Eco Friendly Lab Equipment Saves Money and Environment

Totally Optical ( wrote this great article on Eco Friendly Lab equipment! The optical industry is a little behind in the green, eco eyecare movement, and it's good to know that lab equipment is catching up. What is even better, our sponsor are some of the eyecare suppliers that offer eco friendly options! 'It seems as … [Read more...]

Optical Specialists Offers ‘Acuity With A Vision’

I'm tooling around Vision Expo in the equipment area and run across Bill Schwartz of Optical Specialists and we get to talking about everything he does and plus Visual Acuity Systems. It is very obvious to me that Bill loves equipment and technology. He fixes ophthalmic equipment for therapy, he does digital signage, he is into technology and he … [Read more...]

Unique Table Grows Plants and Cleans Air In Waiting Room

We had done a previous post on air quality- this amazing low table not only is a natural purifier- growing plants right in your waiting room without soil. The Oxygen of Green Low Table by industrial designer Mingling Wang, uses a plant called Tillandsias to purify the air as opposed to loud energy- consuming air purification gadgets. You and your … [Read more...]

Hilco Tool Giveway- Optician Works

Hilco Tool Give-Away 16 Chances to Win- It's Easy Opticianworks and Hilco have come together to offer you a chance to win one of the following: One of 2 complete sets of 8 pieces of Hilco Ergo Pliers 1 of 12 PD Sticks 1 Pair of Hilco Ergo Flat- Round Snipe Pliers 1 Pair of Hiclo Ergo Wide- Jaw Pliers Rules: Register by July … [Read more...]