Yahoo Answers Consumers-Eye Damage From Wearing Magnifying Eyeglasses?

Lens Chic over at EyeOverHeard has been on a roll sending us little consumer eyecare questions, that you might want to address in your eyecare office. For once, Yahoo answered right!! 'Recently I have made a habit of wearing magnifying eyeglasses. Like the kind that you can buy at pharmacy's. I wear the lowest magnification, and when I take them … [Read more...]

Modern Fathers – Influence Children’s Eyecare

I was recently in the U.K. visiting family and remembering why I left the U.K. for Southern California all those years ago, the incessant rain! While I was there I read an interesting article in the U.K. Times Magazine about how British fathers have changed. It got me to thinking about how the changing role of fathers affects everything else and of … [Read more...]

Consumer UnHappy With Eyewear- Complains to Us

We had another unhappy eyewear consumer contacting us: (I have blocked out the company name, and no it is not one of our sponsors) I am very disappointed with my eyeglasses I purchased from XXXX. To make a very long story short I continuously have problems with the temple hinges that are attached to the frames. I have had two problems with them … [Read more...]

Online Eyewear

Whether we like it or not, approve of it or not, Online Eyewear is here to stay and it will continue to grow. I always look at the FSI's in the Sunday paper to see what the optical deals are and noticed that JC Penney Optical was advertising and promoting eyewear at 50% Off along with "Try frames online at".  I did not … [Read more...]

Consumer Seeking Acetate Saddle Bridge For Eyewear

Once again we have a request from an eyeglass consumer: See email below: perhaps any of our readers are in Sushan, NY and if you can help this person, if you respond back I will forward the info on to them. Thanks 'The ONLY product that works for my husband to maintain his eyeglasses in their proper position is your "large acetate saddle bridge" … [Read more...]

Eye On Digital Signage Product Comparisons- Things To Know

You see Digital Signage everyplace, at the Gas Station, at the grocery store, at the Bank, because digital signage sells products. (I know, last time at the gas station, I bought a cup of coffee which I never do!). It's hard not to know which system could be right for you. Paul Salsberg over at EyeStarTV wanted to improve their digital Signage … [Read more...]

Defective Contact Lens Or Allergic Reactions- Attorney Answers

We like to post some consumer tidbits and articles as they come along. This one we found very interesting about contact lenses; Here ya go from the voice of the contact lens consumer! This forum came to us via Lawyers Forum; ( 'My wife has had a reaction to a contact lens she used and damged her … [Read more...]

Internet Shopping for Eyewear Altered My Vision – John Lennon

A personal account of an eyewear consumers Internet shopping experience. Very interesting reading for any you contemplating getting in to the Internet eyewear business and/or if you are concerned about competing with Optical Internet sites: Internet shopping for eyewear altered my vision by Hazel Platzer: I had an idea it would be easy to … [Read more...]

Optical Global Leadership Summit

Any Optical people going to Vision Expo East or working in the New York area should not miss the 2010 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit event. This takes place Wednesday, March 17 and features expert speakers from both inside and outside the Optical Industry. Cathy and I know some of the speakers and know they will have plenty of insight to … [Read more...]

Optical Valentine Tip – LOVE Your Customer

This Optical Valentine Tip was submitted by Kelly Gornick from Signet Armorlite Dear Valentine: LOVE Your Customer All of your customers have done something for you – they became your customer, so don’t forget to find a way to say thank you again and again.It’s the little gestures and comments, when least expected, that go a long way. Even a … [Read more...]

Optical Consumers Exposed to More and More Media

The last day of The Vision Council Winter meeting was just as informative as the others, having the opportunity to tap into all that optical brain power! You can see some in the picture below Peter Friedfeld of ClearVision Optical, Steve Horowitz of REM, Marge Axelrad and Marc Ferrara from Jobson. These were just a few of the optical brains sharing … [Read more...]

Wiki Answers- Why Does Your Optical Prescription Expire in 2 Years

I always love how people get answers: Here is what Wiki says about why to get frequent eye exams and why rx's expire. It's doubtful anybody knows for sure why eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions expire, or why they expire when they do. It's likely to be due to many reasons. One such reason that optical prescriptions expire is to ensure … [Read more...]

Age of Disruption – The Vision Council Meeting

Cathy and I are in Florida attending The Vision Council Winter Meeting and we are posting about some key points from today's sessions which included two keynote speakers from outside of the Optical Industry.  Both speakers were excellent and made a lot of great points about doing business in the current economic environment and we want to share … [Read more...]

Goggling Yourself and Your Eyecare Office

Have you ever googled yourself? It is kinda scary if you do, way too much information is on the internet. I have googled myself and there are several Cathy Ives in the USA- but this one came over on our google alerts. This Cathy Ives actually comes up alot, as she is a speaker and is involved in numerous activities. If you can believe this when I … [Read more...]

Eye Care About You Valentine Day Gifts For Co-Workers

You still have plenty of time to get ready for Valentines Day eye-care gifts for friends, your boss, co-workers or people that you just want to say Happy Valentines Day to without being too 'sweet'. This gifts are great for any event and we recommend you stock them and place them strategically around the office, displayed with eyewear and eyeglass … [Read more...]