Mercy Researchers Make Medical Breakthrough to Protect Soldiers Eyes

Scientists at Mercy Research and Development (R&D) in Springfield, Mo., received a $4.8 million research grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a prototype contact lenses capable of delivering medication. They’re designed for medics to apply to soldiers’ eyes right on the battlefield - immediately stabilizing the eye and … [Read more...]

Telescope Contact Lens Helps AMD Patients See

SAN DIEGO, and LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June, 2013 — A slim, telescopic contact lens that switches between normal and magnified vision using liquid crystal eyeglasses could provide a relatively unobtrusive way to enhance the sight of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Contact lenses correct many people’s eyesight but do … [Read more...]

LED Contacts Of The Future

For those of you who have this dislike for a pair of spectacles in order to correct your vision, you might want to fall back on some laser eye surgery, or for something that does not require you to be sedated, how about a pair of contact lenses instead? The thing is, contact lenses are not everyone’s cup of tea, with an uncomfortable feeling … [Read more...]

Americans Report Being Left High and Dry While On Computers, In Front of TVs and On the Road

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 18, 2013  -- Fact: the average person spends more than 33 hours per week watching TV.(1) Add in the average 3.6 hours per day in front of a screen on social network sites(2) and countless hours on a computer at work or school, and you're looking at a substantial amount of screen time. All this screen exposure could have an … [Read more...]

Adolf Fick: Envisioning the Contact Lens

Today, contact lenses are used by people across the world. But how did this billion-dollar industry get started? Tune in to learn how a German ophthalmologist created the Stuff of (Optical) Genius. Stuff of Genius tells the story behind everyday inventions. From the bikini to super wheat and everything in between. Viewers will learn the stories of … [Read more...]

Reuse Bottle Caps For Contact Lens Cases

Some of you probably don't know this, but I pick up Beach Trash 5-6 days a week. In the last 6 months I have picked up over 15,000 bottle caps. That is an average of 50 bottle caps a day in a 1/2 mile stretch of beach. While there are many ways to reuse bottle caps. (Check out here on Pinterest) this one is for not only eyecare professionals and … [Read more...]

Florida Teenager Has Eye Eating Parasite in Contact Lens

This is the 4th story on Acanthamoeba eating up eyeballs in the last several months. Good story to share with your patients, especially the non-compliant. Keep your contact lenses clean or have your eyeballs eaten — your call. An 18-year-old senior high student from Pembroke Pines, Fla., nearly lost her sight thanks to a revolting parasite that … [Read more...]

What is the Internet Telling Your Patients About Contacts?

Recently, I was doing some online research related to a project for a client, and stumbled across a website from the UK. The information this website posted was absolutely terrifying, and made me wonder what else is out there, for public viewing, and how little most of us know about this ‘mis’ information. The site I found is … [Read more...]

Contact Lens Trends

We haven't done too much on contact lenses and there has been a lot of news.. Thought we would just post the snippets and you can read those that are interesting to you. (Most of these were in October) New Specialized Contact Lens May Prevent Nearsightedness in Children-  A recent article in suggests that an effective treatment … [Read more...]

Reuse Contact Lens Cases: Make Fuel Cells

Many of you know, I am the tree-hugger and am always looking for ways to reuse stuff. Love these instructions for old contact lens containers to make a Fuel Cell. Instructions on Instructables.  Other ways to Reuse Contact Lens Cases. … [Read more...]

All About Contact Lenses: OpticianWorks

Optician Works has put up their All About Contact Lenses Lesson Plan which was created by one of the nation's most recognized contact lens specialists this lesson will provide you with all the basics for understanding contact lenses. The "find a typo - find a mistake" contest will remain open until the prism lesson is up. Link is here  … [Read more...]

Having Difficulty With That RGP Contact Lens Fit?

While in optometry school, we definitely received a good foundation for specialty contact lens fitting.  I have to admit though, I didn’t take full advantage of it back then.  My success with specialty lens fits didn’t come until I made the personal decision to “jump right in”. Nowadays, there are many resources available to the practitioner.  … [Read more...]

$15,000 Diamond Contact Lenses

Last year we all read about the $15,000 diamond contact lens that were made by Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan of Shekjar Eye Research Company in India. Now we have close up shots of how they really look using 18 diamonds and Boston Scleral Lenses. Only 3,996 contacts were to be made. Full Story   … [Read more...]

Eye-fographic: History of Colored Contact Lens

Here it is a little history of colored contact lens in infographic form. History of Colored Contact Lens … [Read more...]

Viral Post of the Week; Luxury Contact Lenses With Real Gold

Last week, the viral eyecare story was the gold flecked contact lenses introduced at Vision Dubai! Last year we blogged on the Diamond Contact lenses, this year luxury contact lenses has taken a new twist. At Vision Dubai, contact lenses with real gold were presented.  "We designed this product just for the Middle East market," said Lena Lee, … [Read more...]