Free Stuff- Optical Goodies

I'm a big believer in Free Stuff- mainly because I'm cheap. I'm tired of my taxes going into making landfills (about $23 Million to open up a new landfill) and tired of paying taxes to pick up illegal dumping. It is also a very eco friendly thing to do.  What can you find for your optical office?- Furniture, electronics- merchandise those … [Read more...]

Free Stuff – Optical Press Releases

The best way to get your name out to the public and increase the general public awareness of you and your optical office is to send press releases. You can send press releases if you are opening an office, remodeled and office, hired new staff, having an event, sponsoring a little league and even if you brought new products.  I got this list … [Read more...]

6 Free Sites to Increase Your Optical Business

This article is for those who have a website or a blog. First I want to tell you I am the most un-techie person you could possible meet- but there are all these great tools to help you grow your business Free Financial Calculators- This this has over 300 different calculators, from saving, business, loan and debt, taxes, debt and … [Read more...]

Vision Expo East – More Freebies

I recently wrote about a couple of fun events at Vision Expo East organizers suggested we let you know about some freebies. As a lot of us will be traveling on even more of a budget before it is good to take advantage of useful and free offers.  There is the free women’s symposium: Women Ask for Directions: Personalities in the Workplace at … [Read more...]

Green and Save- Office Furniture

  True Confession- I am becoming obessed with free stuff. My friends all roll their eyes at me- but for some reason, I have to go on Craig's list everyday to check out what is free. There are tons of free desks, conference tables, office chairs - one office was giving away 20 desks and chairs! Last week, another office was giving away a … [Read more...]