Marilyn Monroe With Sunglasses

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Retro IZOD Commercial

Izod  Eyewear Collection is currently distributed by ClearVision Optical … [Read more...]

Retro Contact Lens Ad 1979

Here's a commercial for Weisser Optical advertising their soft contact lenses using someone with extreme Farrah hair syndrome. (EFHS)"Established 1898" This aired on local Chicago TV early Tuesday, February 20th 1979. … [Read more...]

Classic CSI Miami Sunglass Moments

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Retro Sunglass Ad- Foster Grant 1972

One of the most famous Branding Messages-  Who's Behind Those Foster Grants?  … [Read more...]

Retro- Optometrist Office- 1959

This is an 8mm film made in 1959 for an open house at a new Optometrist office in 1959. Thought since Retro Eyewear is 'in' these days- we will really go back to what it really looked like then. … [Read more...]

Fun Optical Ad- Retro- Oliver Goldsmith Goggles

Interesting Optical Ad- Retro 1980's- Note how the same styles then are being recycled into the same styles to day! Update the music and Voila 'Goggles' 2009!  … [Read more...]

Fun Sunglasses Ad- Retro Sunglass Ad- Foster Grant

1973 Commercial Foster Grant Moodmaker Sunglasses … [Read more...]

History of Eyeglasses

4 BC-65 AD-It's been reported that Seneca - the Roman statesman, dramatist, and philosopher ,used a glass globe filled with water as a magnifier to read "all the books of Rome." 1000's- Glass blowers in Italy are credited with producing reading stones made of solid glass. These devices were similar to hand-held magnifying lenses of today. … [Read more...]

The History of Sunglasses

It is said that the Roman emperor Nero liked to watch gladiator fights through polished gems to recreate with the color and image distortion. 1300-Chinese judges wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court. The "lenses" of these glasses were flat panes of smoky quartz, which offered no corrective powers but did … [Read more...]