AIT Lens Club

Guest post by Matt Curtin of AIT: For over 60 years now AIT has earned the recognition of the eye care industry as a leader in lens edging technology. In 2008 we revolutionized the industry by expanding our product line to include examination equipment and ophthalmic instruments in the first step in an effort to become a one-stop source for … [Read more...]

Eyehow – Digital Refraction – Is it Better?

We have done several posts about the benefits of digital freeform lenses and most recently we discussed advanced inspection techniques and measurements. But we haven’t talked much about the benefits of digital refraction or relationship to each other. More and more practices are selling digital freeform lens technology because they understand … [Read more...]

Inventory Management 12- How Much Understock Should I Carry?

This question came up a few months ago about understock. Our first response is how much understock you carry can depend on inventory turn rate, your location, how you do your buying, how often you see reps, turn-around time and the type of product for understock. For example you might have a larger assortment of understock in safety frames, some … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Part 9: Increasing Transactions And Inventory Mix

Now what? You have determined what is on your frame board by retail price point, but what is actually selling? Hopefully you can do this by a click of the mouse, by using a software product like The Edge,  if not, start tracking manually. What you want to know is what price points are selling in what category. Why Is this important?  Helps … [Read more...]

eyeHow – Freeform Progressive Lenses – Different Measurements Needed

One of the biggest changes happening in the optical world right now is the way progressive lenses are produced. But what changes are needed as far as patient measurements for fitting and then to check the finished lenses? We talked to some of our sponsors about this issue. In past years, progressive lenses were produced using molded … [Read more...]

“Ghostly and Costly” Lens Issues

This is not a Halloween post, it is about an issue that can happen any time of year - I had been wearing my favorite progressive sunglasses for over a year, the frame is named after me: "Shirley" by frieze frames, just kidding not really named after me, pure coincidence! I had a beautiful silver flash mirror coat applied. A couple of months ago I … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 5: How Many Frames To Carry

The question of how many frames to carry has come up for years. If you carry too little, your patients might think you don't have much of a selection, you carry too much, you don't get the turns. It can be a fine line and a lot depends on space, location, patient base, insurance and the type of merchandise you carry. Bottom line the amount of … [Read more...]

Is It Hot Enough For You?

No, not global warming – frame warming.  We recently got in an eyeglass frame and with it came this notice: A co-worker posted it next to the frame warmers and that got me to thinking… What the heck is 70-80 C? Is that cool, warm, hot, really hot, blistering scalding screaming hot? Well it turns out that 70-80 C is equal to 158 – 176 … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 3: Increasing Turns via Conversion Rate

You have calculated your turns, made a plan to get rid of dead eyewear stock and now comes the conversion rate or a way to increase inventory turns via conversion rates. Conversion rate is the percentage of patients were going to walk out without making a purchase and you converted them into a sale. Step 3: Determine Conversion Rate  How many … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 2: Getting Rid Of Dead Stock

Last week, you discovered your inventory turnsand probably found out you could either put in more frames or you need to get rid of frames to increase your turns. There are several ways to increase turns: Get Rid of Dead Stock Buy less and better Increase mulitple pair sales Increase conversion rate Patient to Eyewear Carry … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Step 1: Inventory Turns

There has been a lot of talk on the forums on inventory management, how many frames to show, how to get rid of product, dealing with sales reps, what to buy, how to introduce new products, what products to carry, anaylze what is selling, and more. When we first started out blogging, we dealt with Inventory Management and I thought with people using … [Read more...]

Are You An Order Taker?

My first encounter with an order- taker was Jack Damphier of Avante-Garde (now Luxottica) Here I was a struggling sales rep selling Neostyle Eyewear, trying to sell 1 frame and Jack would walk in, and they would say just Send Me 50-100 Pieces. UGH.  At some point in my frame career, I made a determination, that I would have to do something … [Read more...]

Are You Biased? (Part 2)

In my time as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to visit many dispensaries, observing how these opticals are managed and run.  One of the biggest issues I find in the dispensary is what I have termed “optician bias”.  This encompasses two different realms of concern: The act of buying frames, and the pre-judgment of potential customers.  In … [Read more...]

Are You Biased?

I have visited literally dozens of opticals in the last several years. One of the biggest issues  I find in the dispensary is what I have termed “optician bias”.  This encompasses two different realms of concern: The act of buying frames, and the pre-judgment of potential customers. This article will focus on the first, and the second side of this … [Read more...]

Ribbons & Bows

A family member on mine likes the expression, “It is all fun and games until the flying monkeys…” I realized yesterday while working with one that semi-rimless, or cord mount, eyeglass frames are a little like that, all fun and games until they get stepped on… The first thing you need to do is assess the damage or do “triage”. If you see torn … [Read more...]