Freebie Friday: FREE ABO Course From Hoya

7th FREE Continuing Education Course Made Available to Independent Practices through HOYA Vision Care’s Empower U LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (August, 2016) Hoya Vision Care, technology leader in ophthalmic lenses, announced the availability of “See the Light, HOYA Sensity, New Light Reactive Lenses” a new free ABO course. The course is available on … [Read more...]

Vision Expo Early Bird Pricing End Aug. 18

Norwalk, CT (July 27, 2016) – Eyecare providers can receive the high value education they seek to improve patient care and profitability while maximizing their time away from their practices by taking advantage of the 320+ hours of education offered at International Vision Expo – to be held in Las Vegas this September at the Sands Expo & … [Read more...]

#listday: Eleven Eyewear Books For Book Lovers Day

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and it struck me that one of ways that eyecare professionals can compete against online retailers is educating them via books, primarily through images. Having a few historical eyewear books in the reception room and talking about the historical significence and quality of the eyewear you offer might be a good … [Read more...]

FREE Webinair: EHR Coaching To Enhance Patient Care

Austin, TX – July 28, 2016 – Dr. Ian Lane will be hosting a four-part webinar series that will walk eyecare professionals through various condition-based patient encounters that are common in most eyecare practices. Over the course of four weeks, Dr. Lane will demonstrate how you can provide enhanced patient care using EHR software, and how your … [Read more...]

1932 Video Of Spectacles Through The Ages

We all love vintage eyewear videos. This video starts with a man dressed as Roger Baker holding large magnifying glass. The commentator tells us he is suspected by many to be the real inventor of spectacles. Then there is a man dressed as Samuel Pepys, he wore glasses with green lenses. Then a man as Isaac Newton looking at globe of the world. The … [Read more...]

Win Free Nights At Vision Expo West Contest

Eyecare Professionals can win THREE FREE Nights at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. It is so easy to do, just make a comment below and tell us either 1.) Why you want to go 2.) What is your favorite part of Vision Expo. CLICK  Vision Expo West for more information and to register. Comments Need To Made by August 1, 2016. Winners will be … [Read more...]

History Of Great Britain’s Olympic Eyewear

Of all the countries, I would say that Great Britain has done the best job of creating and marketing eyewear for the Olympics. Maybe it is because Great Britain's flag is represented on so many other flags or because there are so many companies in Great Britain that manufacture eyewear or the fact they hosted the summer Olympics four times over the … [Read more...]

The Eyewear Evolution of Nose Shades

Protecting noses was very important for mountaineers and anyone around the water. Nobody wants a sunburnt nose or skin cancer. Has nose protecting sunglasses ever become a fashion statement? The first advertising we could find was for nose protection. This advertorial in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1932 said: 'Equipped with a shield that … [Read more...]

The Eyewear Evolution of Side Shields

Side Shields were first used in three areas: Safety Glasses, Glacier Glasses and Motoring Glasses. All three had several things in common: Glass lenses, side shields and some safety straps. Everything to protect against the elements whether inside or outside. Glacier Sunglasses came with nose guards and side shields with cable temples.  Who … [Read more...]

Retro Spectacle: History of White Sunglasses

With National Sunglass Day coming up, we thought we would give you a brief pictorial of white fashionable sunglasses throughout history. The first mass produced sunglasses were from Foster Grant in the late 1920's. That coupled with Polaroid Sun in 1936 lead to the rise of Sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and … [Read more...]

#TBT: 1958 French Fashions in Glasses Video

Most of the Vintage Fashion Eyewear videos were filmed in the UK. But France is known for fashion as well as eyewear. This video shows shots of glamorous models posing in gardens wearing different styles of sunglasses - Some pretty wild styles here. … [Read more...]

Laramy K Optical Acquires Optician Works

Laramy-K Optical has acquired 100% interest in the optician training website, whose purpose is to help opticians “earn more, be happier, and make a difference.”Coinciding with the merger announcement, is the release of a new website that brings a higher level of interactivity and additional training material. New features on … [Read more...]

#TBT: 1953 History of Spectacles Video

This video goes back to the days of when men and women wore wigs. Various shots show spectacles through the ages. A man in 18th century dress takes out a pair of eyeglasses to read a piece of paper. A girl in Victorian dress uses a replica of Queen Victoria's glasses to read a book. A woman in a wig (1700s) wears some glasses with double … [Read more...]

Ways for ECP’s to Attend Transitions Academy 2017

NEW YORK, April, 2016 – To meet demand and expand the audience of Transitions Academy attendees, Transitions Optical, Inc. is providing four ways for interested industry professionals to attend the 21st annual Transitions Academy, held January 29 – February 1, 2017 in Orlando. “For twenty years, Transitions Academy has been a forum for us to … [Read more...]

#TBT: Optical Glass Making in Italy (1950)

Sorry this is in Italian, but you can tell what is being done. History of glass optical lenses with a short film from the 195o's in the manufacturing of glass lenses. Most optical lenses were glass and everything was done by hand. Green glass was common. This is what is happening: MS Rotating instrument with man emptying powder into it. MS … [Read more...]