Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Consumer Study

Last year, a major research company conducted a consumer survey on eyeglasses and contact lenses and I would like to share some of the more interesting highlights with you and suggestions on the opportunities these finding offer to  optical retailers. There are some new demographic segments that you might like to know about also as these terms will … [Read more...]

Optician Training- Contact Lens Hygiene (AOA)

Contact lenses are among the safest forms of vision correction when patients follow the proper care and wearing instructions provided by their optometrist. However, when patients don't use lenses as directed, the consequences may be dangerous. In fact, Americans could be damaging their eyes by not using proper hygiene in caring for their … [Read more...]

Top 11 Ways to Reuse Contact Lens Cases

Thousands of contact lens cases go into landfills every year. In order to keep that non-Biodegradable plastic out of landfills we have come up with a few ways that you can reuse or up-cycle contact lens cases. The best thing you can do is continue to reuse within your patients. Cleaning and sterilizing old contact lens cases is a very, very good … [Read more...]

Contact Lens Case Reminds You To Buy New Contacts!

The Countact Lens Case features a simple blacklit LCD display which will show how many days your current set of contacts have been worn. It does require the user to remember to press a ‘counter’ button every time they change their contact lenses, but the lens case will do the rest by not only keep tracking of how long it’s been, but alerting you … [Read more...]

Vegan Contact Lens Products

  One of the goals of the Optical Vision Site is to not only provide you with ways to increase your business- but to give you some insight into eyecare business trends. Many Eyecare Professionals are losing the contact lens market 'add on's' such as Contact Lens cleaners and other supplies. Those products are readily available in every Big … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training -How Contact Lenses are Made

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

Contributed by Ann Vogel from allabouteyecare.org Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Contact Lenses For those who are considering getting contact lenses to replace their glasses and for those who are not too sure about which is better for them there are some things you should be aware of before you make your decision. It has been … [Read more...]

Contacts for Dogs and Cats

More of the story from the Daily Mail (UK) So are there contact lenses for dogs? Eye Bogglers:  Yes there are contact lens for dogs. Dr Mary B Glaze Veterinary Ophthalmologist and professor at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge fits dogs with corrective lens from The Cutting Edge Division. Sushi, … [Read more...]

More Eye Jewelry

Recently I wrote about eye jewelry that is attached to a contact lens and I thought that was pretty eye boggling but this is even more eye boggling. These are the highlights from a story reported by Rebecca Skloot in the NY Times Magazine back in 2004.    "The jewelry is a small, platinum medallion gently curved to fit the eye. It rests just … [Read more...]

Top 10 Resources for Contact Lens Information

    Ciba Online Guide To Lens Care My Contact Lens: Mycontactlenses.org is sponsored by the Contact Lens Council, a nonprofit educational resource on vision correction for consumers. The primary goal of the Contact Lens Council is to promote the safe use of contact lenses. Contact Lenses Today E-Mail Newsletter Contact Lens Society of … [Read more...]

Wireless Contact Lenses- What’s Next?

  Is this scary? An electronic Contact Lens has been developed to enable maps and videos to be transmitted to the eye. Does that mean you are at yet again another boring party, lecture or event, and now with this Super Bionic Contact, you can watch Pretty Woman for the 10th time, while supposely deeply entranced at your boring event? Can you … [Read more...]

High-tech Multifocal Contact Lenses

     I am a new multifocal contact lenses so I am really intrigued to learn more about SynergEyes, makers of a combination lens with a rigid gas permeable center surrounded by a soft plastic "skirt". I read about this company a couple of weekes ago in the Business section of the North County Times, San Diego. Bradley J. Fikes, staff writer is … [Read more...]

Contact Lenses – Not Just Cosmetic But A New Fashion Accessory

    I have seen cosmetic contact lenses, some very strange ones around Halloween but nothing quite like the ones I ready about yesterday in the North County Times. Just reading about them made me want to cry and apparently the effect of them is exactly that. According to the article: Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek has developed jewelry … [Read more...]

New Patient For Multifocal Contact Lenses

      I have been wearing progressive lenses for over ten years now, many different brands because  being in the Optical industry, I have easy access to so many. I usually wear Shamir's Office lens when I am working at the computer. I like all my glasses and lenses, about 10 different pairs, but do not enjoy wearing them every day, all … [Read more...]