Do You Remember? Vintage Eyewear 1960

The 60's, a time of sit-in's, Peace and Love, Hippies, Futuristic Fashion, Mod Fashion, Twiggy, Big Eyewear, White Eyewear, Eskimo Eyewear, Space Age Fashion, the start of 'licensed designer' eyewear. Our remembering when.. back in the 60's, For more 1960's Eyewear Check out our Pinterest Board Vintage Eyewear 1960  … [Read more...]

On This Day In Eyeball History:The Longest Eyeball Pop

The longest time to keep the eyes popped out is 53.01 seconds and was achieved by Keith Smith (USA) on the set of 'Guinness World Records' in Madrid, Spain, on 28 January 2009. Source: Guinness Book of World Records  For the record from Yahoo Voices- What To Do If Your Eyeball Pops  Believe it or not, when your eye pops out of your head it … [Read more...]

Eye Can’t Believe It – Ingrown Eyelash Treatment 1875

Did you know that electrolysis was invented because of ingrown eyelashes, also known as trichiasis? Charles Michel preformed and documented the first successful clinical electrology procedure in 1875. The procedure was preformed using a battery-powered needle epilator to treat the patient for trichiasis. Thank you to Vision Systems, Inc industry … [Read more...]

December 1936- Stocking Cap With Goggles

A little D-eye-Y mixed with vintage eyewear" Stocking Cap with Goggles Shields Your Face If you must be outside in extremely cold weather, when the face needs protection, a stocking cap fitted with goggles will offer warmth for the entire head. Get a pair of leather-framed goggles and cut down the frame so that they can be sewed in openings made … [Read more...]

Opti-fun – Salami Davis, Jr. Gold Vintage Sunglasses

I was up in LA last Sunday and ate at an old time Deli. They had an opti-fun wall of celebs made of deli food like pickles. This was my favorite, Sammy (Salami) Davis, Jr. Digging his gold peace sign, chains and most of all his gold vintage sunglasses, made me think of Victory Optical, I bet he wore something like their Suntimer Big Bromley in … [Read more...]

The Stroll 1958

I found this old video and loved it.. not too opti-fun but they are wearing glasses- and since vintage eyewear is so hot right now On a local television dance show in Idaho in February 1958, local teens dance to one of the biggest dance crazes out of the late-1950's called The Stroll, which originated from American Bandstand. This dance was … [Read more...]

In Memory Of Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

My grandmother loved Elvis and through her I got to know The King's music. Back in the 1950's Rock and Roll was considered by many as 'immoral' works of the devil, especially Elvis, with his 'swivel hips' A very radical method of dancing at the time... tame compared to todays dancing, where.. lets not go there. I don't know what brand the aviators … [Read more...]

Cass Elliot (Mama Cass) September 19, 1941 – July 29, 1974

One of my favorite groups growing up was the Mama's and the Papa's led by Mama Cass Elliot, who died at an early age (32) of a heart attack. This is in memory of Mama Cass and one of my favorite songs. Here she is in a rare photo wearing eyewear. The song "Mama, I Remember You Now" by the Swedish artist Marit Bergman is a tribute to … [Read more...]

Tan Don’t Burn Get Coppertone Lenses!

It's summertime and we are pulling out the sunscreen and I got to thinking about UV, optical lenses and sunscreen... got that itch to look up the history of Coppertone sunscreen (which we grew up with) and Coppertone Lenses By Vision-Ease Lens  Coppertone is a huge name and was the first 'consumer sunscreen' product back in 1944.  Did you know that … [Read more...]

Evolution Of Ophthalmology Video

A funny video (commercial) about the Progress of ophthalmology thanks to ALCON's revolutionizing equipment Todays OPti-Fun is sponsored by Vision-Systems Inc, the premier source of pre-owned optical equipment. … [Read more...]

Vintage 1958 Girl With Beautiful Eyes Contest Video

This would't happen in todays world! Girls with sexy eyes, taken from the British Pathe newsreel "Beautiful Eyes" (1958) Girls at a Butlins holiday camp in Clacton, Essex, line up to take party in a beautiful eyes contest. The Red Coat (Margaret Higgs) hands out handkerchiefs to the girls and the contest begins! The judge Don Cook parades past the … [Read more...]

1969 Vintage Ad For Polarized Glasses

1969 Polaroid Sunglasses TV ad. Editing by ROMANO-ARCHIVES. "SUBSCRIBING to this Channel is a MUST for researchers and RARE HISTORICAL FOOTAGE fans!!!" Optical Fun Today is Sponsored by Vision Systems Inc, your top source for preowned optical and lab equipment. … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun- 1978 Ad For Cool Ray Sunglasses

The sun's harmful rays and annoying glare are avoided when wearing Cool Ray® sunglasses. You can't check out the girls in the pool without them.

Cool Ray sunglasses were made by Polaroid, and are no more. 

©1978 Polaroid. All TV promos, news clips, airchecks, etc. remain the sole property of the respective copyright holders. No videos are for … [Read more...]

Protective Eyewear Atomic Testing 1950s

This video is Clipped from the newsreel, News Magazine of the Screen: Atomic Energy (1950s), Today's Opti-Fun is sponsored by Wiley X and Hilco, who both provide safety eyewear solutions. … [Read more...]

Eye Need To Know- Why Is It Called A Temple?

Most lay people call the temple an arm, so how did the arm get to be named a temple? I was actually very curious about this. First a temple is: The flat region on either side of the forehead. Either of the sidepieces of a frame for eyeglasses that extends along the temple and over the ear. Comes from: Middle English, from Old French, … [Read more...]