Superhero Eyewear

To view more Superhero Eyewear go to Abiz Tech News … [Read more...]

Publicizing Eyewear Brands

Submitted by By: Niki Ostin Publicist Focus Group West Spreading the word about your eyewear brand is even more crucial given the current economic climate. Consumers were already bombarded with an overwhelming amount of products on a daily basis, but now with less disposable income, it’s essential to remain proactive so that your brand stands … [Read more...]

New Sponsor – Tura Eyewear

We are very pleased to welcome  new sponsor  - Tura Eyewear. We love Tura Eyewear's history which goes back a long way but began with not just being a medical necessity but also a fashion accessory so they were pioneers in marketing and building the optical industry. We also like the educational programs that Tura Eyewear offers. Tura Eyewear … [Read more...]

Fantasy Mask Eyeglasses FANTASY MASK COLLECCION . Represent the creative imagination of our designers resulting in a segment of eyewear constantly renewed with exotic mask models. … [Read more...]

The Hype About Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses

The trend is bck...ppl r still buying Kanye West Shutter Shades- get them in Neon! We don't know what the big deal about these Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses, except the fact shutter eyeglasses go back to the 70's and since Retro is in???? Apparently they sell out quite quickly and are available in neon as well. You can order from Amazon NEW … [Read more...]

Laptop Sunglasses Reduce Glare

(OpenPR) As most laptop users are aware, the freedom of using a laptop outdoors is often ruined by the struggle to get a good view of the screen in broad daylight. Even with regular sunglasses, the experience is far from perfect as the screen brightness is affected and sunlight reflects off the screen. For the past year Glarewear has been … [Read more...]

Light Stabilizing Tinted Lenses

I am currently in the UK so I am taking the opportunity to post some interesting news snippets from across the pond. I read this story about light stabilizing tinted lenses in the London Times a couple of days ago. As most of you will not relate to cricket, please substitute the word cricket with baseball as the ball is about the same size and … [Read more...]

Eye Glass Frames Database and Resources

It is very confusing about who carries what  eyewear brand, who used to carry what brand, and then of course there is all the non-optical brands- that you have no idea of what they are! Even if you google a 'name' doesn't mean that you will actually get the manufacturer! There are actually two sources that have the most up-to-date information … [Read more...]

Surfs Up Goggles- An Optical Opportunity?

Kurtis USA- ( Surfing Goggles and handcrafted in the USA I was out watching the surfers the other day and got to thinking about the surfing google eyeglass market. Is this an opportunity for the optical professional? To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen surfing goggles or glasses in an optical store, even the eye docs I … [Read more...]

Costa Del Mar Sunglass Company Supports Marine Conservation

As many of you already know, my Optical Vision Site partner Cathy is a water conservation and "green" enthusiast, (her green blog is Green Eco Services). Therefore, we like to feature our sponsors' green initiatives as much as possible and bring them to our readers attention. Costa Del Mar is the one of our green sponsors, a distributor of very … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends- Summer- Fall 2009

Typically, trends aren’t born in an economy such as ours today.  The marketplace isn’t ripe with consumers willing to risk their hard-earned cash on fads.  They are, however, more comfortable buying into what feels nostalgic and familiar.    What’s more nostalgic and familiar than “classic”?  Classic Rock and Classic Vintage have long been part … [Read more...]

Good Works- ClearVision Optical

Once again, ClearVision is proud to sponsor our Museum Way art exhibit. The current exhibit, “Shuttering West” is the work of photographer Hannah Rae Hegnauer. Proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Pride for Youth.  ClearVision is happy to underwrite this exhibit, and 100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of the artwork will be donated … [Read more...]

Five Points of Selling High-End Eyewear by Optylux

National averages show that 31% of optical retail income is derived from frame sales. Selling high-end frames is key to yielding maximum profits and at the same time, providing optical consumers with the best product you can. Optylux is in the high end eyewear business and have some great tips. Here are "Five Points of Selling High-End Eyewear by … [Read more...]

How Eyewear Gets Designed

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Blake Kuwahara- who designed the Kata Collection and then went on to work with Base Curve. He has just started his own design firm, Focus Group West We asked if Blake could submit to us how he gets his Eyewear Design Ideas- what goes through his head, where does he get inspiration- after all, it is … [Read more...]

Competing Online- Eyecare and Optical Services

We have done several articles about  Internet Competition. What I find very interesting is the amount of email we have received from online eyeglass sellers wanting to hook up and collaborate with us- why- because they know the power of the Internet. That said, I believe that the online sellers of Eyeglasses and Contacts are and will continue to be … [Read more...]