Pierced EyeGlasses

Pierced Eyeglasses- Now I don't know if they still make these- but they have a website. Always interesting what is available in the optical industry. Can anybody adjust these?    … [Read more...]

Life Style Dispensing Form by Optylux

Thank You Optylux Group for giving us this wonderful optical Lifestyle Dispensing Form  Name: _______________________________________________________    Date:____ _____________________ Email: _______________________  Profession/Occupation: ___________________________________________________________________________ Nature of Visit:   … [Read more...]

Breaking News! ClearVision Signs as Sponsor

I've always wanted to write that! BREAKING NEWS! For us this is Breaking News- ClearVision just signed up as a sponsor! Both Shirley and I are very excited because not only do we wear ClearVision Eyewear, we know and like the ClearVision people! If you don't know about ClearVision, -this year they are celebrating their 60th Year of Business and … [Read more...]

Wrap Prescription Sunglasses – Are You Missing the Boat?

Are you missing the boat on dispensing wrap prescription sunglasses? This is a very important and profitable category but I know that it has been a problem area for some optical retailers and their patients, myself included. My husband loves his polarized wrap sunglasses but being the typical aging baby boomer he can't read without his … [Read more...]

Polarized Sunglass with MP3- Translator and Camera

 State-of-the-art Polarized Sunglasses with Digital Camera and MP3 Player - a new product from Ectaco's iTRAVL Gadgets line! Super stylish and functional, they have polarized lenses and pack 1GB of built-in memory which allows up to 32 hours of music playback in WMA format and 16 hours in MP3 with an almost endless amount of picture storage (10,000 … [Read more...]

What Consumer Reports Don’t Tell Prescription Eyeglass Wearers

I think it is very unfortunate that ConsumerReports.org focus so much on price rather than value. The most recent report on prescription eyewear continues to perpetuate the myth that eyeglasses are expensive and consumers should shop for the cheapest pair! I think the report is accurate as far as just the price for a pair of eyeglasses but there is … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Consumer Study

Last year, a major research company conducted a consumer survey on eyeglasses and contact lenses and I would like to share some of the more interesting highlights with you and suggestions on the opportunities these finding offer to  optical retailers. There are some new demographic segments that you might like to know about also as these terms will … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- Glasses to Help You Lose Weight

I gotta get these- maybe this would solve my chocolate cravings!   Scientific research has found blue to be the least appetizing color. This is the basis behind these blue shaded sunglasses. Supposedly, the person who wears these shades sees an ugly hue of blue that brings about a negative view of eating in general. Perhaps the blue tint … [Read more...]

Halloween Sunglasses?

I wonder if you can break off one of those dripping things and use as a toothpick? Anna ter Haar seems to seek inspiration from drops quite a bit. These big, black sunglasses look as though they are dripping with thick tar. That’s usually a bag thing, but Haar made it look impossibly chic. She made the black shades for theKlavers van Engelen … [Read more...]

Sun Protection Even When It Rains

It is rainy and cold right now, even in Southern California. I didn't need my sunglasses today or so I thought, the sun came out for a few seconds and the glare off the wet road was blinding. I quickly put my polarized, Costa Del Mar 580 lenses on. You can't find a better polarized lens than these and I was no longer driving blind. This is a good … [Read more...]

Optician Training- How To Adjust Eyeglass Frames

[Read more...]

Gandhi’s Eyeglasses To Be Auctioned

I know this article is not so relevant to running our optical businesses but I do think it is of major historic significance with a pair of eyeglasses having center stage so I feel the need to comment on it. Here is the news report: New York (AP) - Mahatma Gandhi's distinctive wire-frame eyeglasses are among rare personal items that belonged to … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- The Future

We have been publishing all these really cool sunglasses. I have shown this trendy and techno eyewear friends and family and they love them! Why because they are gadget freaks. It used to be that people talked about just fashion and eyewear. Today, you have more market segments available- 'Techie Wear', 'Green Wear' and of course 'Boring Wear' … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- Swiss Army Eyewear

  These Techno Eyewear are Swiss Army Sunglasses. You can choose from over 240 different tools to put in it, including paintbrushes, a backscratcher, and a variety of knives. Available from Not-So-Bright- Sunwear in Germany. Can't find them on the internet although- (This is from 2007) I wonder if you can take these through security? How heavy … [Read more...]

Asianwolf Mobile Sunglass Recorder w/2GB Memory

Just had to post this- Fun this is a link … [Read more...]