A.I.T Industries Highlighting Vision Expo West Show Specials

A.I.T. Industries is  launching a new Digital Refraction System called the VX55. The new system is tablet controlled via bluetooth and includes an LCD Vision Tester for under $12,000. This unit also integrates with most EMR and Third Party devices such as Topcon and Nidek, which is a very good deal. Not necessary to be locked into 'same vendors', … [Read more...]

FastGrind- Super Systems Steps Up its Digital Presence With A Blog

Cincinnati, OH – 2014 – Super Systems Optical Technologies is excited to announce the release of its new company blog. The company has been actively working on creating a new platform for daily updates of what’s going on within Super Optical, as well as within the optical industry in general. A blog seemed like a perfect fit, and born soon after … [Read more...]

Fast Grind/ Super Systems Has Big News At Vision Expo West 2014

Super Systems Optical Technologies, Fast Grind booth #LP8100 is gearing up for another great show at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas this September. In preparation, the staff is creating new concepts and designs to showcase, along with additional ways to help customers save while using the FastGrind system. The company is excited to announce at … [Read more...]

Santinelli Expands Optical Tools & Supplies with New Supplement

July, 2014, Hauppauge, NY – Augmenting their line of finishing optical supplies, precision tools, frame parts and working aides, Santinelli International is introducing over 20 new eyecare products, featured in their new catalog supplement. Highlights include an “anvil-style” bench block, a spring-hinge tool kit, a screw-extractor set and … [Read more...]

airMAX Gets Rid Of Lab Odors

Nothing is worst than a stinky office and now their is a simple piece of equipment that helps to clean the air we breathe and smell.  A.I.T. Industries has launched a product called the airMAX that gets rid of the nasty odors and dust associated with edging hi-index, trivex, and polycarbonate lenses. This universal system will work with nearly any … [Read more...]

Super Systems Gets Approval For In House Lab For Eye Med

We received this video from Super System- Fast Grind International; John Corsini, President of Super Systems Optical Technologies, shows how the Fastgrind 2200 operates. Fast Grind just got approved as an 'in house' Lab for Eye Med. Learn more about Fastgrind For less than the cost of an edger, you can produce digital quality lenses 'in-office' … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s New Deblocking Pliers

Hauppauge, April, 2014 – Santinelli International introduces all-new deblocking pliers, part of the company’s high-quality “Visionary” line of tools. Designed specifically  for Nidek pliable blocks, these pliers feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger  “channels” on the handle for comfort and ease of use. The tool’s spring-loaded … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s LED-200 Improves Lab Environment

Hauppauge, April, 2014 – Santinelli International’s LED-200 effectively removes odorous gases, especially during high-index lens edging processing, creating a safer and more pleasant lab environment. The extremely user-friendly unit features a built-in vacuum and automatic on/off operation with a delayed timer. The compact LED-200, through its … [Read more...]

Santinelli Presents at Nidek’s 17th Annual International Summit

Santinelli International was one of three Nidek lens  edger distributors who presented at Nidek International’s 17th Annual Summit meeting in Milan, Italy in early March. Barbara Wagner, Santinelli’s Marketing Manager, made a presentation on how her company leverages B2B Social Media to the audience of over 70 representatives of Nidek distributors … [Read more...]

Briot USA Releases New Optical Tablet Device

Cumming, GA: Briot USA, a company of Luneau Technology Group, announced the release of a brand new optical tablet device aimed at assisting opticians with fast and accurate measurements, frame selection, and lens option descriptions along with an enhanced virtual reality feature.  The ultra portable and light-weight tablet device allows for Opti … [Read more...]

Visionix Inc. Announced Re-Branding of Popular Wavelens Pro

Visionix Inc. announced the re-branding of the popular lens analyzer “Wavelens Pro” to the VX 40. This re-branding effort allows for a streamlined product portfolio, and offers easily identifiable devices made by the Visionix brand. Aside from a new name, the VX 40 also features an updated software platform featuring enhanced prism analysis. This … [Read more...]

Santinelli Offers Titanium Pad Arm Kit

(2014, Hauppauge, NY) – Complementing its new collection of optical tools, supplies and working aides, Santinelli International now offers a simple and effective way to add nose bridge support to plastic frames with its Titanium Pad Arm Kit. The addition of nose pad arms is a perfect solution for patients with low nose profiles who prefer wearing … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s New Xtrimer SE-1 5-Axis “Milling” Industrial Edging Platform

January, 2014, Hauppauge, NY – Santinelli International, the leader in lens finishing equipment, unveils its all-new Xtrimer SE-1 Industrial Edger featuring dry cut lens edging technology. The Xtrimer SE-1 provides state-of-the-art processing with its revolutionary “V” tool design which introduces an entirely new and more efficient method of … [Read more...]

Super Systems Celebrates 90 Years In The Optical Industry

Super Systems Optical Technologies is proud to mark 90 years in business this year. Originally founded under the name Lyric Optical, Super Systems has become one of the most established names in the optical industry. Lyric Optical Inc. was founded in 1923 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Leonard L. Gilman, the father of the current owner. The family-owned … [Read more...]

Visionix Announces the Release of New Automatic Lensmeter

Cumming, GA: Visionix Inc. announced the release of their newest automatic lensmeter. The VX 35 is a wavefront based lensmeter featuring a 130 point simultaneous measurement. Built with patented Visionix Power Map technology, the VX 35 offers exceptionally rapid and accurate measurements. This instrument also features a unique green light … [Read more...]