Eye How To Make Lady Gaga Crystal Eyeglasses

Why buy when you can make your own Lady Gaga Crystal Eyeglasses. The crystals can be bought at a crafts store or in the video he is using the salt crystal that come from road. … [Read more...]

Eye How To Make Lady Gaga Video Glasses

DIY Lady GaGa Video Glasses from Angela M. Sheehan on Vimeo. I tried to find out where to get these video glasses, apparently they are made from 2 ipods or you might be able to buy them on ebay. More information available on Lady Gaga.com/forum or to Instructables on How To Make … [Read more...]

EyeHow To Make Vision Flipping Eyewear

Talk about futuristic, this Vision Flipping Eyewear by Gianteye, is definitely something I would wear at Halloween and certainly nothing to wear driving. You can actually make this yourself, instructions are on the site Source: Thingiverse … [Read more...]

Eye How To Make Heart Shaped Glasses

I found this easy little Valentine Day craft idea on how to make heart shaped glasses or masks. Thought it could be a fun thing to offer to kids in your reception room (only if you trust them with scissors!). Or make them yourself and decorate your eye care office. Could be a creative way to reuse paper and recycle the paper again. From Clip … [Read more...]

Eye How To Make Lady Gaga Fame Sunglasses

Lady Gaga is noted for her love of sunglasses, it seems that every time you see her, she is sporting a new look. You too can make you own Lady Gaga Famed Sunwear. … [Read more...]

How To Make Night Vision Glasses

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Black Eye Wicked Brew For Halloween

Getting in the mood for Halloween- here is a weird and creepy  fun punch you can serve your patients for Halloween- Just make sure you have plenty of eyeballs for the kids and adults, who of course will want to take them home to their kids! Black Eye Punch 2 cups of sugar 3 quarts of water with 1 13 ounce envelope of unsweetened grape … [Read more...]

Fun Make-Up Halloween Ideas

If you are into makeup and want to dress up  for Halloween- fun ways to use makeup. Other ideas are from Trendhunter … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun- How to Draw Sunglasses

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Eye How to Make Night Vision Sunglasses

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Eye How to Make Sunglasses Out of Duck Tape

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Drawing Sunglasses

As a reminder this is Sunglass Season- present Sunglasses to every patient. … [Read more...]

How to Draw a Realistic Eye

This is pretty cool- From-STEPHANIE VALENTIN CONTEST … [Read more...]

Optigami – Folding Glasses

Folding Glasses have been around for years! Remember the old Porsche Design (Original) Of course you have fold up readers- but is there still a market for fold up Eyewear?  I would say yes- the advantages are many! With the Optigami- you don't need an eyeglass cases and it saves space in a purse. Especially important for a women's purse. "The … [Read more...]