UV Protection and Healthy Vision

UV Protection and Healthy Vision by Dallas Erickson, Marketing Manager, Soderberg Palm trees standing tall above you, the soft ocean breeze tickling your hair, an ice cold beverage and the sun warming your face, what could sound more relaxing? Being that I am from the Midwest, that sounds like paradise to me but something is definitely missing, … [Read more...]

What Eyeglasses Say About You

Taryn Winter Brill with Good Morning America, ABC News did a fun, "What Eyeglasses Say About You", segment recently. It was a set-up of three scenarios, with and without eyeglasses. The goal was to find out what perceptions people have about those that wear eyeglasses, i.e. what eyeglasses say about you. The three scenarios were dating, a job … [Read more...]

Eric White OD – Gunnar Optiks Experience

During our recent interview with Eric White, OD he spoke a lot about optimizing new opportunities and products in order to provide his patients with the most up-to-date and effective technology. Computer Vision Syndrome, (OVS) was one area of particular interest as we all spend more and more time in front of a computer screen. Relevant to this, I … [Read more...]

Wacky-Fun Eyeglasses to Engage Customers

One of the ways you can engage your customers in the dispensing room is to offer fun 'Have To Try On' eyewear. These Fantasy Masks are from Best Image Optical, a 'great customer engagement' tool. Here is my friend, Donna, who is going to kill me for putting this up! Not only do these Fantasy Masks make great eye-catching displays and engage … [Read more...]

RbG Rainbow Glasses by Luis Porem

It's always fun see what designers come up with! Just load what ever color of ink inside the eyeglasses and voila! a new look for a new day! Now- I don't know how the ink will come back out- but a great concept in eyewear!   Resource- Design Spotter- … [Read more...]

Antique Spectacles- Whats the Value?

Since Vintage and Retro are so in today- thought I would find out how much some of those old spectacles are worth-- This appraisal is from Walt Auction Wally For more information on Vintage Eyewear with a selection of styles- Check out Best Image Vintage site. Here is a quote from Walt Auction Wally  These folding Eyeglasses go back to … [Read more...]

Do You Need To Wear Sunglasses?

It's always scary to find out what 'Dr.'s' are saying. Here- Dr. Mercola advises against wearing Sunglasses. If you plug into Google, 'Do You Need to Wear Sunglasses?" this video shows up first. Your patient may have listened to this video and probably won't tell you that he heard on a YouTube Video that there is no need to wear sunglasses. In … [Read more...]

Opportunity for Optical – Vintage Sunglasses

We just had the big Coachella Music Festival here in Southern California, a great opportunity to people watch and see new trends and fashion. Linlee Allen from Style.com was there with her camera to do this for us. I took a look at their scrap book and the were a lot of Vintage Sunglasses. I think we might be seeing a trend here as we have been … [Read more...]

Susan Boyle Makeover EyeGlasses

Was speaking to Shirley's niece (visiting from the UK) last week about Susan Boyle, who has become a hot item in the USA, while back in the UK, so what. Today (Friday), the top story according to Alexa,  was how Susan Boyle got her eyebrows plucked! Actually the story is about how she got a makeover. What a hoopla. No matter what the makeover- she … [Read more...]

Successful Optical Trunk Shows

A vision care company I have worked with in the past does an optical trunk show every year for all employees in the same building. The volume of business done on this optical trunk show day is the biggest of the year and there is a plus from the residual effect of new and repeat customers that are generated from the event. They are located in a … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Buying Eyeglass Closeouts

Both Shirley and I love closeouts- I buy clothes and other things at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and other discount stores. I even shop the 'day old' rack at grocery stores. As the economy and consumers tighten up their wallets- is this an opportunity for you? Buying eyeglass closeouts is a completely different purchasing and mark-up strategy. Closeouts … [Read more...]

Techno- Eyewear- Mini TV Hooks to Glasses

This mini TV hooks onto a pair of glasses. (Cost $1,000)  Stats YouTube Views- 258,637 Honors- 24 Comments- 1594 Scalar- … [Read more...]

Sports Eyewear-Underwater MP3 Player Attaches to Glasses

New Launch and a good opportunity for optical offices that specialize in sports eyewear. Music to Swim With New product designed for the Japanese division of iriver company Sppedo, a manufacturer of sporting goods, and is called the Speedo LZR Aquabeat. 'There aren't many changes on the design front, though the color scheme of the … [Read more...]


Costa Del Mar sunglasses have been long time favorites of both my husband and myself. We both wear Costa Del Mar sunglasses on a regular basis. I am happy to announce that Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are a new sponsor. I have been angling to get them to be a sponsor for a while as I like the product so much and want to see them in more optical … [Read more...]

Walman Optical – New Optical Vision Site Sponsor

Walman Optical - New Optical Vision Site Sponsor is a headline to be proud of as this is an optical company we have admired for a long time and we are honored to have them as a sponsor. This is a company known as much for its values as its products. These core values are: Customer Focus Technical Excellence Innovative Solutions Lifelong … [Read more...]