25 e-tail Eyewear Entrepreneurs

At one time Selling online- or e-commerce was tantamount to being ostracized from eyecare professionals. One of the first big e-tail eyewear online, framesdirect.com was started by two optometrists back in the mid 1990's. Over the years quite a few eyecare professionals have tried to get into the online game only to find out it is tough going then … [Read more...]

Eighteen Eyewear Entrepreneurs

The problem with doing only one eyecare list for 'Entrepreneur Day' is many get missed out. The eyecare offices that are doing 'lenses only', mobile opticians, the optical shops that integrated vintage , into their dispensary. We haven't even touched equipment and consultants But we did pull together 18 Eyewear Eyecare Entrepreneurs, who are … [Read more...]

History of Elsa Schiaparelli Eyewear RIP

Elsa Schiaparelli (10 September 1890 — 13 November 1973) was a noted fashion and eyewear designer. On Nov. 13 she departed this earth but her memory lives on today and is known as one of the most influential fashion designers. Today we honor one the the most reknown designers of all time. Elsa Schiaparelli, or "Schiap" as her friends would … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day Award Goes To Leff Optical

For Earth Day we did Leff Optical and we are going give him another award for America Recycles Day November 15  because his flying helicopter is made entirely from stainless steel eyeglass temples and a Walkera Lama 2 helicopter. Tiny bearings are welded in place. There are no screws or clips every thing snaps into place.  Heat shrink tubing is … [Read more...]

Modern Optical Receives Marcom Award For Catalogue

MODERN OPTICAL INTERNATIONAL 2017 Eyewear Catalog Receives Prestigious Award  Roselle, IL – Value eyewear and managed care leader Modern Optical International has been named a MarCom Gold Award Winner for its 2017 Frame Collection Catalog. MarCom Awards are judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. According to … [Read more...]

12 Animal-Eyed Lenses

Just in time for Halloween we found a variety of animal-eyed lenses, the perfect go-to accessory for having a wild time anytime or on Halloween. Percy Lau's eyeball lenses are in a flip up featuring dragonflies, lizards, cats and even a goat eye. Not to forget, a human eyeball. From Graphic Artist Jyo Muller comes … [Read more...]

New Hospital Subscription Plan For Medical Protective Eyewear

This was a first as far as I know: VINO OPTICS ANNOUNCES HOSPITAL SUBSCRIPTION PLAN FOR MEDICAL PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR THAT ENHANCE VEIN DETECTION Hospitals can now enroll in a $19.95 monthly subscription plan for medical protective eyewear that assist medical personnel and paramedics with IV insertion and health sign detection MIAMI, FL, (2017)— … [Read more...]

Sports and Recreation: All Eyewear is NOT created Equally

By Alan W. Reichow OD, MEd, FAAO: Active kids can break just about anything, and eyewear is no exception, as many parents can attest to.  As evidenced by new statistics from Prevent Blindness, sports and play, without appropriate eye protection, puts our youth at risk of eye injury. Since 2015, there has been a nearly 10% increase in such injuries. … [Read more...]

Eight Caricatured Cat Eyeglasses

October is National Black Cat Awareness Month with October 27 as National Black Cat Day. This holiday was devised to debunk the myth that black cats are bad omens. Did you know that there are an estimated 74-96 million cats in the USA? We found some fabulous and cute eyeglasses with cats that are a purr-fect accessory to wear on any … [Read more...]

Modern Optical Expands The Big Mens Eyewear Club

Roselle, IL – Modern Optical International expands its B.M.E.C. (Big Men’s Eyewear Club) Collection with six new models. Style has no size! That’s why, more than ever, men seek eyewear that delivers both comfort and fashion. As the demand for bigger-sized eyewear grows, B.M.E.C., Modern Optical’s very popular collection for larger men, dominates … [Read more...]

21 Branded Car Spectacles For Name Your Car Day

Americans are obsessed with cars and driving which is probably why we have so many cars and name them. To celebrate cars or transportation there are several 'National-Celebration Days:  Transit Driver Appreciation Day which is March 18th, Stand Up For Transportation Day in April, National Transportation Week in May, National Defense Transportation … [Read more...]

International Day of Peace Is September 21

A day that we all should strive to have more of is World Peace Day or International Day of Peace. Observed annually on 21 September it is a day dedicated to world peace. A day without war, fighting and violence how great would that be! In honor of this day we have brought to you seven Peace Sign Eyeglasses that you can wear to show solidarity with … [Read more...]

Charmant Launches New Eddie Bauer Eyewear For Fall 2017

Eddie Bauer is an active, outdoor brand recognized for offering premium-quality outerwear, apparel, footwear, accessories, and gear. For almost 100 years, Eddie Bauer has been inspiring and enabling people to live their adventure. Eddie Bauer Eyewear continues this tradition, providing quality prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for all of … [Read more...]

Never Forget: In Memory of 9/11

I can remember exactly where I was on 9/11. It was about 7 am PST, I was in front of my computer answering email. All of a sudden my neighbors came out and started screaming turn on the TV.... Which I did and from that point on the date was spent watching in horror. The planes flying into the towers, people screaming, running- I can still see it. … [Read more...]

Coastal Clean Up Day Is September 16

Rarely do we talk about what is important to us. Today I am going to talk about a day that is close to my heart and that is the ocean. It effects every thing you do, no matter where you live. Every single person's actions effect the ocean. 80% of the ocean trash comes from land. Over the years over 12 million volunteers from 153 countries … [Read more...]