Upcycled Optical Lens Art Sculpture By Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

This is interesting, a welded metal bra reusing up cycled optical lenses. You can even see one that is a bifocal. Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch makes art from found objects. This is what she says: 'I see the beauty in common objects and hope that others will too. I use everyday items like steel nuts, washers, vinyl plumbing tubing, clamps and coke cans … [Read more...]

David Datuna Viewpoint of Billions Reusing Optical Lenses

David Datuna, is known for his artwork using reclaimed optical lenses. His series of art is called  Viewpoint of Millions made headlines and his latest work Viewpoint of  Billions incorporate Google Glass. Collages of images photography, newspaper articles are overlaid with optical lenses. A little more … [Read more...]

DIY Sunglass Display (Holders)

Continuing on with National Craft Month, here is a quick and easy DIY Sunglass Display project with a tutorial. You only need 6 tools to make this.  From The Pretty Blog  For more ideas visit: D-eye- Y Sunglass Display Ideas, or visit our  Pinterest Board: Great Sunglass Storage Ideas.   … [Read more...]

Four Eyewear Eggtasy Easter Displays

Easter is April 5 and surveys say that 69% of Americans who celebrate this holiday. Whether you celebrate or now, these are some cute Easter and fun Eyewear Displays that you can use for Easter or Spring. You can either make these yourself or find in a craft shop.       … [Read more...]

Eight Spring Sunglass Displays

March is the time to ramp up the sunglasses. The new sunglasses are out, people are sick of the winter and sunglasses bring visions of warmth.  We love the concept of pairing yummy food with matching mirrored lenses. This pairing of healthy food and healthy eyewear, looks too good to eat. Who doesn't love colorful rubber duckies … [Read more...]

WileyX Introduces In-Store Sunglass Display

Wiley X®, Inc. has introduced a new in-store sunglass display developed to help dealers do an even better job of showing, promoting and selling the company’s unique brand of Absolute Premium Protection™. This well-lit locking display is designed to take up minimum floor space while drawing customers’ attention to Wiley X’s full array of stylish, … [Read more...]

12 Unusual Places To Find Eye Charts

There are three things that really symbolize eyecare: Eyeglasses, a phoropter and of course Eye Charts. When you google eye charts, there are over 16 Million Results, which make Eye Charts a trending and searchable item on the internet. It makes sense for eyecare professionals to incorporate Eye Charts and eyeglasses somewhere in their office. Here … [Read more...]

World Of Senses Art Project

When I first saw these mirrored lenses, my first thought was great.. this will make a good post about mirrored lenses. The more I looked at them, I realized these would make a better post on the importance of an annual Eye Exam. These wonder works of nature could never been seen if you don't take care of your eyes. Chinese Photographer Huainan … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Use Eyewear Signs

We follow Frances Stolz of Backyard Spectacles on Pinterest and Facebook and absolutely love what she she is doing with her giant eyewear sculptures. She has made business card holders, tables, chairs and numerous other eyewear themed decor and furniture that are so much fun. Nothing shouts about who you are with a giant sunglass in your windows … [Read more...]

Nine Spring Eyewear Displays

Ready for winter to be over? Bet your customers are too and it's time to add some life and color with Spring Displays. Most of these are fairly easy to do and can be used in all types of spaces. Spring colors are primarily pastels, with yellow and pink predominate for Easter (April 5, 2015) Take a few pictures from magazine, prop up a riser or … [Read more...]

Five Valentine Day Eyewear Display Ideas

Love may be blind, but your patients aren't. This is the time to get them in love with you and your product with stunning Valentine Displays. Remember to put that gift certificate in the display. A great gift item for those who are blinded by love. … [Read more...]

11 Holiday Window Ideas For Eyecare Professionals

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. It used to be we waited until Thanksgiving and now advertising for the holidays starts in September. I tell you, by the time December 1st is here, I am already over Christmas and cannot wait for the hype to be over. But as business owners, especially in optical, capturing the holiday dollars … [Read more...]

Six Movember Window Displays

Movember is that time of the year, where men band together and grow mustaches to bring about awareness of mens health in particular, prostrate cancer. To show support, why not grow a mustache and set up an eyewear display supporting this important cause.       … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Sunglasses Double As A Phone Stand

This is a new one on me.. and why not. Watch movies, read email.. just use your sunglasses as a stand. … [Read more...]

Six Halloween Eyewear Displays

You see them everywhere, Halloween is a huge holiday celebration and the perfect time to catch some eyeballs with your displays. Use this time to re-display older merchandise to get it out the door, promote FSA plans and end of the years promotions. 1.) While it looks a little complicated, this display is primarily made with balloons, eyeballs … [Read more...]