Reuse Shades To Make Spectacular Mirrors

Peter Sunderland of retail store Framed Opticians and owner of Booth and Bruce England Eyewear company  found a way to reuse old frames to make spec-tacular shade decor. The mirrors were made by Paul Soper who works with him in both companies. They are put together with a glue gun and then spray painting the finished product. This could be a fun … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: How To Make An Eyeball Cake

With Halloween coming up, we thought this video might be interesting on how to make an eyeball cake. Includes radioactive (glow in the dark) dirt. Perfect for any Halloween party. Or for any time you may want to just dig into an eyeball. … [Read more...]

Eyewear Design: Knobby Knitted Temples

Over the years we have featured many types of knitted eyewear. This is another first for us, a knitted Snood? for eyeglasses. Holes are drilled into the lenses and that starts the knitting which wraps around the back of the head. The temples fit through the knitting instead going around the ears. Essentially the knit job is the temples. The … [Read more...]

How To Make Chocolate Eyeglasses For National Chocolate Day

October 20 is National Chocolate Day and we asked our friend Maarten Weidema of Procchiali Studio  dish us up some chocolate eyeglasses and send us his DIY. Maarten always up to challenge or is a major chocoholic, immediately started this process and here is his story: Step 1. Gather Ingredients. Step 2. Throw brown sugar in an oven dish … [Read more...]

How To Make An Eyeball Cake

Gory eyeballs abound around October. We found this fun step by step on how to make an eyeball cake perfect for Halloween … [Read more...]

DIY Sunglass Display (Holders)

Continuing on with National Craft Month, here is a quick and easy DIY Sunglass Display project with a tutorial. You only need 6 tools to make this.  From The Pretty Blog  For more ideas visit: D-eye- Y Sunglass Display Ideas, or visit our  Pinterest Board: Great Sunglass Storage Ideas.   … [Read more...]

DIY Blinking Origami Eye

This Origami Eye is perfect for those who don't have a lot of craft materials around. All you need is paper, colored pens or pencils, crayons or markers. I can see these in the reception room for people to make and play with. A great way to reuse old (NON- HIPPA) paper, keep both kids and adults entertained. You could post their endeavors on … [Read more...]

DIY Eyeball Tin

This very easy Eyeball tin would be fun to have around all year long, not just Halloween. Use any type of tin or even a plastic bottle of some sort. Put some treats in, show to kids and have them pick out prize. Learn how to make this in a few easy steps at Always Expect More.  … [Read more...]

DIY Keep Your Shades Warm Knitting Project

This winter has been full of cold surprises and nothing is worse than frozen glasses. This little DIY project look like a sweater over your sunglasses and we love the thought of our favorite shades or eyewear staying warm and safe. Via Trendhunter  and Tethys Handmade  … [Read more...]

D- eye-Y Costume Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses are made out of movie 3D glasses. Karen Kavett and Tyler Oakley showcase their creations. Using tape, string, wiring, screws and paint, these two provide an entertaining look at creating some fun eyewear.  Any type of glasses can actually be used with any type of materials. Use your imagination.   … [Read more...]

3 DIY Stitchworthy Shades

The viral news of the day back in 2013 Was Ulyana Sergeenko Embroidered Sunglasses for Spring 2013. Since that time Stitchers everywhere had demonstrated this is NOT that unique and it is a fun craft that will keep you in stitches. Whether you want to call it Embroidery or Cross Stitch, you can either download or purchase eyeglass patterns … [Read more...]

It’s Not Too Late To Enter: ClearVision Annual Holiday Cupcake Contest

Hauppauge, NY – December 2014 – Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical introduces this year’s annual holiday ornament and social media contest: Bake, Share & Win with ClearVision. Each year, ClearVision designs a new holiday ornament for customers and employees just in time for the holiday season. The highly requested ornament serves as … [Read more...]

11 Eyeball Treats For Halloween

Eyeball Treats are the perfect thing to offer your patients around Halloween. You might even offer to open your office up for Trick or Treating. Another idea is to have your staff and patients post their favorite Halloween treats on your Facebook.. a little engagement never hurt anyone! 1.) Easy Peasy, open those Oreos up, color with some red, … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Sunglasses Double As A Phone Stand

This is a new one on me.. and why not. Watch movies, read email.. just use your sunglasses as a stand. … [Read more...]

How to Make Nerdy Cookie Glasses

How To Make Nerdy Cookie Glasses. Not too hard really. Sugar cookie recipe, use sunglass cookie cutter  (Available on Amazon here R & M Sunglasses Cookie Cutter ) Decorate to your hearts desire.   … [Read more...]