Signet Armorlite Partners with C&E Vision Buying Group

CARLSBAD, CA (May 19, 2017) – Signet Armorlite has signed a vendor agreement with C&E Vision Buying Group. This partnership will provide C&E Vision members the benefits of the Kodak brand name with a high-quality lens portfolio. C&E Vision was founded in 1983 to provide Independent Eyecare Professionals (IEPs) the buying power to … [Read more...]

Super Optical Launches Profit Calculator for Eyecare Providers

Cincinnati, OH – April 2016 – Vision Expo East launched the formal debut of the all new Optical Profit Center showcasing how to increase profits at your practice through a small lab set-up and dispensing area. Super Optical, one of five contributing companies to the booth, found the best way to show increased profits was to offer an inter-active … [Read more...]

A Total Of $12.4 Million Given To COA By Vision West

San Diego, CA – February, 2017 – Vision West ( – eyecare business and group purchasing resource presented a check to the California Optometric Association (COA) for $203,939 at the recent COA House of Delegates meeting held in San Francisco, CA February 10th, 2017. With this recent check presentation, the financial support Vision … [Read more...]

12 Lessons We Learned From Warby Parker

I think the best thing about the Luxottica- Essilor deal is just maybe we can get over the Warby Parker Stories. I think that Warby Parker in general has been good for the optical industry.  (Shoot me now!) When they started in 2010 they were disruptors and because of them and other disruptors, eyecare professionals had to change. That is not a bad … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution: No Returns, No Exchanges

One area of inventory management that we challenge eyecare professionals to do in 2017 is to eliminate returning and exchanging eyewear. Unfortunately the advantage of Being Able to Return Product costs everyone. Suppliers, eyecare offices and even the consumer. It is an inefficient way to do business, because the buyer is not accountable to … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: Marketing Plan for 2017

Eyecare Pros is offering Free Downloadable marketing plan. 'Every year you say it, but this year you do it.  Create a plan that will take you to bigger and better results in 2017.  Why is this year different from every other year?  EyeCarePro! We have developed a robust (and yet simple) one page marketing plan that is sure to grow your business and … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Announces Greg Chavez as Executive VP, Operations and Membership

Alexandria, VA – November, 2016 – The Vision Council has announced the promotion of Greg Chavez to Executive Vice President, Operations and Membership. Greg has been with The Vision Council for 13 years, joining as the director of member services in 2003 before taking on the role of vice president of member services in 2006. “Greg has worked … [Read more...]

Middle East US $2.6 Billion Optical Industry Forecast

Just in case you have a hankering to go to Dubai, why not take a trip and visit their Optical Trade Show. The growing and increasingly ageing population of the Middle East is contributing to the anticipated growth forecast of the region’s US$2.67 billion optical market, as demand for contact lenses and spectacles in particular rises among older … [Read more...]

ClearVision Optical Recognized as a 2016 Family Business Awards Honoree

Hauppauge, NY – 2016 – Optical industry leader ClearVision Optical was recently recognized by New York SmartCEO as a 2016 Family Business Awards honoree. The Family Business Awards recognizes the accomplishments of 30 of New York’s top family businesses. Honorees will be included in the September/October issue of New York SmartCEO magazine and … [Read more...]

The “Google Partner” Scam

I don't know about you, but over the last 6 months, I have had a number of calls from Google. While I deleted them, I was wondering, why in the world would google make cold calls like that? Daniel Rostenne from Eye Care Pros gives us some information about those calls. 'We have had a number of ODs ask us about solicitation calls they received … [Read more...]

Eyecare Innovation Fund Launched

ORLANDO, FL, 2016 – Three Eyecare Industry veterans announced the launching of a venture fund targeting early to mid-stage investments in eye care services and technologies. The Eyecare Innovation Fund I, LP (the “EyeFund” or “Fund”) will connect select investors with unique access to emerging eye care technologies while delivering a unique … [Read more...]

10 Lessons From Kitchen Nightmares

I don't usually watch TV, but for some reason I started watching Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu and got addicted. If you have never watched the show, Chef Ramsay is called into restaurants that are about to fail and in a week 'saves' them. During the course of the show, Chef Ramsay samples the food (it is always bad) criticizes the menu (appalling) … [Read more...]

Strategic Business Growth Appointments by Adlens

Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, has announced a series of strategic appointments and promotions to ensure capacity is aligned with business growth in 2016. The structural changes have been made to reflect the company’s growing needs following the launch of AdlensFocuss™, the first prescription eyewear to feature … [Read more...]

Six Ways Of Dealing With Internet Eyeglass Adjustments

Over the past several years, the issue has come up about dispensing, adjusting, correcting internet eyeglasses. There seems to be a recurring theme that all glass sold via the internet are cheap. They are not. You can buy anywhere from Zenni Optical ($8.99) to Anna Karin Kaarlson, ($699.00) and Linda Farrow ($500.00) online. Just because they are … [Read more...]

Are You An Entrepreneur? Should You Own Your Own Business?

It is the American Dream to own your own home and have your own business. As much of a dream that is, it is not for everyone. Owning something, especially something big or expensive requires a lot of work and responsibility. Many people are just not cut out for that. Over the last couple of months, several people I know have opened their own … [Read more...]