Health Insurance Premium Subsidies May Expose Employers to Hefty Fines

As of July 1, 2015, a new IRS regulation subjects all businesses (including small businesses with at least two employees) that reimburse or subsidize the cost of individual health insurance policies for employees to significant potential penalties for noncompliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Violators could face penalties of $100 … [Read more...]

Insomnia And Productivity

Quit smoking, exercise, eat right, de-stress, de-tox, de-digitalize are all healthy and wellness recipes. Most people forget to add in good sleep. Good, restorative sleep is becoming increasingly more important as studies continue to show the correlation of sleep to health and productivity. In fact companies are hiring Sleep Consultants  and … [Read more...]

Best Rewards Ever!

There are some Facebook Forums I absolutely love One of them is Opticians on Facebook. They just had a thread on Good Customer Service and it made me smile and FEEL GUILTY! Made me smile because it was a feel- good thread and made me feel guilty, because I don't do all those nice things to my eye doc. I did bring them cookies once although. Here … [Read more...]

Motivating Your Staff with Great Company Culture

Many practices are always looking for new ways to keep their staff motivated and happy at work. One of the best ways to achieve this long-term is through a company culture that inspires. A company culture is the values, beliefs, symbols, and rituals that a company develops over time. Everything from your mission statement, to your practice logo, … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Emergencies Are Fun And Social

I had never heard of this before, but how fun is this, and what a refreshing thing to do for any company, big or small. Instead of having a Trunk Show or in conjuction with a Trunk Show, why not invite you patients and surrounding businesses for an Ice Cream Social Meet and Greet Affair. Patient Appreciation Day, Ice Cream Holidays.. Yummy, unique … [Read more...]

Vision West Offering Annual Industry Optical Staff Salary Survey

San Diego, CA – June 2, 2015 – For the third consecutive year, Vision West ( – eyecare business and buying group resource – is offering practices the opportunity to see how they compare to others in the industry through its Staff Salary Survey. Between now and June 30, 2015, Vision West members can participate in this short … [Read more...]

Ask The Opti-Gurus: What To Do When A Doctor Departs From The Practice

We had a question for our Opti-Gurus and Mark Hinton of GPN the Edge responded to the question of what to do when a doctor leaves. This could apply when you have any trusted staff member leave the practice with an established following leave the practice.  'We recently lost one of our doctors who has been with our business 3 years and was adored … [Read more...]

A Story Of Purple And Sacred Cows

Normally, I attend meetings and do a write up about what I learned. This year at the COLA (California Optical Lab Association) , Mike Karlsrud spoke on Sacred and Purple Cows and it really hit home. Over the last few weeks I have been reviewing all my Sacred and Purple Cows and have decided to implement changes as I am sure you would if you were at … [Read more...]

Resources To Find Eyecare Staff

Finding ophthalmic staff seems to becoming even more of a challenge today than ever. Your staff is one of your top assets and the search for the perfect person can seem unending as well as a hassle. In reality, you should always be recruiting potential staff members, whether you need them or not. Keeping a database of names of potential staff … [Read more...]

True Stories About Texting In The Workplace

We are at a point, that no-one seems to be able to go anywhere without being constantly connected. As a customer, nothing is more irritating that walking into any store and finding an employee making personal calls and texting. Business owners have issues with cell phones on many levels, their customers and their employees. As a friend, it is … [Read more...]

A Story Of Assault

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I was assaulted and attacked on the beach in the early morning. Normally I wouldn't post something this personal, but it occurred to me how we write about safety in eyewear, we write about theft, we write about management, marketing and sales. But the one thing we have never written about is personal safety and self … [Read more...]

20 Minutes

So I saw this sign the other day attached to the window by band aid above a wall clock that apparently is 20 minutes fast. How many of you believe the clock cannot be reset correctly versus those who think whomever put the sign up was too lazy or inept to fix the clock?  Even if the clock were sealed on every side by an impervious force field, a … [Read more...]

Always Be Nice – Opportunity Could Be Knocking

Every once in a while, something happens that presents the perfect topic for a blog. It happened this week. From time to time, I am approached by an eyecare practice to do a little headhunting for them. I recently had a mid-sized, multi-doctor practice ask me to make a connection for them with an optician at a nearby competitor. They had heard … [Read more...]

What Drives You Crazy At Work?

I would say my number one beef would be too many meetings! I hate meetings especially when they run too long. Then I would say people in meetings who leave their audible alerts on on smart phones, all that pinging and buzzing very distracting. Actually, this drives me crazy in social situations as well, when certain friends visit my house I am … [Read more...]

New Tax Rules – Small Employer Deductible Limit Repeal

Are you a small business optical employer? If so you might be interested to know about the: Small Employer Deductible Limit Repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) initially limited deductibles to $2,000 for self-only coverage and $4,000 for family coverage for health plans offered in the small group market (50 or fewer … [Read more...]