Optical Fun For National Chocolate Day

September 13 is National Chocolate Day in the USA. A day that many of us welcome with anticipation and stockpiling your favorite chocolates. Unfortunately Harold needs and eye exam as he mistakes a bar of chocolate for a TV remote. … [Read more...]

Do-Nut Miss This Holiday: National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day is coming up on June 2.  This day can be a delicious way to have fun with patients and staff. Try some of of the creme filled ideas: Have a DIY Doughnut Eyeglass Contest; Some ideas are DIY Donut Sunglasses and here. How To Make Donut Sunglasses in Under 5 minutes Have patients send in pictures of them 'wearing Donuts … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For National Carrot Day, February 3

Eyecare professionals have a few opportunities to promote carrots and eye health. February 3rd is National Carrot Day and International Carrot Day is April 4. Carrots have with Vitamin A and beta carotene which are important to help save vision. But eating carrots will not improve eyesight. A great article on Snopes talks about how that rumor came … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: How To Make An Eyeball Cake

With Halloween coming up, we thought this video might be interesting on how to make an eyeball cake. Includes radioactive (glow in the dark) dirt. Perfect for any Halloween party. Or for any time you may want to just dig into an eyeball. … [Read more...]

Optical Fun- Eyeglasses For Pumpkins

I bet you have seen some pumpkin heads. Our little optical fun for the day. … [Read more...]

How To Make Chocolate Eyeglasses For National Chocolate Day

October 20 is National Chocolate Day and we asked our friend Maarten Weidema of Procchiali Studio  dish us up some chocolate eyeglasses and send us his DIY. Maarten always up to challenge or is a major chocoholic, immediately started this process and here is his story: Step 1. Gather Ingredients. Step 2. Throw brown sugar in an oven dish … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For National Potato Day August 19

National Potato Day is August 19. Our optical fun for the day is two potatoes looking at a French Fry! … [Read more...]

Doughnut Eye Chart To Celebrate National Doughnut Day

June 5 is National Doughnut Day. One of my favorite foods, yet so fattening and bad for you. My question is: Do you spell it donut or doughnut? Do we really care? Today we are introducing the Doughnut Eye Chart! Some little known Facts about doughnuts: According to Wikipedia, Canada has declared doughnuts at the 'unofficial national … [Read more...]

Engaging Patients For National Soup Month In January

National Soup Month is in January, versus Homemade Soup Day which is  February 4th. The art of making soup goes back to the history of cooking. Since this event runs for a full month, why not take advantage of it? This is a wonderful patient engagement opportunity. Take surveys online as to most favorite soup, share your patients favorite soup … [Read more...]

Giant Eyeglasses And Pumpkins

Aren't these uber fun, giant cardboard eyeglasses with a mummy bandage over two pumpkins. If you think about it, a giant and foldable display like this could be used for more than Halloween. You could put any number of objects behind those glasses.. with a theme, visualize this! … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Halloween Pumpkin Needs Glasses

This just might be the last of the Halloween Eyeball, Eyecare jokes. Pumpkin need glasses, he is chatting up a basketball. … [Read more...]

11 Eyeball Treats For Halloween

Eyeball Treats are the perfect thing to offer your patients around Halloween. You might even offer to open your office up for Trick or Treating. Another idea is to have your staff and patients post their favorite Halloween treats on your Facebook.. a little engagement never hurt anyone! 1.) Easy Peasy, open those Oreos up, color with some red, … [Read more...]

Halloween Eyecare Joke: Eyewear Shapes That Only A Pumpkin Can Love

You might think we are getting a little old with the Halloween Jokes- HaHa! What shape of eyeglasses can a pumpkin wear? … [Read more...]

Halloween Optical Fun: Pumpkin Goes In For Eye Exam

Halloween Eyecare Joke #1 Pumpkin Goes in to get his/her eyes examined.. how do you fit the glasses? … [Read more...]

How to Make Nerdy Cookie Glasses

How To Make Nerdy Cookie Glasses. Not too hard really. Sugar cookie recipe, use sunglass cookie cutter  (Available on Amazon here R & M Sunglasses Cookie Cutter ) Decorate to your hearts desire.   … [Read more...]