Thoughts on Weeding Out Bottom Feeders

A subject came up several months ago on getting rid of patients that don't use you for full services. These are patients that come in for an eye exam and don't buy your products. Some of the feedback said patients are wasting their time and were bottom feeders. There were quite a few responses that said to take them out of recall. To tell you the … [Read more...]

Selling Without Selling

Recently I was asked a very important question while taking care of a long time client of mine. The question proposed to me was, how do I always get them spend so much more than they intended to? This question made me think for a bit. How do you sell without being a salesperson? The reason I felt this was a good question is I honestly don't ever … [Read more...]

New Bilingual Pocket Card Helps Ease Communication Barriers From Transitions

Side-by-Side English and Spanish Tool Overviews New Transitions Signature Adaptive Lens Technology and Educates on Options for Recognizing that language barriers can often pose as a challenge when dispensing eyewear or talking about the latest lens technologies, Transitions Optical, Inc. has introduced a bilingual pocket card to overview the … [Read more...]

Clients v.s Patients Is There a Difference?

Recently I was asked what makes me more successful as an Optician. In pondering that question, I believe it comes down to how I treat people. I like to treat people how I want to be treated. When making a purchase or going to my doctors office I want the people serving me to care for my needs. Not simply just filling my order and doing what was … [Read more...]

Wayback Tuesday: The Optometrists 10 Commandments

This is an example that an optometrist could us in advertising way back when. By Wm. M. Updengrave and I don't know the date.. but I remember when it was quite scandalous when optometrists and ophthalmologist advertised. I think in San Diego the first MD to advertise in the paper was Arthur Adelstein MD, who took out an ad in the San Diego … [Read more...]

9 Tips To Turn Complaints Into Customers

We all have customer service horror stories, don’t we? We do our best to meet and exceed expectations, but mistakes happen. Nobody likes to think about angry customers, owning up to our mistakes, or maybe worst of all, having to deal with a situation that was beyond our control.Think differently. Handle a bad situation properly, and you have a good … [Read more...]

Docs to Disruptive Patients: ‘You’re Fired’

A California physicians organization is finding that more doctors are dismissing patients because they are uncooperative, refuse to comply with treatment, exhibit drug-seeking behaviors, and increasingly threaten the safety of care providers. Disruptive physicians get a lot of attention. Remember the story about the surgeon who feeling, "pushed … [Read more...]

A Case Of Superior Customer Service

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the car repair industry and eyecare. Now I want to tell you a case of a small independent car repair version of superior customer service. The below defines what is important to me as a customer , if you go on their YELP Reviews (4 Stars)  you will read what defines customer service to other people. Every … [Read more...]

Eye Overheard On The Forums: No Shows

The thing about no shows, it can allow you to play a little catch up, unfortunately it is also lost revenue. The bigger picture is your patients and your staff eventually pay for no shows, due to less revenue, can bring higher costs and less money for staff or improvements. You can track no-shows and you should, just by entering your own code … [Read more...]

VisionWeb x 4PatientCare Team Up for Patient Communication

San Diego, CA – June 28, 2013 – VisionWeb, the leading provider of technology solutions for the eyecare industry, announced the selection of 4PatientCare for their patient engagement and communication partner for Uprise, VisionWeb’s new cloud-based practice management EHR solution for eyecare providers. 4PatientCare, a trusted and visionary leader … [Read more...]

Sorry You Missed Us

I both laugh and shudder every time I walk past a local high end real estate office near my office and I see the following sign. Yes, my office is located in one of the more upscale business districts in Colorado, but the haughtiness and superiority displayed in this sign surpass most everything else in this district of over 400 businesses … [Read more...]

YELP Reviews We Like: Providence Optical

For the last 5 years, it seems that all we have heard about on YELP is how to get a bad review off, how do I respond to this, do we have to respond?  I am here to show you a fantastic optical, Providence Optical that works their YELP and it shows. I loved their photos (38 of them) While they only have 5 reviews, all were fantastic and it made me … [Read more...]

6 Ways Your Optical Dispensing Habits are Costing You Customers

It’s a beautiful sunny day – the perfect day for patients to get their eyes checked. You pull up your calendar only to find that there are only a few scattered appointments planned today. In fact, it appears that there’s hardly any appointments scheduled for the next couple weeks. You thought you’d been doing everything right, but even a few … [Read more...]

Handling Bad YELP Reviews

Did you ever see the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore? It was the story of a very unsuccessful hockey player who makes it on the pro golf tour. He does so well playing golf that a competitor feels compelled to hire a heckler to rattle Happy Gilmore, which works very well. After all, it’s difficult to do your job well, when someone is telling you … [Read more...]

Ask A Silly Question And Get….

Some of you may know I have been battling basal cell skin cancer the last several years. I sort of equate that battle to my dating life…a little ugly, but not life threatening. Nevertheless, I have been paying attention to how I am greeted by the nurses and assistants when I come in for a follow up visit recently and thought this could be very … [Read more...]