Walman Optical – New Optical Vision Site Sponsor

Walman Optical - New Optical Vision Site Sponsor is a headline to be proud of as this is an optical company we have admired for a long time and we are honored to have them as a sponsor. This is a company known as much for its values as its products. These core values are: Customer Focus Technical Excellence Innovative Solutions Lifelong … [Read more...]

Progressive Lens Dispensing Incentives

Most major lens companies offer their own progressive lens dispensing incentives. They are often very similar to the frequent flier programs, grocery store loyalty cards that we all use in our everyday life. If you are like me you have a love/hate relationship with these programs. You love the fact that you can save money, upgrade on a flight, take … [Read more...]

Optical Lense Color Guide

I do not where this optical lense color guide came from and I apologize upfront for not giving credit where credit is due. Lense Color Guide GRAY 3 reduces the maximum amount of visible light and allows for true color recognition. Good for bright sunny days and heavy glare situations. Best uses include driving, deep-water fishing and … [Read more...]

Life Style Dispensing Form by Optylux

Thank You Optylux Group for giving us this wonderful optical Lifestyle Dispensing Form  Name: _______________________________________________________    Date:____ _____________________ Email: _______________________  Profession/Occupation: ___________________________________________________________________________ Nature of Visit:   … [Read more...]

Breaking News! Hoya Signs as Optical Vision Site Sponsor

We love making these announcements! HOYA Signs up with The Optical Vision Site! HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. Products Offered : Laboratory Services- 17 Dedicated HOYA Labs plus almost every local lab- … [Read more...]

Wrap Prescription Sunglasses – Are You Missing the Boat?

Are you missing the boat on dispensing wrap prescription sunglasses? This is a very important and profitable category but I know that it has been a problem area for some optical retailers and their patients, myself included. My husband loves his polarized wrap sunglasses but being the typical aging baby boomer he can't read without his … [Read more...]

Green Optical Vendors- Walman

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—Walman Optical has announced goals for its 2009 sustainability projects, programs through which the company plans to reduce its carbon footprint by decreasing the company’s overall energy consumption by 20 percent and converting 30 percent of its energy consumption to renewable energy sources by the end of 2009. Marty Bassett, … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Consumer Study

Last year, a major research company conducted a consumer survey on eyeglasses and contact lenses and I would like to share some of the more interesting highlights with you and suggestions on the opportunities these finding offer to  optical retailers. There are some new demographic segments that you might like to know about also as these terms will … [Read more...]


I just returned from a vacation in Thailand which is a great place to visit. I already knew Thailand was famous for good deals on items like silk clothing, purses and jewelry but did not know that Europeans shop in Thailand for eyeglasses as well. As I strolled along the high street in Kata Noi, Phuket I noticed that optical stores were as … [Read more...]

Teklite- Eco Friendly Lenses From Frames Direct

These lenses are from Frames Direct- 'The Teklite production process reclaims more than 90% of the plastic left over from the initial injection molding stage of lens making for secondary uses such as automobile and toy manufacturing.' The appeal: The Eco Friendly Consumer which is over 50% of the marketplace today. The reason why I put this … [Read more...]

No Eye Exam Needed- Liquid Lenses

From Engadget- We've seen small scale liquid lenses progress from concepts tocommerical applications, and now Joshua Silver, a retired physics professor at Oxford University, has perfected what he calls "adaptive glasses," applying similar tech in a singular and ingenious way. Aimed at helping developing nations where glasses are expensive and … [Read more...]

Visionease Sustainability Statement

This is very impressive! Visionease Sustainability Statement As of March 1, 2008, all VEL products manufactured in its Ramsey, Minn.-facility are being made with 100 percent renewable energy. Beyond setting a new standard in the lens industry, VEL commitment to sustainability marks one of the largest industrial companies with 100 … [Read more...]

Lighting Made with Recycled Optical Materials

You have the Lions Club box, but still there is a lot of waste thrown away from old lenses, broken eyeglasses and demo lenses. Even through plastic is recyclable, you don't know if it is a #1,2,3,4,5,6 to know if your waste management will take it. Believe it or not old frames and lenses can be repurposed into a variety of fun and unique … [Read more...]

Computer Lenses – Do We Need Them

Yes we do!   I work at my computer several hours a day and although I have several pairs of progressive lenses to choose from and usually sit down at my desk wearing a progressive pair, I always switch to my computer lenses. I have learned to keep them sitting there right next to my computer as I like them so much, I am bothered if I don't … [Read more...]

What Are Free Form Lenses and Digital Surfacing?

I have been asked about free form ophthalmic lens designs, sometimes called digital surfacing, what are they and what is different about them versus regular lenses? I am not at all technical and will approach this subject  more of a user perspective and my own knowledge from working for lens companies.   Free form lens technology is not … [Read more...]