Optical Blog Grog – Pimm’s No.1

Pimm's No. 1 is the favorite drink of Wimbledon. I just returned from there so have to share this favorite cocktail with you. It is wonderfully refreshing cocktail and the perfect drink for a summer evening or afternoon. I can still remember the first time I drank one and that was a long, long time ago. You can buy the base Pimm's No. 1 at most … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog BLTini

First of all I have to make a correction to last week's to Peter Shaw-McMinn's Cosmopolitan recipe. It should have said LEMON-LIME flavored 7-Up as the lime adds a citrus flavor to the taste. I must it myself soon but I am not sure I am going to try this one the Optical Blog Grog BLTini that Cathy found in Spirit magazine. Not  because it is odd … [Read more...]

Optiblog Grog – OLA Hurricane

This is a cocktail I remember all too well and I can see why it is called a Hurricane, it has a real kick that can knock you down if you are not careful! I tried my first Hurricane cocktail with a few Optical industry buddies at Pat O'Brien's during the OLA in New Orleans many years ago. I remember that New Orleans had some of the best food I had … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog Updates

I received some different versions of "Opti Lemon Drop" and the "Optico Cosmo" from our Optical Blog Grog fans. These are Venetian Lemonade from Macaroni Grill which I tried last night, really, really good and OD, Peter Shaw-McMinn's Cosmopolitan recipe which I haven't tried myself but he says is delicious.  Here are the alternate recipes for these … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog – Greentini

This is an Optical Blog Grog recipe from Cathy who is very, very green and has her own separate green blog, Green Eco Services, (shameless plug!).  This is the fifth of our Optical Blog Grog cocktail drinks so if you would like to check out the others these are: Opti Lemon Drop Optico Cosmo Optico Mojito Dark and Stormy Greentini: 2 ounces … [Read more...]

Veggie Formula3 Race Car Powered by Chocolate

This doesn't have much to do with optical- but in honor of Memorial Day Weekend and Car Racing- Here is the worlds greenest racing Formula3  car made from veggie products and powered by chocolate- based biofuel!  The car runs on waste from chocolate factories and plant fiber! No I don't know if it's dark chocolate- and if you can eat the fuel … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog – “Opti Lemon Drop”

I introduced some optical friends to this Optical Blog Grog - "Opti Lemon Drop" at a Vision Council meeting in Phoenix a couple of years ago. It was made extra special with the addition of dry ice which smokes so if you are having a party and want to do something fun you can include the dry ice but the sugar rimmed glass is a party pleaser anyway! … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog “Optico Cosmo”

Here is our third Optical Blog Grog recipe, "Optico Cosmo", for our weekly series of favorite cocktails that we are running through the summer. This is a much less alcoholic version of the Cosmopolitan that was invented by a group of bad skiers from Signet Armorlite, the Big Girl Ski Team. I have bad memories of one particular Cosmo night so I am … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog – “Optico Mojito”

Here is another Optical Blog Grog recipe, "Optico Mojito"  our second cocktail suggestion for our Optical Blog Grog series running every Thursday throughout the summer. I discovered this drink at an Optical Industry meeting, taking a break on the ski slopes in Utah shortly after a French guy from Essilor tried to kill me by leading me into a triple … [Read more...]

Optical Blog Grog

Cathy and I like to enjoy a cocktail at the weekend and thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites and try new ones so we have a new feature the weekly Optical Blog Grog.  Every Thursday through the summer we will post an Optical Blog Grog i.e. cocktail recipe so if you have any favorites please send them in. Here is one I discovered a … [Read more...]