12 Animal-Eyed Lenses

Just in time for Halloween we found a variety of animal-eyed lenses, the perfect go-to accessory for having a wild time anytime or on Halloween. Percy Lau's eyeball lenses are in a flip up featuring dragonflies, lizards, cats and even a goat eye. Not to forget, a human eyeball. From Graphic Artist Jyo Muller comes … [Read more...]

Leica Camera Gets Into Spectacle Lenses

Leica Camera AG expands its business activities. From 1 October, the product portfolio of the premium manufacturer from Wetzlar will be adding ophthalmic lenses to its existing portfolio of cameras, lenses and sport optics products. The innovative, high-quality Leica spectacle lenses will be developed in collaboration with Novacel (Essilor) and … [Read more...]

Shamir Releases New Visual Reality App

San Diego, CA – June, 2017 – Shamir Insight, Inc launches an innovative way to  experience lenses with a new VR app called Shamir Visual Reality. The app is designed to give eye care professionals access to a tool designed to increase second pair sales by giving the patient the ability to “experience” the benefits of work place lenses. The VR … [Read more...]

Shamir Introduces Blue Zero

Shamir launches lenses to protect patient’s eyes from harmful blue light    San Diego, CA – June, 2017 – Shamir Insight, Inc. manufacturer of premium Freeform® progressive and single vision lenses, announces the release of their blue light blocking lens, Shamir Blue ZeroTM. Shamir Blue ZeroTM absorbs HEV blue light, offering premium … [Read more...]

New Launch: KODAK Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses

Signet Armorlite introduces the availability of Kodak Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses in 1.60 and Aspheric 1.67. The exposure of potentially Harmful Blue Light is increasing every day in every age group. With the addition of finished single vision lenses, Kodak Total Blue Lens offers HEV Blue Light Filtration for every patient, at every … [Read more...]

Shamir Goes 100% Digital Freeform

San Diego, CA – June, 2017 - After continually being at the forefront of technology in the optical industry, Shamir is taking a forward-facing measure, removing all molded product offerings and announcing the move to 100% digital, Freeform® lenses. No longer feeling it’s appropriate to support old technology, moving forward, Shamir will only offer … [Read more...]

How To Edge and Finish Lenses In Office – An Introduction

This is your introduction to in-office lenses finishing. John walks you through finishing a simple single-vision job from the job tray to final inspection, edging the job on a Santinelli LE 700. Learn More: https://opticianworks.laramyk.com/ Known as finishing, edging, or glazing, follow John as he takes a simple single-vision job from the … [Read more...]

What Is Compensated Free Form Lens Design?

If you’ve have ever wondered what a compensated free-form lens design is and why the lens returned from the optical lab does not match the lens prescribed. Here's your answer. It boils down the differences between the position of the lens in the wearer’s eyeglass frame and the lens in the phoropter or instrument used to determine the initial … [Read more...]

Optical Training Vision: What is Toric Transposition?

Many years ago John Seeger launched his Optician Works website along with a series of Optician Training Videos. Several years ago he merged with LaramyK optical lab in which he with LaramyK has re-started his Optician Training Videos. The Videos can be seen on LaramyK YouTube Channel. One of the latest videos is on What Is Toric Transposition … [Read more...]

Rx Lenses Exempted from UDI Requirements

On behalf of their member companies, The Vision Council began a direct dialogue with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August of 2015 related to the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) issue. Because of the complex nature of prescription lens manufacturing, The Vision Council sought to gain an exemption from this regulation citing that … [Read more...]

Neochromes Dynamic: A New Photochromic Lens At VEE17

IOT introduces Neochromes DynamicTM photochromic lenses, advanced photochromic lenses that fade back up to twice as fast as existing products.  Torrance, Ca ‐ March, 2017‐When IOT started developing a photochromic lens it was the goal to create an innovative and differentiated product, make it easier for laboratories to stand apart in the market … [Read more...]

IOT Launches Camber Steady AT VEE17

CAMBER STEADY, THE LATEST EVOLUTION IN CAMBER LENSES IOT presents the latest innovation in dual sided digital progressive lenses, Camber Steady progressive addition lenses, exclusively with Camber lens blanks. Torrance, Ca ‐ March, 2017‐ The new Camber Steady provides more efficient vision through superb image stability while further enhancing … [Read more...]

New Survey Says Blue Light Education Needed

PINELLAS PARK, Fla., 2017 – As employees of all ages continue to use digital devices more than ever, harmful blue light protection remains a hot topic. New findings from Transitions Optical, Inc.’s 2017 Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits surveyi, conducted by Wakefield Research, unearth the generational differences seen in blue light attitudes … [Read more...]

FastGrind Releases New Conversion Photochromic FT28 Lens

Super Optical International will officially release their all new Conversion photochromic FT28 lenses at Vision Expo East in New York. The Conversion technology quickly changes from light to dark and back, while blocking harmful UV rays. This completes the entire line of Conversion technology, along with the ADDvantage HD Plus digital progressives, … [Read more...]

Lens Wars: Blue Light

Blue Light is not a new issue. Anyone remember Blu-Blocker Sunglasses thirty years ago? In fact Serengeti was one of the first sunglass brands that's focus on blocking blue light back in 1984 coming in the market with premium sunglasses in the mid 1990's.  Blue Light issues are undergoing a resurgence and the consumer wants to know. If you don't … [Read more...]