What To Eyewear With Shark Shoes?

It's Shark week and since it is officially the start of Back To School, we bring to you some of the cutest shark shades along with shark shoes for kids. Starting off with Crocs Shoes and Shades, known the world over as one the most comfy shoes in the market, we love the shark Crocs for kids to be matched by Crocs eyewear for … [Read more...]

New Crocs™ Eyewear Junior Styles for Back to School

2017: A&A Optical announces the release of two new styles from Crocs™ Eyewear Junior Collection. Crocs™ Eyewear Junior Collection features the Crocs™ brand’s signature spirit, with the vibrant colors and comfort kids love. Ideal for an active child’s lifestyle, all styles are lightweight for minimal pressure, flexible for easy adjustments, and … [Read more...]

The Lulu Guinness Large Fit Eyewear Collection

All good design should address an issue or meet a need. This sentiment is held close to mind at Tura, where we deeply value the research portion of the design process. It is through this research that we recently discovered a void in the marketplace for fashionable women’s eyewear in larger sizes.  Through extensive travel across the U.S and … [Read more...]

Holy Cow Appreciation Day!

One of the best parts about blogging is finding really interesting and unusual eyewear. Really how much can you really say about a retro frame? So when you find cut out cows on the temples of a pair of eyeglasses, well, you just have to share it as the perfect accessory for and I 'Swear on my Holsteins' National Cow Appreciation Day. July 14 is the … [Read more...]

Wiley X Introduces New-For-2017 WX Ignite

New Active Lifestyle Series Sunglass is Made for Fun and Sun  A hot new style is joining the popular Active Lifestyle Series sunglass family from Wiley X®, Inc. — the new-for-2017 WX Ignite.  These glasses provide the stylish good looks, clear vision and state-of-the-art protection serious outdoor enthusiasts need, whether they’re paddling down … [Read more...]

Back to School Eyewear ‘Mini Me’ Eyewear From Tura

NEW YORK (2017) – Quality design starts with market research; arguably the most important phase of the creative process. So in looking at the current fashion trends in the market place, Tura discovered the “Mini-Me” trend: kids mimicking teens and adults. Many children strive to be like the individuals they admire; the cool older brother, the … [Read more...]

Four French Fry Frames For National French Fry Day July 13

National French Fry Day is July 13th and while we think this is an American Thing, it is not. In fact French Fries (Frites) are attributed to Belgium. The first person to eat potatoes in the 'French Way' was Thomas Jefferson when he was president in 1801 thus bringing it to the USA. Eye Bogglers: The average American eats 29 lbs. of French … [Read more...]

16 Shades To Eyewear For The 4th of July

What to eyewear for the 4th of July besides some novelty glasses you can't see out of. We search high and low for the perfect Patriotic Look and for 2017 we found new styles that match Old Glory. … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Is Prive Eyewear Disruptive?

We received this press release and I was like HUH, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! another cheap celebrity sunwear collection and another Yawn 'Disruptive' eyeglass company: Hollywood Heavyweights + Retail Renegade + Amazon Launch Privé Revaux Eyewear: Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Benson, Jeremy Piven Join Forces With Disruptive Eyewear … [Read more...]

Cool School Shades From Modern Optical

Prepping up for Back To School, Modern Optical's new kids collection gets an 'A'. No kid will miss the mark or play truant when wearing the perfect couture for the first day of school. All the styles are unisex and come with little details and colors that any kid would want to wear. … [Read more...]

Wiley X Supports Awareness For National Safety Month

Eyewear innovator Wiley X®, Inc. is joining the non-profit National Safety Council and thousands of organizations across the country to help raise awareness of what it takes for Americans to “Keep Each Other Safe” this June and throughout the year.  As a leading provider of eyewear products delivering Absolute Premium Protection to the military, … [Read more...]

Fork, Spoon And Knife Eyewear For National Picnic Day

Another Who Knew Holiday! National Picnic Day is June 18 and Fathers Day. Of course we found the perfect utopian. utensil eyewear to wear for a perfect Knife Day. But what to Eyewear out of all these choices? We found from Custom Frames out of Germany, this Fork and Spoon look detachable. Interesting concept, not only could you eat with it, but … [Read more...]

The Modernization of Tura

One of the most prevalent, yet challenging, tasks in today’s ever-evolving fashion landscape, is adapting to the “now”. Conscious of this notion, Tura understands that often times what worked yesterday, might have to be modified to be successful today. Conversely, one might argue that equally important is maintaining the essence of what made Tura … [Read more...]

Optical Ownership: HAL Holding N.V. x Grand Vision

Over the years, you have probably heard the name Hal Holding's. Who are they and what do they do? According to their website: HAL Investments B.V. is a private equity firm was founded in 1873 and is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands with an additional office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. HAL Investments B.V. operates as a subsidiary of HAL Holding … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events: World Emoji Day July 17

Who remembers when all we had to use was a smiley face? There is a World Emoji Day and think about how much fun you could have with this on Facebook. Emoji contests, make your own Emoji, Favorite Emoji's, Decorate your glasses with Emoji's... Office Emojis Eye Bogglers: Emojis were invented in 1998 by  Shigetaka Kurita while working for … [Read more...]