HOYA Vision Care Launches Photochromic Lens Brand

Sensity Offers Independent ECPs Brand Differentiating Technology LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (May, 2016) Ally of the Independent eye care professional, HOYA Vision Care announced the U.S. launch of Sensity, a brand differentiating photochromic lens technology. “The only way for independent practices to overcome commoditization and price erosion is for … [Read more...]

VISION EASE® Introduces Clear Blue Filter™ Lenses

RAMSEY, MINN. (April, 2016) – High-energy wavelengths pose the greatest threat to eye health today with ultra-violet and high-energy blue light found everywhere with the highest levels coming from natural sunlight and lower levels from LED and fluorescent lighting, even digital devices. To address this risk, VISION EASE has created the Clear Blue … [Read more...]

#TBT: Optical Glass Making in Italy (1950)

Sorry this is in Italian, but you can tell what is being done. History of glass optical lenses with a short film from the 195o's in the manufacturing of glass lenses. Most optical lenses were glass and everything was done by hand. Green glass was common. This is what is happening: MS Rotating instrument with man emptying powder into it. MS … [Read more...]

Transitions Adaptive Sunglass Survey Results

Transitions® Adaptive Sunglasses Selection Survey Finds More than One Third of Consumers go without Sunglasses when needed to Avoid Compensating for Changing Light Conditions  Majority of Americans report technology is a critical factor in their sunglasses selection, with nearly a quarter of prescription eyeglass wearers stating it is … [Read more...]

NEW Seiko Elite Program Launches

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — Hoya Vision North America has launched Seiko Elite, a practice development program for eye care professionals: www.seikovision.com/elite‐benefits. Developed by eye care marketing specialists for eye care professionals, Seiko Elite is a comprehensive marketing, consulting and analytics program for all participating eye care … [Read more...]

#TBT: Making Spectacles (1950)

Alperton, London. A man at machine in Wiseman Ltd. spectacle making factory... churning out lenses, they slide down the chute. Man then inspects lenses in the trough. He gives them a final checking and begins to pour pitch over them. Then as he puts a press on top... as the press to taken off showing the blackened glasses... grinding lenses on the … [Read more...]

WileyX Launches Road & Trail RX and WX Blue Lens Technology

Wileyx Introduces Road & Trail Rx and WX Blue Lens Technology, Providing Wearers With Absolute Premium Protection at Work and On the Road Wiley X®, Inc. has introduced two new prescription lens advancements developed to provide the clearest possible vision and enhance eye comfort and health in everyday, real-life situations. The first … [Read more...]

Fast Grind Launches New Lens Material At VEE 2016

FastGrind is set to debut a brand new lens material at Vision Expo East in April. VisionAir 1.56 index is used exclusively with FastGrind’s new ADDvantage HD Plus Digital Progressive and Single Vision lenses. VisionAir 1.56 provides eye care professionals the ability to offer their patients amazing clarity with thinner, lighter lenses, while also … [Read more...]

Vision Ease Launches Single Vision 1.67 High-Index Lenses

RAMSEY, MINN. (March, 2016) – VISION EASE has introduced a new line of single vision 1.67 high-index lenses. The lenses offer customers the most thin, lightweight, single vision 1.67 high-index lens configurations in the optical industry. The new product line is a result of VISION EASE’s recent acquisition of South Korean high-index … [Read more...]

HOYA Vision Care launches Seiko Optical Website

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (FEBRUARY , 2015) Hoya Vision North America has launched a website for its Seiko Optical U.S. subsidiary: www.seikovision.com A portion of the new website will be dedicated to the Seiko Elite program, a program developed by eye care professionals for eye care professionals in order to help with practice growth and development. … [Read more...]

Hoya Acquires Nexus Vision Group

HOYA Vision Care announced the acquisition of Nexus Vision Group, LLC and its affiliated laboratory partners in five states. Nexus is headquartered in Grove City, OH. “This acquisition expands HOYA’s US footprint, establishes a greater local presence and allows us to better serve our customers,” said Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, … [Read more...]

Recycled Lens Art By Frances Scholz

Many of our readers follow or have Liked/purchased some of Frances Scholz's wooden eyeglass sculptures. Frances opened her creative vitreous eye juices to try a new medium with recycled lenses. The result is a mixture of eco friendly op-art that we love. 80% of the recycled lenses are from the Lions Club rejection. 20% are rejected lenses from … [Read more...]

Vision Council Announces Publication of New ANSI Z80.1 For 2015

*The Vision Council Announces Publication of ANSI Z80.1–2015, Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses - Recommendations *Alexandria, VA (December, 2015)* – The Vision Council  as the Secretariat Administrator for Accredited Standards Committee Z80 is pleased to announce the publication by ANSI of the 2015 revision of Standard Z80.1, Prescription … [Read more...]

Signet Armorlite Announces KODAK DSII™ Progressive Lens

  Signet Armorlite Announces KODAK DSII™ Progressive Lens – The Highest Level of KODAK Progressive Lens Design Carlsbad, CA (December, 2015) - Recently, Signet Armorlite, Inc. (SA) undertook a rebranding of its Kodak Lens product line as the Kodak Lens Professional Series. SA also renewed its commitment to deliver exceptional innovation … [Read more...]

Coppertone Polarized Lenses Now Available in Green

RAMSEY, MINN. (Nov. 2015) – VISION EASE introduces Coppertone Polarized Lenses in green. The new color option features enhanced color contrast ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The polarized polycarbonate lenses are immediately available in 75 mm and 80 mm SFSV; D28 bifocal; and decentered Novel progressive styles. All Coppertone Polarized … [Read more...]