always wear a smile. He is smiling more now because his workplace is one … [Read more...]

Consumer Behavior Trends – Looking up for the Independent Eyecare Provider

We just attended The Vision Council’s “Trends in Vision Correction” meeting in New York with a presentation from Vision Stats Guru, Steve Kodey. The data was from Vision Watch which measures consumer trends in the eyecare industry. We have reported on these stats before as they have proven to be an excellent indicator of what is going on in the … [Read more...]

Eyewear Customers Like to be Appreciated

Some companies get it just right when it comes to customer appreciation and I think Brighton is one of them. I have been a Brighton handbag fan for a long time for several reasons: I don't like changing purses so need a good all round every day bag that I can use with almost any outfit I like good looks, good quality along with … [Read more...]

Transitions Optical Reports – Vision Benefits Underutilized by U.S. Workforce

We saw this report about vision benefits underutilized by the U.S. workforce from a Transitions Optical press release and would like to share highlights from  it as we think there is an opportunity and a responsibility for all of us in the eyecare industry to help improve the optical consumers' utilization of vision benefits. I know from my own … [Read more...]