VSP Code update for Autograph III

San Diego, CA – May 21, 2014 – Shamir Insight, Inc. announces that their most advanced Freeform® design, Autograph III®, has moved into VSP’s ‘N’ category.  Autograph III® is designed for patients who want an advanced everyday progressive solution. VSP’s ‘N’ category provides the highest reimbursement for ECPs.  The category change for Autograph … [Read more...]

Super Systems Gets Approval For In House Lab For Eye Med

We received this video from Super System- Fast Grind International; John Corsini, President of Super Systems Optical Technologies, shows how the Fastgrind 2200 operates. Fast Grind just got approved as an 'in house' Lab for Eye Med. Learn more about Fastgrind For less than the cost of an edger, you can produce digital quality lenses 'in-office' … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: New eBook | Meaningful Use: Fantasy vs. Fact

What do unicorns and optometrists have in common? Unicorns live in a fantasy world, and when it comes to Meaningful Use, a surprising amount of optometrists are still living in a fantasy world. We’re not going to sugar coat it. Meaningful Use is a topic of confusion and it’s not fun! And picking the right software can make a big difference to … [Read more...]

Optometry Insurance: Important Information About The CMS 1500 Form

VisionWeb has some information from Emdeon that they would like to share with you  regarding optometry insurance, changes to the new CMS 1500 form, and the ICD-10 delay. We know each of these topics can be confusing, especially lately, so we hope this will clear up a few of your questions. There are two critical things you need to know about the … [Read more...]

Employees Are Concerned Regarding Health Care Reform on Vision Coverage

  Transitions Optical Research Reveals Most Employees Are Confused and Concerned Regarding the Impact of Health Care Reform on Vision Coverage. ORLANDO, Jan., 2014 – The majority of Americans are confused and concerned when it comes to the impact of health care reform on vision benefits, according to the annual Employee Perceptions of … [Read more...]

The Sick Cost Of Medical Paperwork Infographic

There is a growing medical trend in not taking insurance. Back about 5 years ago, we did a post on what it cost doctors annually to take insurance.. something like $65,000 a year.. Consultants like Al Cleinman are forever telling you to get out.. get out now, the insurance costs are way to high and you will work smarter, not harder. Our … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Exchanges By The Numbers Infographic; What Do You Think?

Insurance exchanges? Affordable Health Care? Is Obamacare working? I know what I think.. what do you think? … [Read more...]

Must Listen: Webinair On VSP Updates

On Thursday ,Dec 12, I listened to Jay Binkovitz  of GPN, The Edge  first of a series on the recent update on VSP and their Premium Plan. I want to tell you it was excellent and every staff member and owner should listen… EVEN if you think you are completely in the know… these webinairs will refresh your memory and provide helpful tips on dealing … [Read more...]

ACA x EyeCare Professionals How To Build An Online Practice Strategy

January 1st is right around the corner which means big changes are happening in healthcare due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The new laws will have a significant impact on optometry and the way you market your practice online. First of all, as part of the Harkin Amendment, millions of previously uninsured adults will now be eligible for eye … [Read more...]

Meaningful Use Criteria for ODs: Reporting on CQMs

With stage 1 of meaningful use in full force, and stage 2 just around the corner, we wanted to take some time to to talk about the differences in reporting on clinical quality measures (CQMs) between the two stages. Especially because meaningful use criteria for ODs can be a confusing topic with a lot of technicalities. So we'll try to lay it out, … [Read more...]

Flexible & Health Spending Accounts Update Via The Vision Council

The Vision Council Just updated their members on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that Congress passed in 2010. They have recently conducted extensive research regarding consumers who purchase their eye care through some type of insurance or vision plan provider and who specifically use a tax deferred flex spending benefit … [Read more...]

Eight Ways To Market To Flexible Spending Patients

This is a reminder to start your eyecare marketing programs now on cafeteria menus or flex spending benefits (FSA)  plans. DO NOT wait until the last minute.  Some eyewear retailers are already sending press releases which are showing up in my google alerts: Others are placing notices on Facebook. What we know, the USE It OR Lose It is still in … [Read more...]

Taking the Plunge Into Meaningful Use

What exactly is meaningful use and how does it relate to your practice? Common Myths Dedunked. 1. An EHR Will Slow Me Down This concern is by far the most often voiced concern by medical professionals. And for some solutions, this may be true. Many EHR solutions available today are based on older technologies, and perhaps designed for large … [Read more...]

Medicare Expands MPPR Policy to TC Ophthalmology Procedures

Just in case you missed it on the VisionWeb Blog: Medicare has expanded the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) policy and, effective January 1, 2013, will implement cuts to concurrent diagnostic eye services. If more than one test is performed on the same day, the payment for the technical component (TC) of the less expensive service … [Read more...]

8% Of Insurance Claims Denied?

A great article from VisionWeb on Best Billing Practices:   We all know that rejected insurance claims cost your practice, but how much exactly? An average sized eyecare practice generates 200 claims a month and with an average denial rate of 8%, 16 claims are rejected monthly.  It costs up to $40 per appealed denial, which can run your practice … [Read more...]