D-eye-Y: How To Make Geek Sunglasses

Another fun DIY sunglass from our favorite site Instructables. Using old sunglasses, paint and lights, you can have a cool party sunglasses. Instruction and how to make here at Instructables.    … [Read more...]

eyeCook To Decorate Eyeball Cupcakes

I am not much of a cook, but my cupcake brownies are infamous in my family. I wonder what would happen if I decorated them with eyeballs. This could be a great thing for Halloween... … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make A Sunglass Rack

We did a post on 8 Eyeglass Racks, that you can make yourself, but if you have the tools and the time, here is another eyeglass rack from Instructables with directions. Check it out here  … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make Paper Iris EyeGlasses

Our little Optical Fun for the day is from one of my favorite DIY resources Instructables. This looks like a fun and easy project and a great display item you can put up.. Lots of colors.. Could be cute. Materials: Ruler xacto knife paper glue (i used soba brand) string - thats thin and strong ( i used book binding … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make Miniature Eyeglasses

Celebrating DIY week, with these miniature eyeglasses. This came from eyewear.tisory.com. . The site is from Taiwan, but I put it in google.com/translate (you can do the same) which gives you the instructions on how to make darling miniature eyeglasses. … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make Biking Sunglasses From An Alarm Clock

This sunglass doesn't require much work, wouldn't wear it for biking, too dangerous, but would wear it as a Halloween costume. From Instructables and a tutorial. Click here  … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make Your Own Pinhole Glasses

Since we just did the Fashionable Pinhole Eyewear look, here is how to make it yourself!  From one of my favorite DIY sites, Instructables.  Todays Optical Fun is sponsored by KleerSpex, Eco Friendly Lens Cleaner … [Read more...]

eyeCook: Firecracker Cookies

If you are on Pinterest just put in the search and lots of fun 4th of July Recipes will come up. As a cookie monster I am going to try to get my niece to make these Firecracker cookies. The full recipe is on Cookincowgirl.   Here is all you need!  1 box french vanilla cake mix, 18.25 oz* 1 tsp baking powder 2 eggs 1/2 C vegetable … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make An EyeGlass Case From A Tie

Fathers Day is coming up and most men I know have a wardrobe of ties they don't wear. So they have choices, keep them around collecting dust, donate or reuse to make an eyeglass case. What a great Father's Day Gift (or Graduation or Birthday) gift. References Make Digital: Craft: Necktie Glasses Case Chicago Sun Times: Stitch and Fold … [Read more...]

eye Don’t Cook: Sunglass Cupcake Toppers

Just had to add this in. Sunglass Toppers for your Cupcakes, for those of us who want the look but don't have the time or creativeness. On Etsy … [Read more...]

eyeCook: Sinful Sunglass Cupcakes

I don't know if you have tried any of the previous sunglass foods we have shown over the years. but this is a new one. Shades Cupcakes brought to you by Inside BruCrew.  Recipe and eyeHow are on the site.   … [Read more...]

eyeCook: Sunglass Miami Cookies

These Sunglass Cookies from Cookie Personality, fun cookies! … [Read more...]

eyeCook: Cinco De Mayo Pinata Cookies

Happy Cinco De Mayo coming up May 5th! Wouldn't this be a great thing to offer in your office to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? In celebration, why not dress in colorful clothes, add a few Mexican touches, bring in a bunch of tacos and salsa, put up a real pinata, fill it with goodies (Yummy - homemade salsa) Be sure to put it on Facebook, you are … [Read more...]

EyeHow To Make Lady Gaga Hair Fork Glasses

Lady Gaga wore a pair of hairpin glasses in her video You And I.  Here is a demonstration of how to make them. How fun is this! We love Lady Gaga and just another idea for having Lady Gaga Eyewear Party.   … [Read more...]

Yummy Edible Chocolate Eyewear

For Chocolate fanatics everywhere, check out these edible chocolate eyeglasses! From the The New York Chocolate Show in November is one the the largest Chocolate shows around. Love the edible eyewear, wouldn't this be a nice gift for your loved optician on Valentines Day?   … [Read more...]