Health and Beauty- Non-Toxic Opportunities

As I was smearing lotion and makeup on last night in preparation for New Years Eve- I got to thinking how do cosmetics effect my eye health?  Everybody uses some kind of beauty product, from toothpaste, shampoo and makeup. According to the Environmental Working Group " The 10,500 unique chemical ingredients in these products equate to about one of … [Read more...]

Cosmetic Fillers Around the Eye

As the baby boom generation continues to age, more and more people are seeking cosmetic procedures to help them stave off the affect of the aging process on their appearance. Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, ArteFill and Juvederm have been around for a while and although they are FDA approved for the facial area, they are not … [Read more...]

Iris Implant Brings a Wonderful World of Color

This morning ABC's Good Morning America brought us the story of a 7 year old boy who was born without irises, a rare disease called congenital aniridia, and consequently was unable to see color and had limited vision. Last week he had surgery for an iris transplant at the Cincinnati Eye Institute. Dr. Michael Snyder and the surgical … [Read more...]

Vision Care at Work

As those of us in the industry well know, a lot of people do not have an annual eye exam and many adults have never had their eyes examined even if they have employer sponsored vision insurance. I think a lot more people would have an eye exam if they did not have to take time off from work and if it was conveniently available at their place of … [Read more...]

Less-Invasive Glaucoma Procedure

  Yesterday's (November, 18 2008) Aches & Claims section by Laura Johannes in the WSJ reported on the new minimally invasive surgery called canaloplasty. Here are some highlights from this article: Canaloplasty is one of the newest alternatives to trabeculectomy and involves forcing open a drainage canal, similar to what cardiologists do … [Read more...]

Homework Problem or Eye Problem? Convergence Insufficiency

I have a teenager who hates to do homework. I recently took her for a full eye exam as I was concerned about her inability to concentrate and frequent headaches along with her reluctance to do homework. I wanted to make sure that she did not have a vision problem contributing to her homework issue. I am writing about this as other parents might … [Read more...]