Precision San Diego Launches ‘Professional Choice’ Office Growth Program

SAN DIEGO, CA:  Precision San Diego, an independent lens lab in southern California, announces the launch of their “PROFESSIONAL CHOICE” in-office growth program.  “We’ve always felt that Precision has to do much more than just process lenses for our accounts,” says Mark Becker, the company’s President.  “Our goal is to also provide methods and … [Read more...]

Using Pinterest As A Resource

First, you do not have to be on Pinterest to use it as a resource. You can access almost anyone's boards at any time. Personally, I love Pinterest and have found it to be a valuable tool for information and trends and I feel that it is a good tool for our readers to use as a resource.. But I realized that once you get to 400-500 Pins on a board, … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Launches Website for Low Vision Patients and Caregivers

The Vision Council is pleased to announce the launch of a standalone website,, dedicated to educating consumers about low vision and low vision solutions. The site was created to serve as an online resource for people with vision impairment due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and other eye conditions … [Read more...]

Tips for ECPs: 10 Must Have Apps for Vision Expo East

Vision Expo East is a little over a week away and we’ve been busy preparing for the show! Packing for a tradeshow can be a hassle, but the one essential we know that you’ll be bringing is your smartphone and/ or iPad. To help you through Vision Expo East and New York City, we’ve compiled 10 ‘must have’ apps to maximize your time and fun at the … [Read more...]

Opti-fun Jumble

I am addicted to these jumbles so had to share this one as it is opti-fun, you might want to share it too! Enjoy.... today's Opti-fun is sponsored by U.S. Vision offering careers in optometry for independent doctors. … [Read more...]

Who is Genzyme?

At Monterey Symposium, I had the opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by Genzyme, who had a woman guest speaker with a rare disease called Fabry Disease. Genzyme is a company known for their expertise in rare genetic diseases. Many of these diseases can be caught by optical professionals) which is why they sponsored this). Genetic diseases are … [Read more...]

Cloud Security

Remember when you were a kid and you thought how cool it would be to walk atop the clouds like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk or the stories you heard and envisioned about Heaven? Even as an adult and being head over heels in love, walking on Cloud 9, you know you can’t really walk on clouds. While clouds can be beautiful and sometimes … [Read more...]

Opti-fun – Crankshaft Optical Newsletter

I think Crankshaft is on to something! Please check our RESOURCES listings shown on the right of this blog for lots of interesting and useful optical newsletters and websites. Today's Opti-fun is sponsored by Vision West. … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy – Beware of Scammers

We have been very concerned about everyone, but especially our optical friends and family, this last week during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. We hate to have to put this additional warning out but we all need to beware of scammers. Disaster scams are crimes of opportunity and they are already out there for this one. They will create fronts for … [Read more...]

Ophthalmic Industry Being Targeted for Violations

The Vision Council has learned that an entity known as the Consumer Advocacy Group, Inc., has recently served notice on the California Attorney General's office, several mass retailers in California, and distributors of sunglasses and/or reading glasses of its intent to commence actions against those ophthalmic industry retailers and distributors … [Read more...]

Glossary of Eyewear Terms

We have published several Glossary of Eyewear Terms but I wanted to add this one from Eyecessorize as it is extremely consumer user friendly. I like how it is segmented into Fashion Options, Anatomy of a Pair of Eyeglasses and Lens Options. Fashion Options Aviator-style frames: Eyewear like those that pilots used to wear; they usually have … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: Eyecare Practice Management Resources

We did a post several years ago on whether you should hire an eyecare consultant. Whether or not you want a consultant, there is a ton of FREE Practice Management tips on the internet, targeted specifically for eyecare professionals. We put together a list of practice management resources (mostly free) from various  sources. This list does not … [Read more...]

12345: Best Password Ever

Recently a friend told me their colleague’s email had been hacked, or compromised. It seems every week there are news stories of this website or that being hacked and emails compromised. Now, no website or digital file is totally secure. A skilled hacker can bypass even government secured databases as you’ve no doubt read in the news. In recent … [Read more...]

FREE Stuff-OD’s On Facebook – Great Resource For Eyecare Professionals

You may have heard us mention the Facebook Forum, OD's on Facebook started by Alan Glazier OD. They have over 2000 participants and cover such a variety of subjects from Human Resources to EMR to employment to eye diseases... Just a few of the latest 'Threads" Should OMD's refract? : Just saw a 6 year old came in wearing +3.00 spheres seeing … [Read more...]

Top Optical Stories 2011 – The Optical Vision Site

It is hard to predict which stories our readers will like the best but we do know that animals, celebrities, optical news of the weird and Opti-fun are very popular! Free resources for education and training always get attention and we like that as our goal is to be a useful resource for all things optical! Many of our top hits for 2011 were … [Read more...]