Eyewear Merchandising For Tennis Day

We love it when you can reuse merchandising materials. World Tennis Day is taking place March 6, 2017. A display such as this can be used several times per year. Wimbleton in 2017 is June 27 to Sunday July 10, National Youth Sports Safety Month (April) Sports Eye Safety Month (September) Eye Safety Month (October), The top Tennis window was done to … [Read more...]

A Very Racy, Spexy Valentine Day Display

Valentine Day is so huge and every year we try to come up with unique Valentine Display Ideas. This optical display got the panties in a wad so so speak. J.F.Rey winking posters, red panties, and kisses... by Eye Candy Optical. This is a definite spexy look and we love it. … [Read more...]

Eye Can’t Believe It: Eyeball Pools

Would you want to look at this after a hard day at the office staring at eyeballs? In our world full of drones and geo-location, as much as I think this is really cool and a definite eye-catcher, I would hate to have it looking at me! What do you think? … [Read more...]

Shady Signs We LOVE

You may have already seen these.. but how true this is. Life is too short to wear Ugly glasses, life is too short to not invest in good lenses. Life is too short for many things.. What do you think? This should say Life is short. Buy The Eyeglasses. … [Read more...]

Trashy Eyecare Offices

I absolutely love this. Talk about a Destination Eyecare Office? Check out Terracycle's Office who has creatively up- cycled trash into a cool, unique and trash look. Think about how many of your patients would want to come in and check out your new- reused look TerraCycle,  specializes in making new products from hard-to-recycle waste, from … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Inspired Decor

Linda Chalem who reps for Classique Eyewear sent us the cutest eyeglass decor or pillows. This comes via Shelter Pop … [Read more...]

Wall Mirrors Shaped Like Aviator Sunglasses

Most eyecare offices have mirrors all over the place, have you ever thought of Wall Mirrors in the shape of Aviator Sunglasses? … [Read more...]

Shipping Container Eyecare Store

We did an earlier post on Shipping Container offices and homes. As the resident tree-hugging design freak, I was elated to see Grotesque Frames who actually used shipping containers to build out their first store. You can view more pics on their Facebook Page … [Read more...]

Destination Eyecare Offices

We have been focusing on the internal marketing and merchandising of your eyecare office. The reality is the outside of your office is just or more important as the inside. I don't know about you, but every time I pass a weird house or building, I always wanna know what's inside; Ergo Destination Eyecare Offices. The key is to make your business a … [Read more...]

Furniture That Looks Like Aviator Sunglasses

For the last 2 years, I have lusted over Samal Design incredible furniture and designs. I first ran across him over a year ago when we did a blog on a Susan Boyle Makeover in which we put her in one of his eyewear designs. He also developed the 6dpi Eyewear otherwise known as pixeled eyewear. (We did an article on that as well) My latest … [Read more...]

Say No To Norman Rockwell and Yes to Eye Rocks

The number one painting I see in an optometrist office is that Norman Rockwell picture of the kid at the optometrist, occasionally there is a display of vintage eyewear and other miscellaneous optical supplies and then there is the picture someone gave that has a cartoon character with a doc or optician. But I say if you want to put the eyeball in … [Read more...]

Building Designs of the Future Using Recycled Materials

If you are thinking of owning your own building for your optical business, here are some eco friendly building designs of the future that will not only save the landfills but most likely can save you money by reusing building materials. Sustainable Building Designs of the Future: Innovative companies are coming up with creative ways to use … [Read more...]

Eco Eye Care Design- Shipping Container Offices

Many optical offices dream of owning their own building, never having to pay rent again. If you are in California, your cost can average $200 a square foot- plus the land, plus taxes, plus, plus and more plus. One of the hottest design trends today is using the glut of worldwide shipping containers for offices and homes.  Not only would using … [Read more...]

Unique Table Grows Plants and Cleans Air In Waiting Room

We had done a previous post on air quality- this amazing low table not only is a natural purifier- growing plants right in your waiting room without soil. The Oxygen of Green Low Table by industrial designer Mingling Wang, uses a plant called Tillandsias to purify the air as opposed to loud energy- consuming air purification gadgets. You and your … [Read more...]

Turn Your Waiting Room Into A Garden

We have probably all heard by now about growing your own garden- why not grow your garden in your office? How cool would it be if your waiting room actually became a garden? Plants are good for air quality- certainly economical and a great boost to patient and customer satisfaction. When the vegetable is ripe- give them away! Here are a few … [Read more...]