Staff Meeting Topic: Patient Satisfaction Checklist

Once a year is, it is important to up your game by having a staff meeting about patient satisfaction. Patient Satisfaction is everything from the cleanliness, product, customer service and communication and management. We have developed a patient satisfaction checklist to review Merchandising; Develop a 'statement'  that your staff fills out … [Read more...]

Ask The Lab Guy: The #1 Way To Get Word Of Mouth Referrals

Some of you may know Scott Balestreri either as the owner of Bad Ass Optical Lab or as the Facebook owner/admin of Ask The Lab Guy. The one thing that most people can agree on with Scott, he knows his optical business and he is not afraid to speak out. He did a post in December, which was excellent and really is the bottom line for all eyecare … [Read more...] Launches Spanish Content

San Diego, Calif., December 6, 2016 – has launched Spanish translations of some of the most popular articles in its Eye Conditions & Diseases section. In the United States, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by 38 million people ages 5 and older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Instituto Cervantes, a … [Read more...]

The Toxin Free Eyecare Office

People expect medical offices to be clean and hypo- allergenic. With the increase in allergies and Asthma and the awareness of the consumer to toxic chemicals, what can an eyecare office do to maintain a clean and healthy office? There is a theory that we are 'too clean'. This theory supported by the fact that kids that have grown up with pets … [Read more...]

We Don’t Deal With Bullies

You all have them, that patient that threatens you with lawsuits and bad YELP reviews if you don't give them what they want.. free frames, free eye exams and or their money back. The threats are not idle.. and I think we all know what a bad YELP review can do. This new type of bullying behavior using social media is blackmail, terrorism and … [Read more...]

The Daily Download

One of the reasons I use Apple Products is the Apple Store. Since they have the highest sales per square foot, $4,798.82 of any retailer, you might wonder why? In my last couple of visits to the Fashion Valley store, they have implemented a few new things, that are hokey but make a person feel special and appreciated. 1.) They have a greeter … [Read more...]

Learn To Love The Hate

“People hate as they love, unreasonably.” ― William Makepeace Thackeray  If you follow some of the online optical forums you see Optometrists and Opticians complain about customer complaints. Every manner of euphemism is thrown out about the haters who hate and are of course being unreasonable in their description of XYZ Optometry and whatever … [Read more...]

CLX System Releases My CL Reorder

ST.LOUIS, Mo., Nov., 2015 – CLX, a contact lens ordering , managing and marketing system, has introduced enhanced functionality designed to auto e-mail and text patients due to reorder contacts. “Too many patients are reordering contact lenses from an online retailer or superstore, and not from their personal O.D.  With My CL Reorder, our … [Read more...]

Pillow Talking

I just read this article about Pillow Menus in hotel. .A pillow menu is a list of available pillows provided by a hotel to guests, usually free of charge. It allows guests to make an alternative pillow choice. Some common pillow alternatives are memory foam, buckwheat hull, and hypoallergenic. (Wikipedia) Before you think what do hotels and … [Read more...]

Best Rewards Ever!

There are some Facebook Forums I absolutely love One of them is Opticians on Facebook. They just had a thread on Good Customer Service and it made me smile and FEEL GUILTY! Made me smile because it was a feel- good thread and made me feel guilty, because I don't do all those nice things to my eye doc. I did bring them cookies once although. Here … [Read more...]

The Importance of Patient Feedback

One of the most difficult parts of a self-evaluation process is stepping out of your role in the optical practice and viewing your practice from your patients' perspective. Patient satisfaction surveys help you do just that.The reality of patient satisfaction surveys is that they can help you identify methods and ways of improving your workflow and … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Weeding Out Bottom Feeders

A subject came up several months ago on getting rid of patients that don't use you for full services. These are patients that come in for an eye exam and don't buy your products. Some of the feedback said patients are wasting their time and were bottom feeders. There were quite a few responses that said to take them out of recall. To tell you the … [Read more...]

Selling Without Selling

Recently I was asked a very important question while taking care of a long time client of mine. The question proposed to me was, how do I always get them spend so much more than they intended to? This question made me think for a bit. How do you sell without being a salesperson? The reason I felt this was a good question is I honestly don't ever … [Read more...]

New Bilingual Pocket Card Helps Ease Communication Barriers From Transitions

Side-by-Side English and Spanish Tool Overviews New Transitions Signature Adaptive Lens Technology and Educates on Options for Recognizing that language barriers can often pose as a challenge when dispensing eyewear or talking about the latest lens technologies, Transitions Optical, Inc. has introduced a bilingual pocket card to overview the … [Read more...]

Clients v.s Patients Is There a Difference?

Recently I was asked what makes me more successful as an Optician. In pondering that question, I believe it comes down to how I treat people. I like to treat people how I want to be treated. When making a purchase or going to my doctors office I want the people serving me to care for my needs. Not simply just filling my order and doing what was … [Read more...]