Eye-treme Sunglasses-Color on Demand

Is this the future?  Chunye Xu a chemical engineer at the University of Washington and researchers just developed new lenses that “instantly change into virtually any color on demand with just a turn of a tiny electronic knob on their frames.” The only prototype for this new technology is “a pair of lab goggles with a dial attached onto the … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Beyonce Tasseled

Beyonce Knowles wearing her Eye-treme Sunglasses. The silver  tasseled look is a little much. To watch her with sunglasses in her new video 'Diva' wearing the sunglasses click here (sorry, embedding disabled) … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Earring Temples

Delfina Delettrez’s trendy glasses. Not quite sure how one would wear this, but they certainly make a statement. References: delfinadelettrez, trenddelacreme … [Read more...]

Back To School Tips by Clearvision

With the Back to School season upon us, you can expect the return of your smallest (and often times – your most challenging) customers. We’re referring of course, to children. To ensure that a child will wear his or her frames, it’s important that the child is happy with them. One of the best ways to make this happen is to make kids an active … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Embarrassing Moments

Theses sunglasses are good if you are 'the life of the party' and have friends who like to film and post on the internet. After viewing YouTube, many people should be wearing these sunglasses … [Read more...]

Babies with Eyeglasses

Did you know that experts suggest babies have eye exams shortly after birth to check for vision problems or signs of disease? Babies with eyeglasses are as young as four months old. (I was not aware of this although I am sure you Eye Care Professionals are aware of it.) I came across a website dedicated to the subject of babies with eyeglasses: … [Read more...]

Extreme Eyewear- Chained

Ok, I don't know who would wear these but hey I'm sure someone would like this gold bang look References: colette.fr, hypebeast … [Read more...]

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Eyewear

Video Eyewear from Carl Zeiss Vision allows you to watch movies anywhere. These glasses place videos from portable players directly in front of your eyes, using Carl Zeiss optics. The bridge is replaceable and you can adjust the temples as well as wearers can set their own prescription separately for each eye. The Cinemizer will be available … [Read more...]

Superhero Eyewear

To view more Superhero Eyewear go to Abiz Tech News … [Read more...]

Publicizing Eyewear Brands

Submitted by By: Niki Ostin Publicist Focus Group West Spreading the word about your eyewear brand is even more crucial given the current economic climate. Consumers were already bombarded with an overwhelming amount of products on a daily basis, but now with less disposable income, it’s essential to remain proactive so that your brand stands … [Read more...]

New Sponsor – Tura Eyewear

We are very pleased to welcome  new sponsor  - Tura Eyewear. We love Tura Eyewear's history which goes back a long way but began with not just being a medical necessity but also a fashion accessory so they were pioneers in marketing and building the optical industry. We also like the educational programs that Tura Eyewear offers. Tura Eyewear … [Read more...]

Fantasy Mask Eyeglasses

http://www.BestImageOptical.com FANTASY MASK COLLECCION . Represent the creative imagination of our designers resulting in a segment of eyewear constantly renewed with exotic mask models. … [Read more...]

The Hype About Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses

The trend is bck...ppl r still buying Kanye West Shutter Shades- get them in Neon! We don't know what the big deal about these Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses, except the fact shutter eyeglasses go back to the 70's and since Retro is in???? Apparently they sell out quite quickly and are available in neon as well. You can order from Amazon NEW … [Read more...]

Laptop Sunglasses Reduce Glare

(OpenPR) As most laptop users are aware, the freedom of using a laptop outdoors is often ruined by the struggle to get a good view of the screen in broad daylight. Even with regular sunglasses, the experience is far from perfect as the screen brightness is affected and sunlight reflects off the screen. For the past year Glarewear has been … [Read more...]

Light Stabilizing Tinted Lenses

I am currently in the UK so I am taking the opportunity to post some interesting news snippets from across the pond. I read this story about light stabilizing tinted lenses in the London Times a couple of days ago. As most of you will not relate to cricket, please substitute the word cricket with baseball as the ball is about the same size and … [Read more...]