Contact Lens Winners And Losers 2015

With over 30 Million people wearing contact lenses in the USA, I am surprised there is not as much winners or losers. Now 2014 was a bad year for the contact lens industry. Product recalls, parasites eating eyeballs and a few more arrests. Winners: Law Enforcement For Arresting Illegal Contact Lens Sellers    Criminal charges were filed Oct. … [Read more...]

54 Smart Glasses Of The Future For 2016

You thought Smart Glasses were dead... instead this segment of wearable tech market will be growing. Various market analysts say that Virtual Reality devices will ship 43 Million units by 2020. Head mounted displays including glasses will be the number 1 product. In another study, Smart Glass sales will reach 1 billion shipments near 2020, and will … [Read more...]

57 Vision Charities To Get Involved In

Tis the Season for Giving and we have updated our Vision Charity list to consider for donations. This is not a complete listing, I would estimate there are about 10x more charities. Many local cities and states have a charities and your local trade organizations. In addition there are separate charities for Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, … [Read more...]

Eyecare Professionals Marketing Calendar 2016

Here is our annual Eyecare Professionals Marketing Calendar for the year 2016. We have added some new fun and health events that can help you in your marketing and social media posts. Our goal is to help provide eyecare professionals unique, maybe a little quirky fun marketing ideas to engage your patients. The calendar includes 1.) Events … [Read more...]

Top Eyecare Facebook Forums

It is the end of the year and it's clean up Facebook Time! That means clean up all the groups that people automatically have added you to.  To see all your group Click that little 'more' icon on the left sidebar under groups and you will most likely be surprised at the number of groups that you are involved in. Optical and Eyecare Forums are a … [Read more...]

17 Companies Making Eyewear From Recycled Materials

November 15 is America Recycles Day sponsored by Keep America Beautiful a national event that brings attention to the importance of recycling. In the optical world, there are many organizations that encourage and promote the recycling of lenses and eyewear. Optical Surfacing labs are looking to recycle their toxic waste and water. The problem is we … [Read more...]

Statistics on Crowdsourced Eyewear

Over the last 3 years, it has been a fascinating to watch eyewear /accessories crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Young adults and even established companies are running funding campaigns. The youngest person was 15 years old. As any business knows or anyone who has watched Shark Tank.. it takes money to money. Inventory, hiring people are … [Read more...]

Should You Use An E-Commerce Website Builder?

I have been surfing the web for the continuing research as to who sells online and why many eyewear wholesalers are starting to sell their products via e-commerce. It occurred to me after seeing so many sites that say.. powered by shopify, that this might be something for eyecare professionals to look at. Most of these sites appear to be … [Read more...]

Biz Eyes Makes Interchangeable 3D Eyewear

Last April we wrote about a new Chinese 3D Eyewear Company called Biz Eyes. Biz Eye's concept was to have a basic frame and use the lens part as an attachment that you can mix and match to your mood. The basic frame is a clear round shape and the shaped fashion accessories are just screwed in. We know 3D Eyewear is the … [Read more...]

How Many Online Eyewear Companies Are There?

$35.5 Billion is the estimated eyewear industry in North America alone. The Vision Council and other companies estimate the market will grow to $44-47 Billion by 2020. Estimates run that the e-commerce business is anywhere from 2-14%.  Many things will drive the growth, aging population, obamacare, premium eyewear and the consumer awareness of … [Read more...]

How Many Eyewear Companies Are There?

Aren't you tired of people asking you if Luxottica is the only eyewear company? Have you ever wondered how many eyewear companies there were? I decided to put together a list of eyewear companies that wholesale and/ or wholesale and retail products to eyecare professionals.  This has been an interesting exercise as I realize how much the eyewear … [Read more...]

34 Eccentric Eyeglass Materials

I love funk, I love wacky, I love kitsch and I really, really love it when aspiring eyewear designers creating works of art via eyewear. Eyewear that is not made from the standard nickel silver, zyl acetate, titianium. This eyeglass grouping is from either companies or eyewear creators who have a vision of transforming everyday found objects into … [Read more...]

Celebrating Arbor Day With Over 100 Wood Eyewear Companies

In Celebration of Arbor Day April 24, we are updating our annual list of Wood Eyewear Companies. That sector of the eyewear market continues to grow. No pun intended.  In fact, this is most likely about half of the Wood Eyewear companies today in the market. Many are making sunwear on Etsy, you have a few in China and then there are the capsule … [Read more...]

Resources To Find Eyecare Staff

Finding ophthalmic staff seems to becoming even more of a challenge today than ever. Your staff is one of your top assets and the search for the perfect person can seem unending as well as a hassle. In reality, you should always be recruiting potential staff members, whether you need them or not. Keeping a database of names of potential staff … [Read more...]

39 Smart Eyeglasses Of The Future

I have such mixed emotions about the whole wearable tech- smart glasses hoopla. There is a part of me, that sees the value of wearable tech, in learning skills, in operating theaters, in emergency situations, on battlefields.. but the whole privacy issue has me nervous and the fact that wearable tech will make us even lazier than we are now. Skill … [Read more...]